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Smartlipo Triplex for Effective Fat Removal With the introduction of advanced laser assisted liposuction technology, the process of fat removal has become much simpler. Smartlipo Triplex, the most advanced among laser lipolysis systems, is a highly efficacious solution for effective fat removal and skin tightening. Approved by the FDA, Smartlipo Triplex uses the power of laser energy to destroy fat cells and coagulate tissue for tighter skin. What makes it different from other liposuction devices is that it uses three laser wavelengths for delivering excellent results. The three wavelengths are: 1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm. The triple wavelength combination helps to remove more fat and offers better tightening of slack skin.

Treats Multiple Areas of the Body Whether your goal is focused on a specific area or multiple areas, Smartlipo Triplex can provide the desired results. Excess fat can be removed from the following areas: • Face • Neck • Upper arms • Male breasts • Mons pubis • Bra strap • Abdomen

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• Waist • Hips • Back • Knees • Thighs • Buttocks To help prevent over-treatment and to minimize complications, the device includes SmartSense, ThermaView, and ThermaGuide delivery systems. They use integrated temperature and motion sensing to restrict the tendency for over-treatment, and to determine your endpoint. This ensures minimal complications with integrated temperature and motion sensing. While conventional liposuction can result in loose skin following the procedure, Smartlipo Triplex works to tighten your body tissues even as the fat is being removed. As it is performed under local anesthesia, you stay awake during the procedure, and recover faster. Side effects are minimal and you can get back to routine within a couple of days.

Smartlipo Triplex Liposuction Highlights Smartlipo Triplex achieves effective laser lipolysis with superior skin and tissue tightening effects through reliable, controlled energy delivery. It comes with high-definition sculpting properties. Other benefits that contribute to its popularity are: •

Minimally invasive procedure

Reduced treatment time and less downtime

High-definition sculpting capabilities

Local anesthesia

Rapid recovery

Less risk of bleeding and bruising

Less traumatic

Minimal discomfort

Minimal scarring

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Choosing the right surgeon is also vitally important so as to achieve the desired results, though, you must, of course, have realistic expectations. Results will be better if you are close to the normal weight. Locate an experienced plastic surgeon who can fully understand your requirements, and will guide throughout the process so that you are ensured of the best possible results.

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Smartlipo Triplex for Effective Fat Removal