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D esign C ollaborative W eekend Wallpaper*

D esign C ollaborative W eekend

October 19th - 21st 2019




Brand Background


Target Market Research

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+ Wallpaper launched in London in 1996 by Canadian journalist Tyler Brûlé and Austrian journalist Alexander Geringer. Brûlé sold the magazine to Time Warner in 1997. + The website launched in 2004. + This magazine covers breaking news across design, interior, art, architecture, fashion, travel, and technology.

Wallpaper* Background


+ It has on average over 635,000 unique users per month. + Annual Design Award ceremony where they award designers that they feel made the most waves within the past year. + Wallpaper has collaborated with Pullman Hotels, they also have published over 100 travel city guide books in partnership with Phaindon Press and they offer a high-end interior design service, Wallpaper* Composed. + The Wallpaper Store* Launched its online store in 2015 and The Telegraph Newspaper called it ‘the Net-a-Porter of interiors.’ + Handmade is a section of carefully selected handmade art pieces from around the world that has gained a lot of respect from Wallpaper* viewers.



Target market


John Pawson

Frieder Burda

SofĂ­a Sanchez de Betak

François-Henri Pinaul

Creatives -Interior Design -Installation artists -Building & Architecture

Collectors -Art and Antique -Museum interest -High net worth

Travellers -Luxury travel interest -Frequent flyers -Hotel seekers

Investors -Super high net worth -Business -Finance & Banking

Robert Downey, Jr.

Yasmin Sewell

Tech enthusiasts -Tech brand lovers -Camera/smartphone/ Tablets

Affluent Shoppers -Luxury fashion -Luxury shoes -Luxury accessories

9 Wallpaper*


Design Collaborative Weekend is a three day event hosted by Wallpaper. The event will occur twice a year at a new location each time. The location will be determined by the theme of the event. The theme will be determined by the collaborative design team that wallpaper picks. The design team will have highly established designers as well as fresh, up and coming designers that wallpaper has found a reason to believe in. These designers will join to come up with an inspiring itinerary for prospective consumers attending the event. It’s also an appetizing and unique opportunity for these niche designers and curators to have the chance to collaborate together. The design team will consist of chefs, mixologists, architects, interior designers, fashion designers, installation artists, musicians, and poets. The itinerary will be full of innovative experiences throughout the whole weekend. The event will take place in a historic renovated space.

DCW Concept


To adhere to sustainable building practice, the designers will take on an adaptive reuse project. In conjunction with historic preservation specialists, the design team chosen for this event will get to select an abandoned building to restore into an exclusive event that celebrates the customs + archictecural details respective to site location. Wallpaper will conclude the event by auctioning the state-of-the-art property to the highest bidder.





2019 Theme


A Japanese philosophy that embraces humility at its core. “The Beauty in any object lies within its imperfections.” (Wabi means “sober refinement” and Sabi means “patina”) Since this is the first Design Collaborative Weekend for Wallpaper, it seemed necessary to make the inaugural one a classic and timeless theme. Along with that, it has been forecasted by many that transparency and authenticity are two things people are seeking during the new year. Wabi- Sabi incompasses this mindset because it coresponds with the appreciation of resourcefulness, humble quality, authentic intentions, and overall honesty during the full design process.






+The location chosen for this event is an abandoned school site in Kyoto, Japan. +There are three buildings on site that use to act as a middle school, high school, and a gymnasium. +The buidings are located 30 minutes out from the inner city of Kyoto. +Wallpaper wanted to respect the chosen Japanese philosphy theme “Wabi-Sabi� by holding the event in the original capital of Japan. +After the restoration takes place, middle school will become the ballroom, highschool will become the rooms where events will be held, and the gymnasium be a tea house.

Axel Vervoordt Interior Designer

the the the will

+ There is a Noku hotel in downtown Kyoto where the guests will be suggested to stay and be provided with transportation to and from the daily events.

Keiji Ashizawa

Kyoto Based Architect



Floor Plan*






Cocktails by Kim Stodel / Simone Rocha Fashion Show / Dinner by Francis Mallman


Collaborative Sensory Experience Rooms / Francis Mallman X Fernando Lopez Grilling / Late Night with Yuri Suzuki X Dave&Gabe




Everyday* 19

Future of Design Talk with Dieter Rams / Lunch

Tea Ceremony / Wallpaper Store Pop-Up Shop / Beyond the Buildings with Andy Goldsworthy Wallpaper*

Courtyard* The courtyard is the central place within the whole floor plan of the space. There are many places out there for the guests to sit, chat, and connect with a cocktail in between partaking in different events throughtout the weekend. Fernando Lopez Guatamalen Okonomiyaki Chef

Francis Mallman Patagonia Grill Master Chef



Dave Rife and Gabe Liberti Interactive Installation Artists

The courtyard will be used for the grilling collaborations with Francis Mallman and Fernando Lopez on Saturday throughout the day. Then the courtyard will also be used for the latenight sound collaboration with Dave Rife and Gabe Liberti(Dave&Gabe) and Yuri Suzuki on saturday night.

