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Hello – we are your Students’ Union Presidents and Vice-Presidents. We have been elected to lead FXU – your Students’ Union – for the next year. We’re here for you, to represent you and make sure you have the best University experience possible. We want you to hear what you want, any issues you may have and how you want to be involved in the FXU. We have the support of a great staff team to help your ideas become reality. Read on to find out more about us and keep up to date with what we are up to on our Facebook blogs and Twitter feeds!


FXU PRESIDENT UCF: SCOTT PEARSON Hello! My name is Scott, an Essex born guy that has spent the last 3 years in Cornwall. I graduated in BA Hons Graphic Design last year, and through my time at University I have learnt the ins and outs of surviving the amazing opportunity of studying in Cornwall, which you have earned. This year my role in the FXU is the UCF President and I am here to represent Falmouth students and help provide you with the best education in the country as well as the best social events. I am passionate about getting your voice heard to get the very best out of your time at University. It will be one of the best experiences of your life, why let anything get in the way of that? I’m an approachable and trustworthy person so please feel free to say hello and tell me anything you want to and I’ll not hesitate to say hello back or sort out any issues you may have as quickly as possible. You’ll mainly see me around the campuses and I’ll be talking to as many people as I can. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and to all of the amazing Fresher’s events that we have lined up for you. You won’t be disappointed! A key part of Freshers is to meet as many people as you can, because everyone is in the same position and you’ll get the most out of your experience with the people that you spend your time with. I will see you all soon! 8

FXU PRESIDENT UECC: Joachim ‘JAY’ Bjorkmann Originally from Copenhagen Denmark, I have spent the last three years in Cornwall completing my BA Hons History degree. My time in Cornwall has been the best of my life and helped mould me into the moderately responsible adult (and President!) that I am today. My role as President is first and foremost to represent you, the students, and ensure that your time here at Exeter University is absolutely brilliant. Higher fees and many exciting new developments on campus means this is an important year for us and as such I am delighted to be spending another year here in a capacity where I represent the student body on a local and national level. This is key; I represent You – I am your mouthpiece for change. However; I need to be able to hear you. It is hugely important that you make yourselves heard. Vote in the elections, run for positions, and just pop by the office and have a word if there’s something you want us to know. There’s no place like Falmouth, that’s a fact, and while it may not be a heaving metropolis you’re going to have a lot of fun and find yourself in a lot of interesting situations if you approach it with an open mind. Cornwall is a stunning and delightful place, and it’s there just waiting for you to make the most of it. 9

FXU VICE PRESIDENT WELFARE: RICH PEARSON I studied with University College Falmouth and graduated from there in 2011 with a degree in BA (Hons) Broadcasting, and took up the role of Welfare President after successfully campaigning for it. For those keeping up; this does mean this will be my second year in office working for FXU and I only wish I could do it for longer. I’ve done so many amazing things and had so many fantastic and sometimes unbelievable opportunities thrown at me over the last year that I simply haven’t got space to list them all here. My job is basically to make our students the happiest and most content they can be. I have helped and worked with hundreds of students who have experienced a wide range of problems, worked with individuals in crisis to help in any way I can and represented and defended student’s interests at the highest level of decision making boards. Highlights so far have included taking people on weekend trips all over the county and organising fun things like a 100m giant slip ‘n’ slide at Tremough and an uphill bike race on Woodlane. A little bit more about me outside of work; I’m 25 years old, I messed up my A-levels twice, I am a professional bike trials rider, I write stuff, I’m originally from Devon and I once received a high five from Boris Johnson. To reach me, either pop into the FXU offices or drop me an e-mail. 10

FXU VICE PRESIDENT PARTICIPATION: KASIA DRINKWATER My last three years in Falmouth have most definitely been the best of my life, and I’m thrilled to be here with you, inviting you to begin yours. I graduated this year from the University of Exeter in BA (Hons) Law with Politics, and have learnt over my years that as well as the importance of lecture theatres and workshops, it’s your environment and involvement that really frames the time you spend here, the memories you have and the incredible friendships you make. Through involvement in numerous aspects of university life, ranging from Secretary and Vice-Captain of netball, to being a Student Ambassador, to performing in musical theatre, to being elected Sports and Societies Officer and being an FXU Trustee, I’ve gained invaluable experience and feel prepared and excited to help you get to know the Falmouth I’ve grown to love. I aim to ensure you get the experience you’re here for, getting you involved through sport, societies, RAG and events. With a drive to evoke change and excitement to enthuse others I want to make sure that within this incredibly diverse campus you are thoroughly accounted for, and get the chance to excel in everything that you want to do, get your chance to shine, and make sure that going about it is easy and accessible. And so it begins, your time as a Fresher in Falmouth starts now. Make it memorable, make it incredible, and make it the experience that suits you. 11

