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WELCOME TO ISSUE #1 OF UNCOVERED MAGAZINE. Firstly, I would like to say a massive THANK YOU for picking up this magazine for what ever reason it may be! You’re probably wondering what on earth this magazine is about, right? Well I guess as I’m the editor I’m probably the best person to tell you about UNCOVERED, our aim and what we do! UNCOVERED aims to support local, independent businesses and talent. Covering three cities; Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, each issue focuses on a particular city and will only be distributed there, and you’ve probably realised now that this magazine is also FREE! But we’re not just about the magazine, oh no! We also have a website and an app where you can read each issue, and discover more uhmazing talent and indies. Got it? Good. This first issue feels like a lifetime in the making if I’m honest. What feels like a lifetime of interviewing, researching and researching some more, has finally come together to be something that we hope enlightens your beautiful minds. It has also opened our, slightly less beautiful minds, to a whole new world (no, not the Katie Price and Peter Andre kind!) but a whole new world of Leeds events, talent and most importantly food experiences. Now for the soppy part... I would like to thank everyone who made this first issue possible. From the people we have interviewed, to my research team, photographers, advertisers, the web team, the social media team, my art team, THE PRINTERS (christ, I cannot forget the printers!!), the bloggers, the models and the make-up artists. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Peace out. Emma x

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Emily Bailey - ENB Photography Craig Hughes - Tyrant King Production co.


Chloe Middleton - VAST Model Management Craig St Julien - Currently unsigned


Beckie Stirk Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist



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Jeni Hall, The Halls Landing Outlaws Yacht Club

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What’s On

1st-30th April

12th May

The Jimi Hendrix Experience White Cloth Gallery

How to Live in a Flat Exhibition The Tetley

Gered Mankowitz launched his photography exhibition in March. The British photographer of the rock music scene for the past 40 years gives an insight into the real Hendrix through his images, as his portraits of the Rolling Stones did.

If you’re a fan of interior design then this exhibition couldn’t be more perfect for you. Glasgow based, Rachel Adams moves into the space at The Tetley on the 12th May and will return every weekend to re-arrange the show as well as inviting guest artists to help with the project.

There’s so much going on in Leeds 26th April that sometimes you don’t get to hear about the real best bits! So we’ve Kirkstall Abbey Deli Market made it easy for you and picked a few must-see events throughout April/ This weekend see’s the return of Leeds May. favourite monthly Deli Market. With new stalls and uh-mazing food its the 1st-30th April best place to cure your Friday night hangover. We recommend paying a Young Blood Exhibition visit to Cowboy’s Burgers! The market Munro House opens Saturday and Sunday from 123pm. Looking for some inspiration or just fancy checking out some art? Gallery Munro House hosts this years Young Blood Exhibition. Featuring work from selected Arts graduates from the classes of 2012 and 2013, up and down the country.


24th-25th May LS6 Beer Festival - Left Bank Leeds Booze, bands and food. What more could you want? Grab a bunch of mates and try out some of the best local breweries around. With music and cultural acts there really isn’t any better way to spend your weekend!

Tell us a bit about The Allotment…

The Allotment

So I opened the store about a year and a half ago, I’ve always wanted to do something to do with fashion really, I’ve worked in retail for 20 years in the Leeds store Accent, which sells mainly high street, but I feel The Allotment is taking Leeds to a different level with clothing.

What do you think of Leeds fashion?

Nestled in the newly refurbished Leeds Central Arcade, The Allotment is Leeds newest independent menswear boutique. With a minimalistic, pop up style interior, designer menswear clothing and ridiculously friendly and helpful staff this store really is the hidden gem of Leeds. The Leeds Central Arcade is a fairly new addition to Leeds city centre, located opposite Topshop and alongside House of Fraser, the arcade has a number of spaces available to rent for independent businesses. The Allotment, which opened in March last year can be found on the top floor, selling an array of menswear designers including D.S. Dundee, Siki Im, Silent and Illesteva. An interior that would rival any store in London or Paris, the store has its very own custom made indoor shed, currently being used as a stockroom but will soon be used as a DJ booth/ bar. What a great idea?! We caught up with the owner Sol, to find out a bit more about him and his independent store...

5/6 years ago there was Strand, Harvey Nichols and Flannels, this [The Allotment] is high street, this is the top end stuff. Leeds people need something like this [The Allotment] in Leeds, something about style and clothing. I’ll make them stylish, I’ll spend a good hour and a half styling people. People have money in Leeds, it’s a bigger city, I’ve worked in accent all my life so I know everyone in Leeds, they all say ‘lets go see Sol, he’ll sort us out’.

What is The Allotments biggest achievement so far?

So far to get the brand Ricoys in store, to get it in Leeds is huge, it’s the biggest fashion label in the world, pop stars, movie stars, rock stars it’s all they wear. I’ve been after it since we opened up, and it got okayed to the store about a month ago. I’m going to Paris next weekend to go see the collection, that is huge for me that’s a huge thing for Leeds, definitely the biggest achievement.

Why did they okay the brand to be sold in The Allotment? They know their brand will fit in with the other brands we sell. No one in Leeds has approached them before so they

didn’t know how it would go down in Leeds but when they heard what other brands we were selling they okayed it. The main labels are Rico and Dark Shadow, but they do a sideline which is plain and cheaper, idea is still same, plain stuff, but its more about style. They have their own store in London which we went to see on Monday, its really cool. We will get that first then go onto their bigger label, we need to get a bigger customer base first. It will be difficult to get people who will spend that money - footballers will spend money here, no problem. I want to achieve people wearing fashion clothes instead of wearing clothes.

So do you spend a lot of time in London?

No not really, I went down for LC:M on Monday. We go buying, we actually have a few appointments in February, and yeah, I’m going to Paris for 2 days next weekend. I go as and when we need to do the buying which is done every 4/5 months. To be honest going to London is just to look at the collections and come back. I have to be in store because Alex [shop assistant] only works Fridays and Saturdays but I’m here everyday, so I can’t be in London.

Did you go to shows whilst at LC:M?

Yes, we went to the Matthew Miller show, who we’ve got coming in this season, they have been given a grant by BFC to launch their next collection so they did a huge runway show. I’m going to go see them and make an appointment for A/W collection but we need to go physically order some clothing. We also went to a trade show and saw a few people, it was good!

What are your future plans for The Allotment?

To be here for a long time to start with, not necessarily for the money side of it, just to be here with this, selling cool clothing and having cool people shop. The Allotment is only going to go one way, no ifs no buts. This is all I’ve got to do…I’ve done everything else. In here it’s all about the fabrics, I ordered some clothes and you want to eat them they’re so nice. All about the fabric and style and the right people wearing them. We’ll get there and I know we’ll get there. I’ve said in a year we’ll take half a million, 4/5 years people won’t shop anywhere else. Come back in 10 years time and we’ll be here. We’re going to have a DJ on Saturdays, then get a fridge with drinks, beers and wines, years ago it used to be coffee! People spend an hour or so in here ‘lets not just buy clothes lets go see sol’. There’s a restaurant opening next door soon too. The Allotment is an events place more than anything.