Yuri Suzuki

Product Designer


Ballroom* The Ballroom is where all of the meals will be shared at the big table within the space.

Simone Rocha

Industrial Designer

Kim Stodel Mixologist



Francis Mallman Patagonia Grill Master Chef

Dieter Rams

The Ballroom will be used for a fashion show for Simone Rocha on Friday before dinner. Kim Stodel, a famously known sustainable Mixologist in San Francisco at the Providence resturant will be making cocktails with his crew before the dinner on friday as well. After the Fashion show, Francis Mallman will prepare his meal in the courtyard and guests will eat it in the ballroom on the big table. On Sunday, Dieter Rams will give his talk on the future of design in the ballroom during lunch with Yoshi Maruyama.

Industrial Designer


Pop-Up Mezzanine*

During the whole Design Collaborative Weekend there will be a Pop-Up shop showcasing pieces on the Wallpaper online store that launched back in 2015. This pop-up shop will help spread of awareness of its existence as well as give customers a chance to see highly priced furniture in person before they purchase it online. If they decide to purchase anything during the weekend then Wallpaper will still send it to their homes later in the mail.




Sensory Experience Rooms* Five Rooms = Five Senses Wallpaper has chosen two designers for each of these rooms to come together and collaborate to create a memorable experience that focuses entirely on cellebrating one sense through the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi. This is a way for the guests to feel in everyway how the mindset works in order to hopefully take home these experiences and apply them into their daily lives.




Daniel Arsham Installation Artist

Daniel Arsham is a New York based installation artist who is most known for the architectual and performance elements in his designs. Arsham makes architeture do things its not supposed to do, mining everyday experience for opportunities to confuse and confound our expectations of space and form. Smple yet paradoxical gestures dominate his schulputre work.

Akiyo Otsuka


Japanese Pastry Chef


Arsham’s work has been shown at PS1 in New York, The Athens Bienniale in Athens, Grece, The new Museum in New York amoung others.



Akiyo Otsuka is the top Chef at the The sweets shop called Kamo Mitarashi Chaya. This shop is located in Kyoto, near Shimogamo Shrine and has been open since 1922. This shop is very famous for being the birthplace of mitarashi dango. Otsuka is very particular about the water and rice powder she uses for her Dango, as well as the sauce, which is mildly sweetened with brown sugar. People come from all over the world to try her historically famous Dango.


TomĂĄs Saraceno Installation Artist

Tomas Saraceno wa born in Argentina and is now a well known interactive designer. Saraceno’s floating sculptures, community projects and interactive installations propose and explore new, sustainable ways of inhabiting and sensing the environment. He was the first person to scan, reconstruct and reimagine spiders’ weaved spatial habitats, and possesses the only three-dimensional spider web collection to existence.

Dave Rife and Gabe Liberti


Interactive Installation Artists


Dave and Gabe have worked for the The New Museum for Contemporary Art, as well as done projects for Vans, Deloitte, The Panorama festival in New York, and they are currently working on a multisenory expeirenced based project for the MET.

Saraceno lectures in institutions world wide on all things art, architecture, natural sciences, astrophysics and engineering.


These two designers have created a design studio called Dave & Gabe. Dave and Gabe is an interactive installation studio that unites sound, light, and tactility into immersive experiences. They believe environments should be expressive, encouraging collaboration and amplifying the energy within. Working as artists with various institutions and brands, they explore new directions in real-time animation, generative 3D sound, and physical design.



Oki Sato

Product Designer

Oki Sato is a Toronto born designer who has become highly established in Japan for his array of design talents. Sato created the famous design company called Nendo back in 2005. Nendo has done work for the MoMA in New York, Musee des Arts decoratifs in Paris, and The Montreal Museum of Fine Artsa amongst many others.

Carla Cascales Alimbau


Installation Artist


Apart from Nendo, Sato has won awards like the Designer of the year award for Wallpaper, Elle Deco, and Maison and Objet.