WHAT IS FXU? We are the combined students’ union for University College Falmouth and the University of Exeter in Cornwall. Now that you have been introduced to your Student Presidents and VicePresidents for the year, you are probably wondering what all these fancy names and job titles mean. Your elected Presidents set the direction and lead the FXU. Falmouth and Exeter Students’ Union, to use its full title, is a combined students’ union for University College Falmouth and University 12

of Exeter in Cornwall. As you may have guessed, the whole purpose of the FXU is to ensure that all students of both institutions have the best possible experience whilst studying here. To do this, we offer support, advice, representation, sports, societies, volunteering opportunities, entertainments and other activities throughout the year. As soon as you enrol you automatically become a member of the FXU, giving you a say in what we do and how we work. There are multiple way to do this, the best way is to utilise the ‘comments’ section on our website ( where you can contact the whole team directly and let us know what you think. 13

OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU Our VISION, MISSION, VALUES and AIMS form part of our Strategic Plan which shows how we plan to be a great Students’ Union for you. To find out more go to our website and look in the Your Union Section or pop in and talk to us.

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Our VISION is that every student of University College Falmouth and The University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus has the highest quality of education and the best student experience possible.

Our MISSION is to provide effective representation for all our students, and to deliver quality services that meet the needs and interests of an ever-changing and diverse student population.


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Our VALUES are to be: • Student focussed • Democratic • Open & Accountable

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• Responsive to Change • Provide quality and value • Be ethical and sustainable

Our AIMS are: • That the views and needs of all sectors of the student population are effectively represented by FXU. • That all students have access to FXU services of a consistent high quality. • That FXU resources, mechanisms and partnership working arrangements support sustainable service delivery.


SPORTS & RECREATION We believe that getting involved in activities outside of your studies allows you to get the most out of your University experience. It’s a great way to meet like-minded people outside your halls or course, try out new activities as well as gaining useful experience and skills that looks great on your CV. Many people also find that getting involved in activities is an effective and fun way to combat the stresses and strains of studying. With over 30 affiliated sports clubs and more than 40 societies – all set up and led by students; there really is a diverse range on offer with the FXU! Activities are open to all students studying with Falmouth or Exeter. During Fresher’s you will have the chance to meet some of the students involved with the running of the FXU clubs and societies, have the opportunity to try them out and become a member. Make a note of the Freshers’ Fayre in your diary for Sunday 30th September at the Tremough Campus; this is where you can really get a feel for what is on offer here. There will be a similar, but smaller event at the Woodlane Campus on Wednesday 10th October too! Remember it’s never too late to get involved, as you can join clubs/societies at anytime throughout the year and this can be done online via our website! For more club and society information either flick through the ‘FXU Sports and Societies Directory’ or visit



SOCIETIES Societies provide students with a platform for discovery, knowledge and inspiration. They promote opportunities and enhance an individual’s experiences whilst studying at University, giving them unforgettable experiences and skills for life. Getting involved with a society provides endless opportunities for learning, developing, socialising and enhancing your University life. Whether it’s a course related society, an area of interest or something completely new, we can guarantee once you have joined in the varied activities and events each society provides – you will never look back! Take a look at what the FXU offers on the next page. If you feel we are missing a society, how about setting up your own? We will provide you with the support and may be able to provide financial assistance to get your idea off the ground. Email in your ideas to



African Caribbean Society Allotment Society Amnesty International Bee Soc Book Club Bell Ringing Christian Union Catholic Society Debating Union Dartington Society Eco Soc Film Society FX Racing Geography Society High Tea Society History Society International Society LGBT Law Society MUN (Model United Nations) Oxfam Poker Society Politics Society Renewable Energy and Sustainability (RESS) SCOOP Food Co-op Tabletop Gaming Society The Chorus The English Society The Nordic Society Threads FECCLES Drama Society Tremough Follies Tremough St John Links Video Gaming Society Viva Voce Zombie Society


SPORTS CLUBS For some, sport offers a release from the day-today stresses and strains life brings. The FXU provides opportunity for all to get involved in sport from high level competitive sports through to the more recreational; there is so much on offer here. The range and the support to participate in activities offered by the FXU makes the enjoyment of sport unavoidable! Sport is a huge element of life in Cornwall; here it happens naturally! Whether it’s a quick surf before lectures, a horse ride across the moors, the competitive leagues of Rugby, Football or Hockey at the weekends or the more relaxed evening sessions of Martial Arts, there really is something for everyone. Students have really taken advantage of the vast opportunities Cornwall provides and the range of sports clubs on offer reflects that. We also work very closely with Community Sports Clubs and external facility providers, so even if we don’t offer it, we usually know someone who does! Whilst at University how about giving something new a try? The following page details all clubs that are currently available. If you feel we don’t have the club you’re looking for, how about setting up your own? We will provide you with the support and may be able to provide some financial assistance to get your idea off the ground. Email with your ideas.



