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• All levels of staff will need an awareness programme around drugs issues... to talk only with the managers will isolate staff... only talking to staff will almost accuse them!

• Services for drugs misuse can be medical, therapeutic or social... different approaches will work for

• You do not need to train for managing drugs misuse... other agencies and professionals can do that if

range of options

• Approaching individuals is best done as a performance issue needed in your workplace

• You do need to understand the consequences of drugs misuse at work... and know your legal responsibilities


• Those staff who try to deal with their drugs misuse problems should be helped... this is balanced against the duty of care needed for all staff

• A drugs policy does not replace disciplinary procedures but works with them • Each workplace is different... each may need a different set of aims to show why a drugs policy has been

written... where are the benefits? • The policy should apply to all staff... stereotypes of drug misuse are less common now as people realise that all kinds of people take drugs • Set the rules... set who is responsible... safeguard confidentiality... know what services are available • Rely on a drugs policy to place it all in a context... protect your workplace from harbouring a drugs culture




different people

• It is best to deal with an organisation specialising with drugs misuse... they will understand the wider • Help is also available for developing a successful and structured drugs policy

• The UK is covered by Drugs Action Teams (DATs) or Drugs and Alcohol Action teams (DAATs) so in your area they will be able to advise

WEBSITES ACAS guidance on drugs misuse in the workplace Joseph Rowntree Foundation report on drugs in the workplace Drug Misuse at Work - produced by Health and Safety Executive Guide to drugs testing at work from Liberty Workplace guide to drugs from National Treatment Agecny Drugs info from the leading industry source


The Drugs Book  

The Drugs Book is an advice and help guide to the misuse of drugs aimed at teenagers and other educational providers