Carla Cascales Alimbau is based in Barcelona, and specializes in sculpture, painting, and design with a minimal and modern aesthetic, using materials that reflect her admiration of nature and the beauty of imperfection. Alimbau enjoys organic shapes of the rippling water or the sun-kissed palette of the Spanish springtime. These simple forms and colors of nature consistently inform Carla’s contemporary creations. Similarly, architectural forms and furniture design are two further influences on Carla’s work.


Azuma Makoto Floral Artist

Azuma began his career as a flower artist in 2002 with the opening of the flower shop JARDINS des FLEURS. He partnered with photographer Shiinoki Shunsuketo to open the flower shop. Around 2005 Azuma began to explore a new form of floral design that he called botanical sculpture, the work for which he is now known.

Ernesto Neto


Installation Artist


He has done work for Dries Van Noten, Prada, and Noir Kei Ninomiya. He became famous for launching a Bansai into space. He has done many quite outrageous things with flowers like freeze or burn them, but he is very inspired by them due to their life span and their natural death process that Makoto finds beautiful.



Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto uses transparent, stretchy material, styrofoam pellets and pungent spices to create his installations of soft, biomorphic sculptures. Although often considered minimalist, his works differ from those of artists working in this tradition through their interactive, and intense olfactory quality. Ernesto Neto was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Neto is very inspired by his home and how nature and urban development have been forced to mingle by the powerful hand of real estate exploitation. This duality between nature and construction is a bewildering feature in Rio Ernesto Neto’s art is very reflective to it. his works are a combination of ephemeral environments inspired by nature, that must be completely experienced: walked into, perceived, and usually scented.


Yuri Suzuki

Product Designer

Yuri Suzuki is a Tokyo born designer that now is well known for his sound art and electronic music. Within his art he explores the realms of sound through exquisitely designed pieces. His work looks into the relationship between sound and people, and how music and sound effect their minds. Suzuki has worked with Disney, Moog, Google, Panasonic amongst others. Suzuki also got his works OTOTO and Color Chasers into the MoMa New York’s permanent collection.

Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller


Installation Artists


This couple likes to use mixed materials of audio, detective movement sensors, narratives, and set designed spaces to immerse the veiwers into the interactive story they are trying to tell.

Suzuki has a Design Studio based in London with an international client base, who are looking to push the boundaries of design, technology and sound.


Janet Cardiff and Bures Miller are married and collaborate a lot together to make sound installations. They live in Canada and met while studying at The University of Alberta in Edmonton. They have since then had their work in Central Park, the MoMA, the Sanfrancisco Museum of Modern Art amongst others.



Tea Room*

This room will act as a traditional Japanese tea house during the event. The guests can come, enjoy tea, sweets, and learn about the history and importance of this ceremony to the history of Japan. In efforts to try and encompass what a Wabi-Sabi mindset is like, this room is a great way to balannce yourself and appreciate time through the beautiful and harmoneous ceremony.




Beyond the Grounds* Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist producing site-specific sculpture and land art situated in natural and urban settings. Andy likes to make art out of nature in natural settings. Andy choses these settings because he feels that the process of how the art will change overtime is part of the art piece. “I can’t edit the materials I work with. My remit is to work with nature as a whole.� Since this event is placed in the mountains and surrounded by woods, Andy will have made five art works behind in the buildings for the guests to go and check out during the event.



Andy Goldsworthy Installation Artist



250 Guests have been chosen to invite to the event that fit the target of Wallpaper. 3 Examples of Guest Demographics:

Guest List



Aclaimed Artists


Tadao Ando

Gwyneth Paltrow


Dean Baquet



1 Year Notice Invite D esign C ollaborative W eekend

Invitation #1


October 19th - 21st 2019





6 Month Notice Invite

Invitation #2







John Pawson


Franรงois-Henri Pinaul



In an effort to continue the conversation between Wallpaper customers and the company, the Wallpaper Pop-Up Store will be placed in a nearby rented location in London, Milan, New York, and Paris during fashion week.

Pop-Up Continued


This Pop-Up shop will include more furniture from the website for customers to veiw in person, as well as one of the Sensory event rooms from DCW for customers to enjoy in between shows. This gives people an opportunity to experience what they missed out on if they couldn’t make it to the weekend or were not invited.



Buenos Aries, Argentina

Incheon, South Korea Putney, England Marfa, Texas Puglia, Italy Abuja, Nigeria Mumbai, India 52



Emma Santulli

DCW 2019 54

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