FXU Trident American Football Badminton Capoeira CUC Climbing CSM Cricket Duke of Edinburgh Expedition (merged with previous FX-pedition) FXU Fishing Association CSM Football Tremough Football Tremough Ladies Football CSM Ladies Hockey CSM Men’s Hockey Horse Riding Falmouth Student Kayak Club (FSKC) Kung Fu FXU Lacrosse CSM Netball CSM Rugby FXU Sailing CSM Sea Swimming CSM Shooting Club Tremough Snorkel & Dive (TSDS) FXU Snow Sports Club (FUSC) CSM Squash Falmouth & Exeter Surf Club (FXSC) FXU Swimming Tang Soo Do FXU Tennis Tremorz (street dance) Kernow Inferno Ultimate Frisbee FXU Volleyball


SPORTS BURSARIES FXU Sports Bursaries are available for students of outstanding sporting ability who show evidence of achievement at a high level. We will make every effort to accommodate your training and performance needs, however, no dispensation is offered from the normal course requirements in terms of assessment, progression or final degree classification. The Bursaries are offered on three levels ranging from £150-£500. Funding can be used towards legitimate costs incurred to train or compete in your chosen sport including the following: • Gym membership • Travel to competitions • Physiotherapy • Competition entry fees • Essential sports equipment and clothing To find out more and to apply check out and click ‘Sports Bursaries’ on the left hand side.

Community Sports Club Subsidy We are keen to support student participation in community sports clubs and so we offer students a subsidy of up to £20 towards costs incurred to join and attend a community sports club (this includes membership costs and or weekly fees). To claim the subsidy you will need to bring proof of payment, so a receipt or letter from the club.


SPORTS VOLUNTEERING SCHEME Are you interested in... Enhancing your employability? Supporting the local community? Developing skills?

Gaining experience and qualifications? Doing something rewarding and satisfying?

If you answered yes to the questions above then the FXU Sport Volunteering Scheme could be for you! The scheme is flexible and so can offer support if you want to coach your favourite sport to school children, help out with a local club, run a sports event for your fellow students or the community or get involved in the organisation of sport. The scheme provides all the training you will need as well as support in finding suitable volunteering opportunities. The scheme will acknowledge and reward you for volunteering, so every 10 hours of volunteering = ÂŁ100 towards funding for qualifications, courses or training. All students can get involved and no experience is necessary! Please email for more information.


FXU Partner: Tremough Sports Centre The Tremough Sports Centre provides opportunities for students, staff and the wider community, of all levels and ability, to participate in sport and physical activity. Our aim is to inspire our members to improve their general health and wellbeing through participation in sports and recreational activities. Sports and recreation facilities The spacious and modern campus Sports Centre offers the latest fitness equipment, a free-weights area, a fitness studio and a variety of regular exercise classes. You can join as a member or just pay-as-you-go. The fitness suite has a 45-station gym including cardiovascular equipment, static weights machines, a vibro-gym and a stretching and free weights area. Inductions, help and advice are available via our friendly and fully qualified team of staff. Outdoor sports and recreation facilities Away from the gym, the campus has running routes and an orienteering route, set up with the help of the FLEXSI project. There are also five pieces of easy-to-use outdoor gym equipment and a floodlit Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) which is available to hire for 5-a-side football, tennis and other outdoor sports. Contact details Tel: 01326 370770 E-mail: Follow us on social media through: Facebook: Tremough Gym Twitter: @TremoughSports


FXU Partner: FLEXSI FLEXSI (Falmouth and Exeter Sports Initiative) is a recreational sports project on campus, which is funded by Sport England, part of a national Active University Plan to encourage students to participate in sports and physical activity. FLEXSI offers a wide range of activities for students to experience within a non-competitive environment. Memberships costs just ÂŁ5 per academic year with activity prices kept to a minimum and often free. For further information please go to Some of the activities taking place in 2012/13 are: Zumba, Pilates, Spinning and a variety of other exercise classes, Kayaking, Windsurfing and Sailing, Surfing, Horse riding, Fencing, Football, Ballet, Cycling, Climbing, Golf, Racket Sports. Cycle Hire Scheme As part of the FLEXSI project a new cycle hire scheme is now available on campus for all students and staff. For only ÂŁ1 per day you can hire a bike with all the safety equipment you need. Discounted rates are available for week-long hire. Whether it be commuting to lectures or just enjoying the local environment, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Reserve your bike early to avoid disappointment. For further information about the cycle hire scheme please contact the Sports Centre on 01326 370 770