Would you ever consider expanding?

No, for me its not about the hassle, its about me coming in here just chilling and telling people how its supposed to be done. Coming in here, going out after work and getting pissed, its all about the parties and clothes kid.

Who is The customer?



At the moment, it’s a young lad aged 21/22 who likes high fashion but can’t afford it. A couple of labels we have in here, ADYN is one, that’s really cool, it follows Rick Owens and the Borris’s but on the cheaper side. They want to look like Jay-Z and Kanye West. Three, four footballers spend loads of money in here – they’re monkeys they just buy what they get given. I’m not doing this for money. I want 10/15 people walking down Leeds centre wearing what we sell in here. To be like that on call lane on Saturday night, I’ve been

not tonnes of clothes, we’re a different concept altogether. I have business cards, but I don’t give my cards to random people.

Would you ever consider stocking women’s clothing? I will do ladies eventually, all labels in here do ladies. Most of the guys come in with girlfriends and they all say ‘why don’t you get women’s?’.

Do you think Trinity has helped Leeds?

Leeds is busier because of Trinity, it’s the best thing that’s happened since 1996. There’s tons of people now!

Would you ever consider becoming a personal stylist?

I am a personal stylist. I wouldn’t go out of the shop though, I style customers in the shop. They might buy one thing but they have other things to go with it at home and I’ll show them how to wear it. People look up to you when they know you know what their doing. Maybe you can call me a stylist...

Buy online here going there for 25 years and there’s nothing like that here, there’s just me! Everybody loves the store because its unique, this could fit in Paris, it would fit in nicely. I think its better than most stores in London. Guys who shop in Hip say its different, its fresh and open,


Beat 2a Chord

When did you start your blog and why?

I started my blog back in summer 2012, finally going live in October that year. I decided to start a blog firstly out of my love for music and secondly for my growing frustration that new under-the-radar music isn’t given much opportunity to shine and prove itself! I’d see band after band that had such talent but that would slowly be forced to give up because the funding and exposure wasn’t there. There’s a lot of amazing talent around, especially in the North of England, but unfortunately it’s an uphill battle for new bands and singer/songwriters to compete against pop/reality show music these days. I thought if I could help even a little by providing a new platform to showcase these then at least I’m doing my bit.

What are your tips to anyone thinking about starting a blog? I’d say the key thing is to make sure the topic is something you’re really passionate about. To run a blog successfully you need regular content and it’s likely, that like me, you’ll be balancing running the blog alongside either work or studies. It’s very timeconsuming but if you genuinely love


Blog name: Beat2achord Blogger: Helena Age: 28 Started blogging: July 2012 Monthly views: 26,000 Blogging platform: Twitter handle: @beat2achord Facebook page: Contact:

what you’re writing about then it doesn’t feel like work. I’ll tend to spend 4-5 nights a week writing content but when you get to see some awesome bands and check out previews of new albums it’s not a chore. Then I guess, just do it! It’s easy to set up a blog and there’s many templates and advice sites out there so anyone can have a go.

Who are your favourite artists at the moment?

My music taste is pretty broad to be honest but I guess it has to be! I listen to a range of bands, old and new, and my musical obsessions change all the time. Everything Everything, White Lies, and Bombay Bicycle Club are three of the more well-known bands that I’ve followed since their very early days so they’re always special to me. Then there’s some great new music coming out such as Superfood, JAWS, Kappa Gamma, Coasts, all that are new but are going to be big news. I like to mix it up a bit!

Who do we need to look out for in 2014?

Well.... in Beat2aChord’s ‘Ones To Watch for 2014’ I’ve selected Superfood, Hey Sholay, Coasts, Modo

Stare, and Dolomite Minor. Superfood are from Birmingham and they are reviving the 90s indie-pop sound, which is seeing a general rise in popularity at the moment. I love them - cool, quirky, and very fresh! Coasts are from Bristol but they already have quite a following overseas. They can write impressive and infectious guitar songs. Dolomite Minor are a rock duo from Southampton who have supported Drenge and have some equally amazing rock songs under their belt even though they are still pretty new.


g a’s blo n e l e H ad


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Joe William Rendell

If you’ve paid a visit to the London Eye in the past five years, then there is a high possibility that you’ve already come face to face with this photographer. Joe William Rendell studied (BA) Digital Photography down at London South Bank University, so it’s no surprise that he worked as a photographer for the EDF London Eye and River Boat to fund his time whilst studying. After graduating from uni, Joe moved back to his mighty fine hometown of Leeds, where he started working as a family portrait photographer at Studio86. “I love taking pictures that can make a difference to someone’s life. Working in London, I was able to take pictures for people so that they could treasure their memories so I jumped at the chance to work as a family portrait photographer. I had such a good time working at Studio86, no day was ever the same, and I was able to put my skills to use in a positive and effective way”. He decided to leave Studio86 to try something new, and is now working for APN as a Headshot Photographer and Image Editor for Leeds City and ITV Yorkshire. Joe’s talents don’t just stop with photography, oh no! Joe is currently working on a short film which has been successful with Cannes Film Festival!! “I can’t give too much away but its a Keep up to date with Joe and his period drama style film. I also shot the work via his Facebook page; www. images for it too!” Photography


The Black Isle

A couple of months ago we popped down to Grain Division, a monthly showcase of bands at Carpe Diem, Leeds, to check out some fresh new music. Grain Division has played host to many bands since it opened its doors in 2005, and back in April last year it celebrated its 100th gig. The gig kicked off with Leeds four piece grunge alternative/rock band, The Black Isle. Fronted on vocals by Natalie Cooper-Bates with Alex Derevonko on guitar, Tim Dutton on bass and Alfie Davies on drums, the band who only formed late last year hit the night off to a cracking start! Their set consisted of 8 original tracks including their first release, Drowning in Frowns, a mix of powerful vocals, pounding drums and heavy bass. We were surprised to say the least to find out that this was their first gig… We caught up with the band a few weeks later for a catch up

“It’s right nice when you see people getting into the music” We saw you at your first gig at Carpe Diem back in January, how was that?

Tim: We really enjoyed playing live there, it was such a good venue for our first gig and the other bands were incredible. Having played in a band before I knew what to expect, but it was quite daunting performing new material that no one had ever heard before. Natalie: Yeah, it was really daunting. I have never sang in front of anyone like that before, my friends on Facebook couldn’t believe it was me singing because they had never heard me before. I was so nervous before we went on stage, especially as it started to get really busy just before we went on. I had some close friends come along though so that calmed me down a little. But, yeah I’m pleased with how it went, I got really into it after the first song and let loose! It was so nice to have people come up to us at the end

telling us how they loved the set and we even got asked to support some other bands too, not bad eh?

No, that’s not bad at all! Well done guys! So when is your next gig?

Alfie: We’re playing at The Library in the Leeds on 25th April, should be a good one!

Great stuff, we’ll definitely be there. So how exactly did this band come about?

