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• Do you trust your children? Or your partner? If only things were that simple! • Our normal approach to justice is that of being innocent until proven guilty... but

• Testing for drugs at work can usually be justified on health & safety grounds... however, if there are

taking drugs again


unfortunately the process of drugs testing assumes a person is guilty... until the test proves them to be innocent!

• Testing is often used in relationships when partners need to show they are not

• Testing is the only way to show clearly that drugs are not being misused... so testing

can be a very useful part of re-building trust... leaving you to develop the relationship you want


• Discussion is always the first part of a home drugs test • Test when you are calm... when all parties agree and understand the reasons it is happening • Be careful if someone is on medicines... for instance some cold cures can create false positives...

indicating ‘yes’ for drugs they have not been misusing

• Don’t test if someone is known to be intoxicated at the time... as the test is not designed for that • Remember that you are testing as part of a wider relationship... where drugs can be talked about

honestly like other important issues in your lives



other reasons for testing it is best to state this... as part of your drugs policy

• An employee may refuse to be tested... perhaps for reasons of privacy, a sense of mistrust or of being de-valued... dismissal at this point is regarded as inappropriate and not justified

• Employers cannot demand a drugs test unless it is part of established employment contracts and policy • Both TUC and DTI recommend an agreed drugs policy so that employers and staff can more easily understand the motivations and purposes of testing at work


• All drugs testing should be fair across all staff levels and maintain confidentiality • Staff may feel invaded, humiliated and stressed by being tested for drugs... well-designed procedures can be clearly explained to re-assure people and make the process more comfortable

• In the case of positive tests, the results may be needed for disciplinary procedures... this evidence needs to be carefully and confidentially recorded

• All employers want to avoid the expense of dismissal... recruitment, training and damage to staff morale can all be costly... so there should be opportunities after a positive test result to support and help employees


The Drugs Book  

The Drugs Book is an advice and help guide to the misuse of drugs aimed at teenagers and other educational providers