COMMUNITY ACTION Getting involved in voluntary work and fundraising allows students to demonstrate what they are truly passionate about. There are obvious benefits for recipients of voluntary time, effort and help, but the benefits received by the volunteer themselves as a result of their dedication are hugely valuable: some may consider it priceless! FXU Community Action provides you with the opportunity to volunteer in the local community during your studies. It also provides support and guidance and acknowledges funds raised through Raising and Giving activities (RAG ). The opportunities provided by this area of the FXU are so vast mainly because you, the student, can instigate exactly who you want to volunteer or fundraise for.


RAG What is RAG? Community Action RAG is the charity fundraising arm of the FXU. RAG stands for Raising and Giving and that’s exactly what we support you to do; raise money and give it to local, national and internationally recognised charities. RAG events can be all sorts of things including; RAG Raids (street collections), sponsored events (skydive or fire walk), raffles, bingo and quizzes, themed nights, cake sales or jumble sale. Here in the FXU we are open to hearing about any form of charity fundraising that students can dream up, however simple or weird. We can offer you help and guidance. Check our web pages to see the latest RAG events. Join the RAG team Because our RAG department is NEW, we need your help to set up a RAG Committee (students only). Please get in touch if you are interested in getting involved. For more information about RAG contact the FXU Community Action Coordinator on or by popping into the FXU offices at Tremough or Woodlane.


VOLUNTEERING Volunteering can take on many guises. It can involve: Community Arts Projects; working with young people in or out of school; environmental projects and conservation volunteering; Adult Social Care; animal welfare; charity work; individual placements or oodles of other things. Volunteering is a great way to: • Encounter new challenges • Make friends other than those on your course • Open doors to new experiences • Be part of your new community • And of course to have fun It also: • Enhances employability – looks fantastic on your CV • Develops skills – helps you gain experience and qualifications Volunteering hours can also be used as credit towards the respective Falmouth and Exeter Award Schemes.


VOLUNTEERING SCHEME FXU provides: • A fantastic range of opportunities to volunteer during your time at University • Training and support • One off opportunities • Support to find and get the most out of regular placements The best thing about FXU volunteering is; you do not need to have any previous volunteering experience. Our scheme incorporates support in finding relevant volunteering placements, gaining recognition for and building on your experience and optional training including: • An introduction to volunteering • Safeguarding Children Awareness • Further training in your specific areas of interest (e.g. sport, young people, arts and culture or conservation.) Becoming a volunteer doesn’t mean you have to take on a huge commitment! We offer many one off opportunities as well as regular placements which can fit around your studies and other commitments. Take a look at our online volunteer opportunities directory or pop into the FXU Office to discuss any of your volunteering ideas. For more information on volunteering contact the FXU Community Action Coordinator on or pop into the FXU offices at Tremough or Woodlane.


Representation and Democracy At this stage you might not be that interested in student politics. However, this affects much more than you might initially think and is the best way of bringing about change to your institution. Each year students democratically elect a team of student officers and a student chair of council to meet the needs of our diverse student population. They are there to ensure that the student voice is heard and to make sure that the FXU is representative and openly accountable to its members. Even if you never stand for election yourself you are directly affected by the choices made by elected officers, so it’s important to make sure you select the right person when you’re voting. The full-time and paid positions of FXU Presidents and FXU Vice-Presidents are elected in the Spring term. There are also part-time, voluntary positions for students to undertake alongside their studies, which are up for election in the Autumn term. Students can nominate themselves for these positions. They are: FXU Executive Officers • Campaigns Officer • Entertainments Officer • Promotions Officer • Environment & Ethics Officer • Equal Opportunities Officer


• RAG Officer • Societies Officer • Sports Officer • Volunteering Officer

FXU Chair of Student Council This is a vital role as head of the FXU Student Council, making sure that student issues are heard and properly acted upon; decisions are made democratically and the Student Council is a forum for the FXU Presidents and Execs to be held to account in their roles. This role also chairs the FXU Union and Annual General Meetings as well as debates for FXU Referenda. FXU Student Council Reps Students can also nominate themselves in the Autumn term to be an FXU Student Council member. Members represent their cohort and feed directly into the actions and direction of the FXU. The positions available include: • Academic Reps (For each school/subject/level) • Halls Reps • International Students Reps • Open Positions