Tim: Myself and Alex were in a band previous to The Black Isle and we were put in touch with Alfie through a friend, we advertised for a singer online, Natalie sent us a demo, and the rest, as they say, is history! Theres a bit of an age difference but I think it works, we all have the same passion for music and know what direction we want our music to take.

And the name?

Alex: I regularly visit the Black Isle in Scotland and thought, that works, suggested it to the group and we all agreed. Easy!

Where and when do you rehearse?

Tim: As we are all in full time employment, apart from Alfie who is studying at uni here in Leeds, we tend to rehearse on a Sunday and week nights. We rehearse in Leeds, but do our recording in York at the moment at The White Room Studios, such a great studio there!

And when you’re not rehearsing, what do you get up to?

Tim: I'm in finance, yep the wonderful world of mortgages [laughs] sounds great doesn’t it! Alfie: I'm a student so besides lurking around uni lectures on architecture I’m pretty much doing a lot of going out, eating takeaways and going to gigs. I'm from Camden which has a pretty hot chilled nightlife scene but up Leeds is cool too! Natalie: Well, working a 9-5 as a film officer is actually not so bad. We work with a lot of big film productions and TV productions with locations and accommodating them so its pretty fascinating - casually meeting producers, directors and that on an average day in Bradford would you believe as well! But then other than that probably the same as most young adults, drinking, going out, shopping, gigs all that jazz!

The most obvious question and probably the most asked, do you have any influences?

Alfie: I love the Stone Roses and Led Zeplin, probably because I drum but the Stones [Rolling Stones] drum beats are just awesome. Natalie: I like all sorts, from Black Sabbath to The Smiths to Tame Impala, but I suppose thinking about other female artists in rock…I’m a big fan of The Kills and Dead Weather, Alison Mosshart is the s***, I really love Siouxie Sioux and The Banshees that whole post punk era fascinates me and I love how her voice can come across quite eerie, so yeah that sort of thing really.

Natalie, do you think its quite difficult being a female fronted rock group? Natalie: No not at all, its quite strange that it is so male dominated - maybe most girls just enjoy your commercial music…Katy Perry, Beyonce etc. But other than that I don’t get why more girls aren’t out there giving it a whirl. I think there is something quite appealing about a girl fronting rock, you kind of associate it with sweaty long haired bearded men [laughs], so I suppose it changes the dynamics of that stereotype for the genre of music, more sex appeal maybe? Or is that a bit cheesy? I think it’s cool that more female artists are doing this, for instance Findlay and Deep Vally two mint bands at the minute.


As a band how do you all get along, any tantrums/mood swings?

Natalie: Well I wouldn’t say I’m a diva if that’s what you mean, but I think the guys will agree I have my moments but to be fair we’re all pretty chilled. If either of us has an idea, we’ll listen and try it out, if it sounds rubbish then we’ll say and then usually that’s it. Alex: To make things work you’ve all got to work together so if someone was to take a sulk about a certain guitar riff not working and sound dreadful or drum beat that just didn’t work in time with the music, then we’d just go round in circles. Tim: Yeah we go with giving it a go, equal voices, and then being honest if its bloody crap!

What do you enjoy most about performing to an audience and do you get nervous?

Tim: I think if you didn’t get nervous then what’s the point? It’s kind of the whole point and process, nerves give you more of a buzz…builds the excitement. Alex: It’s right nice when you see people getting into the music, bobbing their head and all that, it shows they’re enjoying it…unless they just have an awkward twitch! Natalie: It’s just nice to hear people’s opinions of you, rather than your friends or family who have to tell you you’re alright. I remember after the first gig getting collared by a group of girls in the toilets, going on about how mint they thought we were and that I reminded them of Courtney Love! I was just quite chuffed people appreciated the set, but I don’t quite think I’m on par with Courtney Love, I flippin’ wish I was though!

Which songs do you enjoy playing the most? Natalie: For me it’s definitely the more ‘’pop punk’’ tunes probably because I get a bit carried away in rehearsals. I think its about having a laugh, messing about and not taking myself too seriously when I’m dancing…well attempting. On the other hand, we have a couple of grunge songs I love singing, especially a track we have called Jewel Box, this ones not just about the lyrics its the way the song flows and we come together as a band, its works right well.


What can we expect for the future?

Alfie: We’ve got a few gigs lined up and some long days recording in the studio. We’re hoping to do an official photo-shoot for our next single launch which is pretty exciting. So many bands are just writing songs, but we want to do it properly. Not saying that we’re going to be famous but we want the whole look as well as the music because that’s what its all about really isn’t it? Natalie: Yeah, we don’t want to be a band that has rubbish photos and a logo we made ourselves. We’re actually on the look out for a graphic designer to create a new logo for us at the moment, so if there’s any arty types reading this, holla at us!

We hear that there is a competition being launched to win the chance to play at LAL2014, are you going to enter?

Tim: It’s nice that you think we could be in with a chance, thanks! But in all honesty I don’t think we’re ready, I mean we only formed late last year and we’re still really trying to find our own style. I think, do you guys agree? Alex: Yeah, I think so. I like that we have a mix of different styles to our songs, but perhaps we should settle on a certain type of genre. We played a gig the other week where the other bands were mega rock bands, which isn’t our thing. I think we’re getting perceived as a different band to what we want to be seen as, so ye we need to work on that! Natalie: But yeah, back to the question! I mean it would be ace to play at LAL being from Leeds and all (minus you Alfie). Alfie: Eh, I go to uni here though! Natalie: You know what I mean, not a true Yorkshire lad though are you?! But I think LAL would be better for us next year. Leeds and Reading would be a dream come true though as well. And obvs Glasto, but I think I’m getting a bit carried away here [laughs].

Up coming gigs 3rd April Sardinista 25th April The Library 25th April Carpe Diem 7th May Sardinista 14th May Bar 1:22 (Huddersfield)

ten to Scan to lis tracks! heir some of t

Joanna Almargo Aztec Printed Blazer £96 Gem ring £22 Jameela Jamil Floppy Hat £50


Dancing Leopard Classic Cape £39 The Halls Landing Headdress £30 Zara Dress £50 Primark shoes £12


Dancing Leopard Jumpsuit £38.50 Jameela Jamil Floppy Hat £50 Primark shoes £12

The Halls Landing Headdress ÂŁ30


Primark sunglasses ÂŁ3


Joanna Almargo Elephant Print Dress ÂŁ75 Primark sunglasses ÂŁ3

Joanna Almargo Vergara Jumpsuit £75 Primark necklace £5 Primark Shoes £12


Primark dress ÂŁ12 Primark sunglasses ÂŁ3


Large beaded cuff £220 Belles Bejewelled Goddess necklace £30

The Halls

Landing Leeds Corn Exchange has been home to an array of independent boutiques for over 20 years. With its ever changing boutiques, selling a range of products from fashion to jewellery to home ware to books and more, it really is the place to visit for that something different. The most recent addition to this foray of shops is The Halls Landing, set up by fashion graduate and founder of Sisters Wardrobe, Jeni Hall. Sisters Wardrobe is an innovative label which Jeni created whilst studying at university, she takes old clothing and reworks pieces to create one off stylish accessories and dresses. Ethical and stylish…we approve! The success of Sisters Wardrobe lead to Jeni’s decision to open a boutique in her hometown of Leeds, offering a range of limited and unique fashion

clothing and accessories that can’t be found anywhere on the high street. Current designers include Killing Time, Dancing Leopard, Sisters Wardrobe, Joana Almargo and Belles Bejewelled all of which create limited, fresh exciting products. The accessories that Jeni sells are truly amazing, our fashion assistant has her eye on the heavily beaded statement cuff that comes in gold or silver! The boutique has only been up and running since November and we have no doubt in thinking that The Halls Landing will be a part of The Corn

