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• Be prepared! By having the guidelines of a drugs policy in place there is less chance that the company will lose out... or that staff will feel de-valued by any drugs testing approach • A good policy will view drug & alcohol misuse as a health problem... it will be more effective if one employee is named with overall responsibility

• A definition of drug and alcohol misuse needs to be made... including the misuse of any solvents and similar substances at work • The procedures for confidentiality, employee interviews, support availability and disciplinary action should be stated

• There are many organisations who have looked at issues around drugs and alcohol misuse in the workplace... as well as drugs testimg

• Guidelines exist from the Health and Safety Executive and independent reports have also been commissioned by the TUC and charitable foundations

• Developing a drugs policy is seen as the best way forward to support employees and the company • To understand the issues from all sides will help to keep the workplace productive, happy and safe


• Legal employment frameworks uphold privacy and dignity for employees... proper proceedings are expected and of course any evidence in disciplinary hearings should be of a good standard

• Employers need to look after public safety • The Human Rights Act applies in the public sector... where an employee might refuse to accept a drugs

test or to answer questions along these lines... dismissal for such refusal is seen as inappropriately harsh

• Drugs testing is of course accepted in sports... and is used extensively in the criminal justice system • Testing technology has improved and employers are increasingly willing to use this approach





The Drugs Book  

The Drugs Book is an advice and help guide to the misuse of drugs aimed at teenagers and other educational providers