ACADEMIC REPRESENTATION SYSTEM Every course has student representatives who are there find out whether students on their course are happy with the teaching and the support from the staff on their course. Where there are issue or areas for improvement, it is the course reps job to make sure that these concerns are voiced and dealt with. Over the year they meet with staff from their course to discuss any issues or changes, and feedback developments to fellow students on the course. Each institution has their own course rep system: University College Falmouth: Staff Student Liaison Groups (SSLG) University of Exeter: Student Staff Liaison Committees (SSLC) Students should ask their course teams for information on how to become a course representative. The FXU are actively involved in the academic representation structures in place at both institutions. Support and guidance for course reps can be sought from the FXU team. Web Links: Email:


HELP Sometimes needing help is unavoidable. Luckily the FXU is here! No matter what the issue, we strive to provide the best assistance we can for you. There are a number of different services within both FXU, as well as support and welfare services on both campuses. Within the FXU team we have a group of advisers who can advise on all kinds of problems for example; money, housing, benefits or academic appeals and more. Beyond that, there are support teams who we work with, which includes counselling, living support, dyslexia support, accessibility, accommodation and many more. If you have a problem whilst at University, there is someone here who can help. Remember, your first port of call can be your Vice-President Welfare, Rich Pearson who is happy to help you in any way he can. Contact him on Please don't ever be afraid to come in and see us at the FXU.


FXU ADVICE SERVICE Free independent, confidential, and impartial information, advice and support to all students of UCF and UECC. We have fully trained and experienced advisers who are here to support YOU. They can help with a range of welfare queries including student funding, benefits, financial problems, housing queries, consumer advice, employment, institutional/academic related problems and more… Have a look at the webpages and leaflets – you may find the information you need there – If not, please come and see us or send an email and we will be more than happy to help you with your problem whatever it is. We offer individual appointments at Tremough and Woodlane throughout the week. You can make an appointment to see an FXU Adviser by calling in or phoning the numbers below: Tremough Campus: FXU reception opposite the refectory – 01326 255861 Woodlane Campus:  FXU reception near the student shop – 01326 213742 or email your query to (please include a contact telephone number)



THE STANNARY www.facebook/stannary @thestannary 37

EVENTS FRESHERS The most memorable time of University life, FXU presents to you, FRESHERS! Providing you with a variety of activities including sports and recreation taster sessions, the Freshers’ Fayre, a comedy night and some MASSIVE super club nights. FXU also likes to make sure your year ends with a bang, and this year we want your input. From a mini festival to a Black tie Graduation event, what would you like? Let us know your epic ideas and keep an eye out for surveys asking for your input in the autumn term. THE STANNARY BAR Throughout the year, the Stannary, our onsite 1,250 capacity venue, continues the fun with regular week night events including quizzes, film nights and open mike nights. It has featured some outstanding live acts and big name DJ’s such as Annie Mac, Mode Step, Zane Lowe and Chase & Status. Check out www.facebook/stannary to see what’s happening. External Trips & Shows FXU also strive to give you the best opportunity to get off campus and explore Cornwall’s culture. A range of theatre trips and day excursions will be arranged. Check out our weekly e-newsletters, Facebook and website for up to date information about upcoming events.


STUDENT LED EVENTS AND PROJECTS Do you have an idea for an event or project that you think other students would want to get involved in? FXU understands that there is no better place than University to make a difference to others and we offer you the support to do this! We can provide advice, support and may even be able to offer you financial help to get your student led events and projects off the ground. If you have an idea that could benefit other students, we want to help you provide that experience. In the past we have helped advise and finance a number of different events, including a Bioblitz (Environmental Awareness Event), an Islamic Cultural Festival, a LGBT social event and many more. Your first step is to come in and talk to us about your event or project, from there we can give you the advice, support and contacts you need to get going. Or if you’re feeling ready to, why not complete our student-led event/project funding application form and send it in to us? Funding is subject to approval, make sure you take a close look at our criteria whilst you complete the application. Get your application pack by popping into the FXU or email



A sample of our favourite places.