Exchange for many years to come! Make sure you pop in and say hi and check out the amazing pieces Jeni has to offer! Add The Halls Landing on Facebook and Twitter and be the first to know about new stock, offers and competitions.

he sit t e! i v to pag n a c S book Face


24 Degrees In case you couldn’t tell, 24 degrees is inspired by bold colours, architecture, graphical lines, pop art, tessellation, geometrics and sculpture as well as a whole host of other things! 24 Degrees was started by Olivia Steele after she graduated from Leeds College of Art with a degree in Fashion Innovation. “Leeds college of art really and truly opened my eyes to all sorts of techniques for fashion construction and design. And the resources are amazing! I literally made everything at the college. From my jewellery pieces, to the lazer printed 24 Degrees on boxes that customers receive, digitally printed jewellery bags I made to the photos I had taken by a fellow student in photography.”

Olivia started learning the basics of fashion and design at Northampton College where she studied a BTEC national diploma in Fashion and Design for 2 years. The inspiration for 24 Degrees came from her obsession with architecture and bold graphical lines. Olivia often used architecture that had strong shapes and graphical lines to form most of her design work throughout her 3 years at Leeds College of Art. “24 Degrees really started when I began looking into tessellation. I started playing with small and large scales of triangles on the body to see what silhouettes would look like. I was really struggling to get my design and ideas across onto the body as it was very complex. I was using plastic triangles and moulding them onto the female body to create sculptural dresses. Whilst I was creating sculptural dress, I had been experimenting with Perspex and layering different colours to create and ombré effect. It wasn’t till I showed my lecture and a lady in the metal workshop that they both suggested I should just make jewellery as the triangles were beautiful.

Olivia puts her heart and soul into her jewellery and wanted something personal to her for the brand name. 24 Degrees came about from her birthday date, 24 and degrees came from the angles of some of the triangles. With a full time job, Olivia’s work is done in her spare time, but that doesn’t stop her from having big plans for the future; “The plans are to grow bigger, have pieces featured in magazines, celebrities, fashion icons, department stores such as Selfridges, Liberty’s, etc. And also to branch out into to fashion for mens and women's clothes, and home interiors”.

a’s ee Olivi s o t n a Sc k page Faceboo



Truth be told, we’re not actually sure how we stumbled across the velvet tones of Samantha Jayne Hoare, but boy are we glad we did! The young, (sometimes) pink haired free spirit is currently in her first year at Leeds College of Music studying Popular Music. With over 2,500 Youtube subscribers and nearly 31,000 views, Sam, originally from somewhere down South, started posting videos on the social media channel in April 2012, with her third upload (an acapella version of Auld Land Syne) receiving over 7,000 views!!! Mixing it up with a range of acoustic and non acoustic covers, accompanied by her trusty guitar, Sam also writes her own music. Her original track, ‘A Little Bit Wierd’, inspired by Radio 1 DJ and vlogger, AmazingPhil’s quote; ‘normalness leads to sadness’ pays homage to Kate Nash’s ridiculously catchy 2007 hit, Foundations. Apologies now as


you’re probably going to have that song stuck in your head for the next week or so! She’s no stranger to local and national BBC Radio stations either. Her EP release, Old Before Our Time has been played a number of times on BBC Introducing and local radio stations across the country. This year, Live at Leeds are offering the chance to one lucky solo act to support Johnny Flynn at Holy Trinity Church and Sam needs your help! Check out the Live at Leeds Facebook page and get voting for her...NOW! Go on!!




la k us

Where you can find Sam during April/May 3rd April - Rock Bar 15th April - Trinity Circle 25th April - New Conservatory 3rd May - Santiago 15th May - The Library

Le Tour De Yorkshire

Hand Made Parade April 26th

Eyes on Le Tour May 15th

A parade like no other, the Handmade Parade work with all types of bikes to create a parade of dragons and aliens. From twisted bicycle frames, to wonky wheels they use anything they can get their hands on. The parade starts in Todmorden at 1pm, and the best bit is, its free!

Highly admired sports photographers, Graham Watson and Bernard Thompson bring a glimpse of the tour from the 1960’s to the White Cloth Gallery. Their work, which will be exhibited until August, has been featured in many acclaimed cycling magazines over the years. The exhibition is free as well!

Thomas Houseago End of April - October Now whether you’re into cycling or not, it doesn’t matter, The Tour de France is coming to Yorkshire and Leeds is going to be buzzing! On Saturday 5th July, millions (yes, literally millions, 3 million have been predicted in fact) of people will descend onto Leeds to watch the start of the race. We have to admit, here at uncovered we’re not the biggest sports fans, in fact we’re not really fans of any form of exercise in general, unless you count shopping and raving! But does that matter? NO. We will, nevertheless be joining in the festivities to celebrate beautiful Yorkshire. In the run up to the event the whole of Yorkshire is celebrating with 100 days of Art & Culture – The Yorkshire Festival 2014. The series of events, sponsored by Yorkshire Water, showcase a whole load of world-class music, dance, theatre, film, art and sculpture. All the events are based around cycling and bicycles – but don’t let that put you off! The whole thing kicked off on the 27th March and finishes on the 6th July, so we’ve round up a few of the best bits that should not be missed!

Thomas Houseago is one of the most renowned sculptors of his time, hailing from Leeds, The Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle bring two of his sculptures to Yorkshire. One will stand outside Leeds Art Gallery and the other in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. His work, which has clear references of Greek mythology, Darth Vader and the Incredible Hulk has never before been exhibited in Yorkshire.

Spirit-Luce Theatre Tol April 12th Belgian company Theatre Tol, recreate the story of Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi - two of the greatest ever cyclists from Italy, in an aerial show high above the streets of Dewsbury. The show kicks off at 8pm and costs absolutely nothing!

Ghost Peloton May 16th - May 17th Bringing a new meaning to dancing in the dark, the Phoenix Dance Theatre are pairing up with a group of cyclists to recreate the success of NVA’s Speed of Light. Mixing the beauty of dance and the motion of cycling, hundreds of cyclists will move in harmony with a heart-stopping film projection of dancers. The show starts at 9:30pm at Waides Yard (former Tetley Brewery). The event is free but tickets need to be purchased before hand, head to the website for more details!

Poised May 10th - June 29th Dryden Goodwin showcases his film installation to document the physical demands of a cyclist. The Ferens Art Gallery at the Queen Victoria Square will screen the film from May 10th until June 29th. Entry is free but tickets need to be booked from the box office before hand.

