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The food now

Junk food

Why we shouldn’t eat it? •Junk

food is made by a machine. It contains a lot of processed sugar, the intake of which has been linked to diabetes, and salt which causes heart disease.

Healthy food

Why we should eat it?


food is considerate beneficial to us in ways that go beyond a normal healthy diet required for human nutrition. •Eating more fruit and vegetables can help lower blood pressure and may lower your risk of certain types of cancer.

The food in the future

Predictions about the food in the future

Insects will become basic for our diets. Algae can feed humans and animals and it grows up very rapidly in the ocean. Artificial meet, that taste like ordinary meet but it’s made in lab.

Junk food

In the future in will be cheaper than now.

Healty food

Healthy food will have a strange taste. You will not give more than two bites.

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