Toast: 18 Church Street, Falmouth Regular host to the cream of Cornwall’s up and coming DJs. Q Bar: 15A Killigrew Street, Falmouth Filled with insane, ever changing wall motifs and rolling videos on the wall. A lot of memories have been delightfully lost to the legendary ‘Cookie Monster’. Hand Bar: 3 Old Brewery Yard, Falmouth Currently hosts 80 world beers and growing, great tunes, wine and spirits, free wi-fi. Plenty of outdoor seating in a beautiful walled courtyard. Gylly Beach Café: Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth Gylly’s very popular Beer, Band & Burger (BBB) night every Sunday, plays host to some of the best live music talent to visit Cornwall. 40

Miss PeaPods: Commercial Road, Penryn Recycled china, furniture and even the floor, which had a former life in a club in London. Organic and fair-trade grub with live music… what more could you want? Mama Africa: 4 Quay Street, Falmouth This club is little taste of Africa hidden in the winding streets of Falmouth. 5 Below: 7 Grove Place, Falmouth Live music, live bands and special guest appearances and you’ve got some of the best partying to be had in Falmouth. Club I: St. Georges Arcade, Falmouth An institution of its own! There are no words to describe this experience… what happens in Club I, stays in Club I.



Some useful places to start.

Black Dog Barbers, 42 Church Street, Falmouth High quality, up to the minute cuts and styles for both sexes. An eclectic audio and visual ‘experience’ when waiting. Bubbles Launderette, 99 Killigrew Street, Falmouth When the time comes that you eventually run out of clean clothes, this is the place for you! They also offer a collection service! Falmouth Natural Health Practice, 30/31 Church Street, Falmouth For all your post exam aches and pains or on-going issues, a lovely place to get a good dose of relaxation. Blowing House Garage, Treliever Road, Penryn An honest and friendly local garage for all your automotive issues. 42

Century Taxi Company, Falmouth Friendly, local service offering great rates. Larger vehicles available: 01326 212000 Penryn Surgery, Saracen Way, Penryn Local to Penryn and Tremough. Don’t wait until Freshers’ flu gets you, register today! Kimberley Park Dental Practice, 29 Kimberley Park Road, Falmouth To join any NHS Dental Practice in Cornwall, please contact The Primary Care Trust to place your details on The Dental Access Waiting List: 01726 627990 FREE Asda Shopper Bus, Tremough Bus Stop A free service operating every Monday and Thursday evening, leaving Tremough every half an hour from 5pm to 6:30pm. The last bus back from Asda is 6:45pm. 43


A sample of the vast choice.

The Shed Bar and Restaurant: Discovery Quay, Falmouth Something on the menu for everyone and fabulous cocktails to boot! The Wheel House: Upton Slip, Falmouth Falmouth’s hidden treasure, serving up fresh shellfish with a fantastically welcoming atmosphere. Stones Bakery: 28A High Street, Falmouth Started life as a stall at the Falmouth Market on the Moor. There’s nothing like freshly baked bread! Belly Timber: Falmouth Moor, Falmouth Rustic handmade pizzas delectable toppings. Eat in or enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 44

The Pier Café: Prince of Wales Pier, Falmouth Whether it’s curing a stubborn hangover or a quiet breakfast with the parents; this place will always leave you with a smile on your face. The Bottle Bank: Discovery Quay, Falmouth An independent retailer of wine, beer and spirits; offering the best in quality for affordable prices. Earth & Water Deli: 6 St Thomas Street, Penryn Offering natural and health foods amongst other scrummy homemade items. The Chain Locker: Quay Street, Falmouth Traditional pub grub, fine ales and stunning views right on the harbour side. Merlin Cinema: Berkeley Vale, Falmouth A unique chain of cinema’s offering delicious hot meals and waitress service in fully licensed screens. 45

THINGS TO DO FOR FREE, OR NEAR ENOUGH Coastal walk to the Helford Passage At a leisurely pace, this walk takes about a 6 hour, round trip. Passing local beauty spots such as Gyllyngvase, Swanpool and Maenporth. Well worth the trip and some great spots for fishing. Snorkelling With some of the clearest waters in the country, there is plenty of wildlife to be seen off Pendennis point. The Poly From artistic films to art show, craft fairs and a local history archive, a great place to explore Falmouth’s cultural side. 46

Running Routes Wallet feeling light? Up for a challenge? Tremough campus, in association with Flexsi, offer a number of different sign posted running routes around campus. You may spot some outdoor gym equipment on your way round! Crabbing You are never too old to try crabbing on the harbour side. This coastal past time will keep you entertained for hours. Falmouth Festivals Falmouth is a buzzing town with plenty of vibrant festivals going on all year round. From shanty singing to oyster eating, Falmouth sure knows how to celebrate! Bike Hire For only ÂŁ1 a day, bike hire is available from both Woodlane and Tremough Campus; a good way to get out and about or just get fit. 47