Wu Chi-Tsung: Dust April 4th - May 31st Sheffield Site Gallery brings two interactive installations by Wu ChiTsung to the UK for the first time since they produced it in 2006. Influenced by urban landscapes, shadows of tiny dust particles swirl around the audience. Entry is free so don’t miss it!


Annie Sarmad

How would you describe your style?

A little about myself:

My name is Annie Sarmad, I am a 19 year old photographer based in England.

Where's home?

Home is a small town in North Yorkshire, England!

Have you studied photography?

I'm completely self-taught. I studied Business and Economics in college and honestly I had no interest in photography before I started. Although, clearly subconsciously I had an interest, I just hadn't realised until recently!

How long have photographer?




This is a tough question, I can say I started my photography journey when I had my first photo shoot ['Lady Of The Lake'] which was at the end of August last year, I taught myself a lot about photography in the time before that. I've actually only started to call myself a photographer probably in the last couple of months I would say, before that I didn't have the confidence to say it because I had only just started!


I have asked myself this question many times, I can't seem to pinpoint what style my work is. I've had the words 'ethereal' and 'dreamy' used by others but I don't think it fits in one category - I’m still trying out different styles and I’m continuing to experiment so we shall see what my style is at the end of my experimentations, I think it will still be one big mix just like it is now! There is a certain dreamy "look" that is more prominent and consistent in my work though.

What type of cameras do you shoot with? My parents had bought a Canon 600d a few years ago and so I just used that when I first started, it's a great camera and even though it's not super amazing and professional it has done the job up until when my parents kindly bought me a canon 7d! The first time I used that was on my 'Efflorescence' shoot and I love it! I was panicking a little because it had so many buttons, way more than the 600d, everything was the other way round and so I had to figure my way around it quickly but all was fine and it turned out to be very easy to use!

Who's work inspires you?

There are a few photographers that inspire me, I think the photographer that inspires me the most and others can probably tell too is Emily Soto - she was the first fashion photographer I was introduced to and her style is just so beautiful, her work is soft and elegant, just beautiful! I think it's evident in my work that she inspires me quite a lot. Different photographers with their different styles inspire me which is why I have a mix of everything in my portfolio, I really love Tim Walker's work as well - he is my favourite photographer as well as Eugenio Recuenco.


Already into its second collection, Dazarocks is the label to look out for! Created by fashion design graduate, Darecca Stainforth, we managed to get a preview of her collection before it does online! Fresh, young, urban, unique and original are just a few words we can think of to describe this exciting new brand. With her last collection selling out on Fashion Pony (a Leeds based online boutique for independent designers, check it out!!), Darecca’s brand is only heading in one direction. She has showcased her collections on the catwalks of many Leeds fashion shows and never fails to deliver each time! Her latest collection is inspired by her younger years when she attended a dance school. The tutu inspired skirt and crops tops were

inspired by her ballet costumes whilst the snapback style hat and baseball inspired dress were inspired by her street dancing.

JoJo to create the ‘JoJo Collection’, an opportunity that came about through showcasing her collections at fashion shows around Leeds.

Known for her crop tops and matching skirts, this latest collection shows a more daring, almost punk like side to her brand. This versatile collection doesn’t come at a huge cost either, with prices ranging from £20-£50 you don’t need to break the bank balance to stand out from the crowd.

Dazarocks is currently stocked in Bo Carters, Bo’tique in Leeds city centre as well as online at Fashion Pony. Made to measure pieces are also available on request!

Darecca has also recently teamed up with Fashion Pony and radio presenter


Keep up-to-date with Darecca here


running, the festivals main ethos is to celebrate local upcoming artists as well as the more established. With over 20 venues located in and around Leeds City Centre and over 100 acts LAL is the hottest ticket for the bank holiday celebrations.

Live at Leeds

This year sees some of the biggest and best headliners the festival has ever had. Brighton duo, Blood Red Shoes kick off the weekend on Friday at The Cockpit with their indie garage rock tunes followed by the official opening party where they will be DJ’ing from 11pm – 3am. Entry is free and there will be two rooms blasting out the best rock n roll and motown classics so get your dancing shoes on and head down to the pit.

Back for its 8th consecutive year, Live at Leeds 2014 is taking place this Easter Bank Holiday weekend, Friday 2nd until Monday 5th May. With a whole host of both established and emerging artists the festival is definitely the place to drink, dance and party the long weekend away. The festival first launched back in 2007 to celebrate Leeds 800th birthday, since then its many venues have seen the likes of The Pigeon Detectives, White Lies, Jake Bugg, Pulled Apart By Horses and Mumford and Sons take to their stages. Shortlisted for the Best Metropolitan Festival for two years


The festival gets well and truly underway on Saturday with headliners including electro pop singer Chloe Howl, Radio 1 favourite George Ezra and local lads Pulled Apart By Horses and then the weekend is rounded off with what promises to be a roof raising set from Kodaline at the o2 academy. Like any festival it is impossible to see all of the acts, so we’ve rounded up a list of local Leeds artist and where they’re performing and we’ve also popped a link to their Soundcloud, so pop your headphones in and get scanning the QR code! Oh yeah, and tickets are only £25 for the Saturday, with a discounted entry to Brudenell on Sunday, so what you waiting for? #bargain!

EAVES The long locks and intensely personal lyrics of Joseph Lyons are definitely not to be missed. Going by the name of Eaves, Joseph’s intimate lyrics and stunning voice have lead to him being compared to the likes of Ben Howard, Jeff Buckley and Villagers. He’s recently supported the likes of Nick Mulvey, Slow Club and Keaton Henson across London, we expect big things from this guy so make sure you’re at the Holy Trinity Church on Saturday at 2pm.

The Orielles Hailing from just outside Leeds, this Halifax based trio are described as a 60’s inspired post-punk pop surf band. They might still be studying for their GCSE’s but who needs education when your future looks as bright as theirs does? These talented kids have an extremely bright future ahead of themselves, if this is the kind of music their producing at just 16 we can only imagine what’s to come. Check them out at The Packhorse, Saturday at 8pm.

The Witch Hunt This alternative pop duo only released their debut EP back in October but had previously been picked as ‘Tip of The Week’ for BBC Introducing by Huw Stephens. The haunting vocals of Louisa Osborn and monstrous guitars from Chris Mulligan burn intensity throughout their performances. Watch their craft at Leeds Uni Stylus at 2pm.

# LAL2014

The Mexanines

The Carnabelles

City of Lights

Now we’re not one to talk badly of our neighbouring cities, but these guys are probably one of the best things to come from Bradford since, well, Gareth Gates! This 6-man band recently toured with The Pigeon Detectives on their sell out tour around the UK, Reverend and The Makers, and have commanded the stage at various festivals up and down the country. Starting out as a three-piece band who won Leeds fest centre stage competition, they have now doubled in size and brought along a saxophonist for the ride! Catch them at the Cockpit on Saturday at 3pm.

