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• You can stop rescuing your friend from drugs-related trouble... let them know if you still trust them... if

not then let them know the trust has been broken and how they can earn it back... it is not easy being around drug misuse - you do not have to put with it!

• Talk about specific things that happened... incidents you remember affected by the drug-taking...

new behaviour, moods or being let down... by not turning up perhaps?

• If you want a friend to change their behaviour, tell them clearly what you will do if they don’t • Do not make threats or statements that you will not back up as this will confuse everybody... but you can be clear about the limits to this relationship


• Even professionals have to work hard to suggest the best plans for dealing with drug problems • Every person is different... services aren't always available in all areas... it can take a long time to be successful

• Everything has already changed for the better... because you have talked about it! • If you have been rejected by your friends you can earn them back... if your friends still support you then you can all look for options and try them out


• Stay calm... do they want help? • Watch out for key phrases like "What can I do about it?"... "There's no-one to see anyway" or "Where can I go?"... this kind of talk means your friend is ready to accept help

• It isn’t easy... drugs or alcohol have invaded their body and their behaviour has changed... your help or the help from professionals can feel like yet more invasion... or lack of control • Listen to what they tell you... but talk about actions they can take rather than getting drawn into an emotional rollercoaster



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