TRAVEL services TRAINS There is a regular train service running between Falmouth & Truro. During the day, running as frequently as every half an hour. This passes through and stops at, Falmouth Town, Penmere (Close to Falmouth Rugby Club), Penryn (very close to Tremough Campus), Perranwell and Truro. From Truro, there are direct lines to London Paddington and Edinburgh. For more affordable rates, look into purchasing a 16-25 Railcard from the National Rail website or in major rail stations. When booking your journey, try breaking it up in to smaller parts, as this also sometimes reduces the cost. For further details and information on other services please visit BUSES Tremough – Falmouth Moor (Town Centre) & Woodlane Campus. Take services: 2, 41* & 88**. (* to Woodlane Campus, the beach and the Maritime Museum AFTER Falmouth Moor. ** Woodlane Campus BEFORE Falmouth Moor) With a valid student card bus fares are 60p for travel in Zone A (covering Perranwell, Ponsanooth, Tremough, Penryn and Falmouth). To save a little more, books of tickets can be purchased from Tremough Shop, making each journey only 50p (only valid with your student card). For further details and information on other services please visit


BIKE HIRE Bike hire is available from both Woodlane and Tremough Campus for only ÂŁ1 a day. An ideal way to explore Falmouth or to improve your fitness. For more information please visit Tremough Sports Centre or the FXU Office on the Woodlane Campus. 51


The Accommodation Services Office is based upstairs in the Tremough House Annexe, above the FXU offices and opposite the Stannary. We can assist with any contractual questions, advice about your accommodation as well as provide information about looking for accommodation in the private sector. If you are living in University accommodation, all housekeeping and maintenance matters (e.g. keys, cleaning, damage, equipment failure and the general fabric of the accommodation) can be dealt with by speaking to any of the staff at the relevant site office.  More information is provided in the relevant Resident Handbook which is made available on receipt of an offer of accommodation.  Please see below for confirmation of who to contact to report any of the above issues: Glasney Student Village – Glasney Lodge Tuke House – Tuke House Site Office The Sidings – The Sidings Site Office We have a dedicated team of out-of-hours staff as well as Living Support and Resident Assistants who are here to help when you move in and to support you throughout your stay. We can also provide information about other accommodation options and have an online list of private sector accommodation in the surrounding area including student share houses, lodgings and bed and breakfast accommodation.


Contacts: Accommodation Services Office, Tremough Campus, Treliever Road, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9EZ Tel: +44 (0)1326 253639 or 371436 Fax: +44 (0)1326 253649 Email: Security

24hr security is provided on the Tremough campus with regular patrols and Glasney Lodge is open 24/7. Tuke House and The Sidings are patrolled regularly out of hours and any concerns can be raised through Resident Assistants or the Glasney Lodge. Good Community Relations

For students living in private accommodation in the local area, there is a range of support on offer through the Living Support Team and the Accommodation Services’ Private Sector Liaison Officer. Any queries or concerns about your living situation can be discussed directly in confidence. We are keen to ensure that students behave in a respectful and responsible manner when living off campus and they understand the importance of good, positive relations with the local community and its residents. For instance, if you are travelling home after a night out during the week, street noise can be a problem for young families living in the area so it is important be mindful of your behaviour. IT Services

IT Services are here to help you with your studies by providing the IT resources and support you need. Our Service Desk team are your first point of call for any query relating

to your computer, software, hardware and applications. We have IT suites across both campuses with free open access IT facilities for you to use. We are available in person, on the phone or via email every day to support you with: • Your email accounts • Device compatibility • Laptop clinics to assess and repair problems • Printing • Software requirements • Wifi systems across the campuses and accommodation • Training in systems and software • Lecture capture software to enable playback • Links to IT Support at UoE Streatham campus and ELE Your online induction: http://myaccount. Self service portal: http://servicedesk. Email: Telephone the Service Desk on 01326 213822 Text: 07511398329 & start your text with SD Visit us in the IT suite on the lower level of the Library at Tremough Campus. At Woodlane the IT Support Office us located on the 1st floor of the Alan Livingston building (Fox IT Suite). Student Support Services

Your student support services teams provide one-to-one advice and guidance to enable every student to make the most of the university experience. The Living Support team work with people with all kinds of issues, particularly around welfare and living in the community.