This Rock ‘n’ Roll band are everything you expect them to be. Their single Station Road mixes 50’s groove with a familiar indie sound, something that is rarely heard nowadays. We guarantee you will be tapping your feet and jiving to the beat! Find them at Brudenell Games Room at 2.30pm.

The Evening Post described them as; ‘aiming to mesh the song writing aptitude of Biffy Clyro with the melodic mastery of Snow Patrol’, but we think they no longer need to aim for that as they have done it just perfectly! This four piece rock-pop group have doubled in size since they formed on a trip to Paris. Now comprising of brothers Sean and Ashley, and Matt and Alex they perform on Leeds Met

We Were Frontiers They’ve already performed at Leeds and Reading Festival and this year they are adding LAL to their roster. Not only do they write their own stuff, but they also recorded their last EP ‘Giveth Taketh Away’ themselves, recording everywhere and anywhere, from bird song in an aviary to the bathroom of friends houses! Drawing inspiration from Arcade Fire and Morricone, WWF will be at Leeds College of Music, Saturday at 1.30pm.

The Stage 2 at 1pm.

Beth McCarthey Recognise the name? Yes, that’s right, Beth was showcased on the BBC programme The Voice as one of the hottest new talents. At just 16 years of age she blew the judges away, in particular Ricky and Kylie who pressed their buzzers for her. Obviously she chose fellow Yorkshire man Ricky, but unfortunately only lasted a couple of shows. Nevertheless this acoustic singer who is never more than a stones throw away from her trusty guitar will be performing live at The

Named after a Cream album, this altrock, four piece band, fronted by the gentle vocals of Teia Fregona formed in late 2011. Their single ‘Back of my Eyes’ is the perfect balance between atmospheric rock and a serenely gorgeous melody. Have a listen to their effortlessly beautiful sound at Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen at 2pm.

This indie-pop two piece, originally hailing from Wakefield have been creating heavy-pop waves in the music scene since 2009. Fusing a mix of keyboard chords and melodic chimes they create impfinite joy! Get down to the Brudenell at 1pm to hear their riffatronic heavy-pop tunes.

Cockpit at 4.30pm.

Natalie Holmes Disraeli Gears


Natalie moved to Leeds in 2011 and has since gained over 1.2 million You Tube hits. She recently supported Gabrielle Aplin at the O2 Academy, has had her track ‘Backwards’ played on E4’s hit show Made in Chelsea and one of her cover songs has recently been aired on American TV. Currently unsigned, Natalie does everything her self, from recording to writing her own songs. She plays the Faversham Patio at 1.30pm.

Apollo Junction They introduce themselves as ‘born in the 80’s, raised in the 90’s, bored of the 00’s’. Graham Norton described them as handsome with tremendous music, when he played them on his BBC2 radio show and then later again as ‘not bad looking, really great track though’. And we have to agree with Graham there! The five piece, electro, indie, guitar inspired band are tipped for big, infact HUGE things. Catch them at The Packhorse at 2pm.


5 minutes with Kelly Ewing

Describe Kelly Ewing… My brand started from corsets, that’s what I’m really well known for, I’d describe it as occasion wear, somewhere where you want to look good so like a christening, the races, wedding and proms, things like that. It’s quite edgy but its still traditional with the fabrics and the corsetry. How did you get into fashion design? I did a degree in textile design and I’ve always loved fabric and being creative, but it was really hard


to get a job as a printed textile designer. I was working full time and fell pregnant with my son, and I just thought, I cant go back to that job, so I bought a sewing machine and taught myself to sew! And its just gone from there! I’ve always enjoyed fashion, I kind of just wanted to try it, I’m totally self taught, I didn’t do any sewing at uni it was purely print! Why did you decided to set up in Leeds? I was born in Glasgow, believe it or not, but grew up in Leeds so Leeds is home now. I’ve always stayed in Leeds, even when I went to Huddersfield Uni. Then obviously I have my kids, I’ve got two little boys now so I’m quite settled here. I was thinking about going to London at one point, but its just so competitive. Up here I’ve got a really good customer base now and I’m quite well known throughout all the boutiques in the North, so it makes sense to stay here really. Do you think there needs to be more done to help independent designers like yourself? Definitely, its so hard, especially with the recession because independent designers like me rely on independent boutiques to sell our stuff through, with the recession they’re all closing down everywhere and its really tough to keep going, a lot of my friends who were designers have all had to give up their dream now because they can’t afford it! There used to be 10 designers in this building but now there’s only 2! Government grants would be good, but they cut them off at 25, so anybody older can’t get anything, so its tough! You can get a start up grant but there’s nothing to help you later on… What are you working on at the moment? I’m working on two couture bridal gowns for an editorial shoot, with a

really well respected photographer and hoping to have it published in Brides magazine! I’m also working on my SS 15 collection, all my A/W 14 is being sold at the moment. Where can we get hold of your designs? Online is probably the best place to get hold of me. There a list of my stockists on my website too! What influences your designs? Fabric mostly influences my designs, I’m still really passionate about fabric, its all about the drape and the fabric structure. I love working with taffetas like Vivienne Westwood does, and silks! Do you follow catwalk trends? No, stay away from catwalk trends, just get your own vision, its too hard to keep up with Primark etc. They’re doing it so fast and so cheap you may as well just make yourself very different and unique and that will sell better! Do you have any advice for someone thinking of starting their own label? You’ve got to be doing it for the love and not for the money and just keep at it if its what you want to do. If you want to enjoy your dream job everyday then just keep at it! What has been the brands biggest achievement? Probably dressing the XFactor 2 years ago. They got in touch with me and I did Amelia Lily, and Little Mix, they won wearing my dresses at Wembley! That’s probably the biggest thing. Then there’s winning best dressed at ladies day in one of my own designs a few years ago. I won a trip to Dubai all expenses paid, with my outfit that I made the day before, that took like an hour and a half! First time I’d ever been to the races as well!

MUST SEE GIGS Thursday 3 April

Bridie Jackson and the Arbour

Celebrating their second album launch, Glastonbury’s 2013 Emerging Talent winners are embarking on a UK tour. They describe themselves as sitting somewhere between the lushness of Norah Jones and the quirkiness of Joanna Newsom. £7 adv.

Friday 4 April

The New Mastersounds

One of Leeds very own success stories, formed way back in 1999, these guys know a thing or two about putting the unk in funk. They’ve taken some time out of their hectic gigging lifestyle to launch their new album back in their home town. £10 adv.

Thursday 10 April

Jesca Hoop

Having toured with Elbow across the US, Jesca followed them back to the UK and has resided in Manchester for the past 5 years. Her music has been described by rock legend Tom Waits as ‘like swimming in a lake at night’. £10 adv.

Friday 11 & Saturday 12 April


Another old Leeds band, Cud formed way way back in 1985 (most of you probably weren’t even born then)! Their light-hearted, romantic and catchy tunes shouldn’t be missed. £10

Wednesday 16 April

Mike Watt and The Missingmen

Mike formed the punk rock trio from California in 2006. He is also the bassist for the reunited Iggy Pop & The Stooges. £8 adv.

