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• Do you have any? As a young person it is sometimes hard to feel any choices

• Friends and family will worry about you... this will feel like spying and silliness sometimes... if you can, choose to accept that they are trying to be good for you

• Do not stop being exciting and do not stop having fun... carry on being interested in everything... if you can, choose activities that don't stop your choices

• It’s OK to be curious about drugs... that means you can choose how you deal with them


• Know about drugs... the facts and the fictions... there are effects to be paid for... and habits that can harm you... but knowing about drugs is always good for you

• Know your friends... look out for each other... people will go different ways and that will change things... know where your friends are going... if you can, know where you want to go

• Know your network... who, where and when is help available to you? We all need support and

advice... sometimes quickly... or realistically... sometimes briefly... and sometimes forever

• Know when to ask for help!




• Services can be medical or involve counselling... or lifestyle changes • Different approaches will work for different people

• It is best to deal with an organisation specialising with drugs misuse as they will understand the wider range of options... but different areas will have varying services

• The UK is covered by Drugs Action Teams (DATs) or Drugs and Alcohol Action teams (DAATs) so in your area they will be able to advise

WEBSITES The central info source about many different drugs and issues Radio 1's online guide to drugs Drugs information and other useful info The Roofie Foundation for info & help around drink spiking Government policy and useful info Drugs info from the leading industry source


The Drugs Book  

The Drugs Book is an advice and help guide to the misuse of drugs aimed at teenagers and other educational providers