The Accessibility team provide help, support and advocacy for students with disabilities and anyone experiencing problems like anxiety or stress. The Chaplain and multi-faith team are here to provide spiritual and emotional support to any student regardless of faith or lack of it. We have strong links to the local communities and can connect you to other like-minded people here in Cornwall to further explore questions of spirituality. Our full-time Chaplain co-ordinates a multifaith team which includes Buddhist, Catholic and Christian practitioners. The Chaplain can also put you in touch with other faith groups across Cornwall and the UK. Student Counselling

Everyone has times in their life when they feel unhappy, confused or overwhelmed. Sometimes it is connected to specific problems, other times the issue may not be clear. Counselling can help by providing a non-judgemental listening ear and a place to find your path again. We are a confidential, student-centred service provided free to all students. We can help with phobias, low self esteem, stress, anxiety, depression, addictions, abuse, bereavement, relationship issues and more. You will usually have regular appointment sessions with the same counsellor. You can contact any of your student support services teams by by calling Tremough 01326 370460 or Woodlane 01326 213735 or emailing or in person: Tremough – we’re in the Tremough House Annex, just upstairs from the FXU offices. Woodlane – we’re on the ground floor of the Kathmor building. 53


The new Wellbeing Centre at Glasney Village brings together enhanced primary health care provision service and Multi-faith Chaplaincy in an area which supports both health and spiritual wellbeing. The Wellbeing Centre is managed by our Student Support Services team and brings together existing staff with a local doctors’ surgery to enable the team to provide free high-quality healthcare to all students. For more information email or call 01326 370460 The Compass Student Information Service

The Compass is a unique interface for students and staff. The Compass team can provide you with information and support on every aspect of 21st-century university life. Visit us in person: We’re on the ground floor of The Exchange Opening hours: 8am until 7pm Monday to Friday Nursery

The Woodlane Nursery provides provides students and staff with high quality childcare and education for children aged 1 to 8 years. The nursery is purpose-built with separate areas for younger and older children and has an enclosed, safe and pleasant garden area. The nursery also operates an After School Club and Holiday Club. The Nursery is very popular and can have a long waiting list, so you are advised to make early enquiries. Tel:01326 213765


Email: Library and Information Services

The Library and Information teams at the Tremough and Woodlane Campuses are here to help you with access to books, journals, music, film and electronic resources relating to all courses taught at each campus. Our Academic Liaison Librarians are subject specialists for each course who can offer training and one-to-one guidance on research to all students and staff. Contact us for help on referencing, dissertation support, reading lists and any other queries you may have. The Library Helpdesk teams on each campus will help you use library and information services from using the self-service machines to online reservations and how to make best use of our library spaces. The Tremough campus Library is open 24/7 during term time. Visit us online: homepage.asp Email us: Telephone: 01326 370441 (Tremough) or 01326 213815 (Woodlane) ASK: Academic Skills

The ASK Academic Skills team can provide you with one-to-one advice on the skills required for academic study for all students at University College Falmouth and the University of Exeter at the Tremough and Woodlane Campuses. We can support you with: • Essay writing skills

• Study skills like time management and doing presentations • Research skills • Numeracy support • English language support for students whose first language is not English • Dyslexia Skills (in conjunction with the Dyslexia Skills team) We can help you make the most out of your time at university by boosting your existing skills and abilities to give you the confidence you need to succeed. Come and book a oneto-one session to discuss what support we can offer you. Email us at: Telephone us on: 01326 370438

word and being highly creative - being able to look at things holistically. Our Dyslexia Skills team can offer a number of alternative approaches to aid you with your studies as well as offer advice on skills which may aid your learning. Particular skills you may want to improve in might be: • Time management • Organising yourself/your environment • Mind mapping • Effective note taking • Getting through the work load • Public speaking/presentation skills • Getting through the reading list • Using your assistive technology Email: Or call us on 01326 213737

Dyslexia Skills

The Dyslexia Skills team work closely with ASK Academic Skills and the Accessibility team to provide a spectrum of support to meet the needs of every individual student. Your journey may begin with contact with anyone of our teams. If you have dyslexia, you may find you may have some trouble with excessive misspelling of words, including confusion of letter order, poor organisation or time management, difficulty with sequencing tasks, such as prioritising deadlines, poor short term memory, poor pronunciation or word finding skills, difficulty with reading and comprehension. However, people with dyslexia also tend to have a number of strengths, which include being excellent trouble-shooters, highly intuitive and perceptive, brilliant visual thinkers – being able to think in pictures than
















FXU Handbook 2012/13  

The Falmouth and Exeter Students' Union (FXU) Handbook for 2012/13.

FXU Handbook 2012/13  

The Falmouth and Exeter Students' Union (FXU) Handbook for 2012/13.