Friday 25 April

Chet Faker

Australian born, electronica musician, Nicholas James Murphy won Best Independent Single/EP and Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the Australian Independent Record Awards. £7.50 adv.

Tuesday 29 April

The Twilight Sad

They’ve already played at a load of festivals and with bands such as Snow Patrol, Mogwai and Micah P. The Scottish three-piece indie rock band’s performances have been described as ‘completely ear splitting’. £11.50 adv.

Friday 9 May


Toronto, three piece jazz trio bring something a little bit different to Brudnell. They’ve previously worked with Frank Ocean and are renowned for their funky take on hip hop tracks, such as Kanye West’s Flashing Lights. £11.50 adv.

Sunday 18 May

La Dispute

Embarking on their Europe and UK Tour, these five close friends have a huge passion for music and art that started back in 2004. There’s no denying that they are a heavy band, but they continue to mix it up and push the boundaries to create their own style. £10 adv.

Check out more of their gigs here


FREE 2B ‘Free2B is the new ‘IT’ kid on the block’


They’ve not even launched their website yet but Free2B already have us wanting more. Sheer dresses, shiny fabrics and a whole lot of sass! Free2B was founded by uber talented Voxe girl band member, Melissa Watson. Said to be inspired by the beaches of San Antonio to the fields of Glastonbury and everything in between we can see this brand being our new American Apparel!

Each garment is handmade in their studio in Leeds, with bespoke and made to measure appointments also available if you have something specific in mind. They are already stocked at the new, off the wall OM Emporium in Manchester. If you can’t wait for their website to launch, check out their Facebook page and drop Melissa an email!



Belles Bejewelled is the latest Leeds based jewellery brand to storm the independent scene. Created by Rebecca Pearson, what started out as a hobby is now stocked in two of our favourite Indies in Leeds – The Halls Landing and Bo Carter as well as a number of stores in London and online….not bad to say she only started her business in late 2012!


e here! Buy onlin

Rebecca worked alongside Fred Butler in London (yes, the Fred Butler who designed Lady Gaga’s telephone hat!) for nearly a year, and with work experience under her belt Rebecca decided to turn her hobby into a career. The Breton Hall College graduate now has a number of collections and her work has been featured in a number of editorials. Her designs have also been favoured by Swedish electro pop singer/songwriter, Karin Park and Brooklyn based songwriter Ana Lola Roman, as well as local Leeds girl band, Voxe.

Rebecca’s intricate handmade jewellery pieces are both environmentally friendly and ridiculously cool! With recycling at the forefront of the brands ethos, not a single piece of material goes to waste. Each product is made using a range of craft and recycling techniques, for example her luxe rag necklaces from a previous collection were inspired by tribes who create necklaces out of forest leaves, clever eh?!

5 Minutes with Lucy Bennet

And you do prom wear as well?

I’ve branched into doing bespoke and bridal things, I’ve done a few wedding dresses and prom dresses and this year I’m adding a few designs and taking on a few bespoke clients.

Why Leeds?

my last collection was about a girl who was extradited to India. Its about her being quite grungy but having to wear dresses. That was the theme behind it. The staple things I’m creating now are all inspired by Ibiza looks and what people wear over there. So I guess all sorts of things really!

I’m actually from Sheffield, but I thought there was a bigger market in Leeds. The cost of living in London is just far too expensive, I’ve got my clientele built here so for now I’m going to be based here. I guess because a lot of my sales are through my website, I’ve always got that option to move down there if I want to.

Do you think there needs to be more done to support independent designers like yourself? Yes, I think the thing that effects independent design is that there is so much throw away fashion, because people are always given that cheaper option, they’re always going to take the cheaper option. If I was in the government I would ban importing from China!

What are you working on at the moment?

Describe Roc and Doll

Roc and Dol is an edgy label for a woman who likes to experiment with different looks and who wants to wear something that’s a little bit different. I wouldn’t generalise it to an age but I’d generalise it to a type of woman, its meant to be quite fun and going out, kind of smart casual wear.

How did you get into fashion design?

I’d always loved fashion when I was little and enjoyed dressing up and it just kind of developed from there, I could always draw a bit and put outfits together well and just knew that I wanted to go down that road. When I left school I did art and design and then I went on to do a fashion degree at Huddersfield, I did a year out with a designer called Kevin John, he’s an independent designer himself and so after working with him for a year I knew that’s what I wanted to do and so I started the label as soon as I finished university.

At the moment I’m just doing some affordable beach pieces. For example this drape top which retails at around £45 and then t-shirt dresses. Really simple basics which seems to be what people are wanting at the moment. I’ll be doing the prom stuff as well and my SS collection is available now but I’m just trying to do some little add on pieces. If you could have any

celebrity endorser or dress any celebrity in Roc and Doll who would it be and why? Probably Gwen Steffani, because I like that she’s a little bit different. Either her or Rita Ora!

What influences your designs?

I think of a fictional character and it all becomes about her,

Do you use catwalk trends?

Sometimes, I always keep up to date with what’s been on in LFW, and PFW etc. I have specific designers that I always follow.

What is your advice to anyone thinking of starting their own label? Try and be commercial. Still be different but remember that the person who’s buying it still has to wear it, a lot of things that people produce are a bit too out there. And don’t be too cheap because you need to make money!

What has been the brands biggest achievement? Probably when someone from Corrie wore my dress for the NTA’s, it was in the paper and all over social media.

And where can we get our hands on Roc and Doll? In Leeds at Each To Their Own on Duncan Street, online is probably the best place to get hold of my stuff.

Jacket, Best Vintage £35 T-Shirt, MKI Leeds £25


intage Vibes Photographer: Craig Hughes Model: Craig St Julien Styling and direction: Emma Talbot

Denim Levi’s Jacket, Best Vintage £50 Tie-dye T-shirt, Topman £16 Sunglasses, Best Vintage £10

Parka, Topman £60 Sunglasses, HIP Leeds £20

Shirt, Savant Clothing ÂŁ50

Bomber Jacket, Savant Clothing £35 T-Shirt, MKI Leeds £25

Jumper, Blue Rinse £30 Holdall, Stylist’s own Pendant, Topman £6

Scan to watch our behind the scenes video!

Drew Millward Originally from Bolton, Drew Millward studied and lived in Leeds for many years before recently moving to the Aire Valley, but he still has a close connection with the city of Leeds...and the North in general. With previous clients including Arctic Monkeys, Nike, Bon Iver, Brudenell Social Club and Warner Music his hand drawn, colourful illustrations have a distinctive style that have the ability to transport you to another world. A crazy world full of monster ice creams and bleeding cats...and yes who’d of thought bleeding cats could look so good! Drew creates his works of art the good old fashioned way - with a pencil and rubber! Hard to believe, we know, but Drew only uses Photoshop to overlay colour - coming from a man who was told at his university interview that he couldn’t draw, its safe to say that he has proved them wrong!




