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• A detoxification or 'assisted withdrawal' programme provides different kinds of support • Medication is used to reduce the effects of the withdrawal symptoms • Counselling may help in the preparation and journey through the detox • Supervision can help to control access to drugs • Detox programmes are designed to help people cope with whatever speed of

reduction has been agreed


• When you stop using addictive drugs, you'll start to get withdrawal symptoms that will stop after a number of days... just how long that takes depends on the drug... • Heroin... most symptoms stop after 7-10 days • Cocaine... most symptoms stop after 4-7 days • Crack... most symptoms stop after 4-7 days • Tobacco... nicotine is out of the body after 2 days... withdrawal issues can last for weeks due to the social aspects of the smoking habit • Cannabis... some problems with withdrawal can last for months




• It works... once it's over people can start to get control of their life again • Support while experiencing withdrawal symptoms can include medication such as substitute drugs

• With a proper programme people do not have to come off drugs straightaway • You can try more than once... it gets easier with practice • Professional help can create a strategy for staying drug-free


• If someone is dependent on drugs and wants to stop using them altogether… then they are going to have to detoxify

• Each drug is different… seek medical advice • It can be hard and it often hurts... but it doesn't have to be a horror story • It can help to talk to people who have done it… they are proof that it works • Detox isn't the end of the story... people might feel bad for a long while afterwards

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