Best of

The Bloggers

It seems that The Blogosphere has recently erupted with masses of bloggers taking to the internet to spread their knowledge, convey their opinion and make us truly envious of their wardrobes! But just which ones should we be reading? We’ve compiled a list of the local Leeds based bloggers that we are following, and you should too!

The Beauty Tea Party Beauty

The Fashionista The Style Tag

A Tale of Two Sittings

The ever so stylish Lauren really does know how to put a good outfit together. Her blog lets us to keep up to date with her latest finds and style advice. Without a hair out of place, she brings New York chic to Leeds. We are desperate to know the secrets to her well-coiffed hair!

The Yummy Mummy

They Grow So Quick For the best tips, tricks and products follow Hayley and her beauty and lifestyle blog. With a background in beauty and holistic therapy Hayley definitely knows what she’s talking about. Her Dating Disaster posts have us in hysterics in the office! Share Emma’s adventures with her two sons, Alexander and Sebastian and get some great tips along the way. Emma is a stay at home mum who blogs about her life with her two sons. From recipes to day trips out, Emma ‘s blog is great for any other stay at home mums!


The Foodie

If ever you’re stuck for somewhere to eat in and around Leeds, check out Diane’s ‘Leeds based food blog written by a girl from Wales who enjoys good food and wine’. From greasy burgers to food festivals to fine dining, Diane gives a completely honest, nonbiased opinion on the places where she wines and dines.

The Culture Show Culture Vulture

Here at uncovered we like to support our fellow competitors. Emma started her blog Culture Vulture to inform and explore the happenings across Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield. The blog has a number of different writers and often has the odd debate or too!

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If I was invisible for the day I would... I am... Krrum

If I need inspiration I...

You might already know me from...

Scour You Tube or head to see local gigs.

I’d describe the music I make as... An electronic mess.

A big bowl of Weetabix! Topped with a sprinkle of sugar of course.

When I’m not working you’ll find me...

If I was an animal I’d be a...

Playing monthly at Rock Bar, Call Lane.

I can’t start my day without...

With a beer in my hand.

Lion. RAWR.

My earliest memory of music is...

You may be surprised to know that...

That’s a tricky one. Probably my dad blasting out a bit of Motown.


Cause absolute havoc around uni.

I’m actually very boring.

Three words that describe my mix are... Loud, eclectic, sparky.







We’ll see you there...


Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen is located in the buzzing Northern Quarter of Leeds in an old three storey recreation hall and nursery school.

And the food doesn’t stop there! A second kitchen is home to a rotating line-up of the best street food throughout the UK. Currently taking residency are Patty Smiths and Fu Schnickens’. Patties are made fresh on site, again using locally sourced, trusted produce so the menu can change from time to time. Patties also do the best chips in town - hand cut and double cooked with just the right amount of salt! Fu Schnickens is a Taiwanese Guo Bao pop up kitchen. Sorry, a what?! For those of you who aren’t big on the Taiwanese food scene like us, a Guo Bao is a steamed bun filled with hoisin, cashew nuts, sesame, palm sugar, pickled carrot and mouli. And they are available with

We couldn’t write about Belgrave without mentioning the roof terrace. Where to start? Well for a first, its about time something like this came to Leeds! The recent opening of the Alchemist has people flocking to the roof terrace but Belgrave is on a completely different level. Instead of outdoor heaters and cocktail tables and chairs, Belgrave has deck chairs and blankets. It almost has a festival feel to the place, but we have to admit it could do with some heaters! But if you start to feel the cold (in Leeds, who’d of thought it?!), grab a blanket and head inside the yellow shed for some wind break!


Belgrave opened its doors back in November last year, when the brainchildren (brainchildren, brain childs, brains?! you know what we mean) of Beacons Festival and promotions company Super Friendz, Simon Stevens and Ash Kollakowski decided to create an environment where they were able to have as much input into their events as possible.

In-house pizza wizards, Dough Boys bake fresh pizza’s daily from 12pm till late. With every ingredient sourced locally, the ever changing menu caters for both gluten and vegan options. As if you needed an excuse to go visit them, if you head down before 7pm any day of the week you can get a half price slice!

As if that wasn’t enough to satisfy all us foodies, on the second Saturday of every month Belgrave hold their very own Street Feast. Featuring over 10 guest vendors, the three floors are filled with music, arts and film and food! On a par with some of London’s coolest street food festivals, think Dalston Feast, we just wish this was every weekend!


It’s no secret that the Leeds music scene is bigger and better than ever, with more and more bands showcasing their talents, the rest of the world is casting its eye on the city for inspiration. But you’re all probably thinking the same as we did when we heard about Belgrave Music Hall… does Leeds really need another music venue? But yes, the answer is yes it does, especially when it supports emerging artists, does great food and has a rooftop terrace to envy some of London’s hot spots!

three different fillings; braised pork belly, glazed portabello mushroom or crispy panko chilli chicken. We’ve tried them and they’re delish, trust us! We don’t know how long they are going to be there for so go visit them pronto!


Belgrave Music Hall

With neighbouring bars; Sardinista, Mojos, Reform and Verve, the bar sits nicely in this upcoming, increasingly popular area of Leeds. Just a stones throw away is the recently built, and long awaited, First Direct Arena which has firmly placed Leeds on the music scene map, attracting many household established names to the city. The new venue prides itself on supporting emerging music, as well as artists from around the country, in particularly Leeds. The music hall/ canteen comprises of two bars, two kitchens, a 200 capacity event space and a roof terrace.






The Leeds Issue

Have A Bite ‘O This

t eck ou ! h c o t Scan aty menu e their m

The independent burger bars are definitely having a moment right now. The likes of Five Guys, Patty and Bun and Meat Liquor have Londoners queing around the block to grab a bite of their infamous burgers.

of the Calls (we hope you’ve heard of that!). With a south facing riverside terrace it really is the perfect place to spend your Summer. Don’t be put off by the outside appearance though, we guarantee its worth a visit!

The latest addition to the Leeds burger scene is Sheffield founded, Twisted Burger Company. With the success of their burger experience at The Harley in Sheffield, they have decided to take the leap and open another branch here in Leeds, and boy are we glad they did! The Harley has been home to the Twisted Burger Company’s meaty burgers since 2011. Mixing music with food and a chilled venue to hang out, created the prefect vibe for the independent burger clang. They’re so good they’ve even got an award to prove it…Best Casual Dining 2013 East Sheffield Awards.

Their music inspired menu features the UK’s first bacon burger, which quite frankly is to-die-for! Highly recommended. Other favourites that will get those taste buds going are; Smokin’ Joe Frazier also known as The Hell Raiser – Raisin’ Hell with the Flavour (double chicken, smoked streaky bacon, Monterey Jack ranch dressing and Harley house relish) or if meat isn’t your thing they do an incredible veggie option – the Drop Dead Double Stuffed Falaf-hell burger (double falafel patty, grilled aubergine, sweet chilli and lime sauce, red onion and minted sour cream).

With music playing a large part in the brand, it was no surprise to find out that their newest location is one of Leeds best city bars, The Aire. Incase you haven’t heard of the bar before (err… where have you been?!) we’ll give you a brief update. Aire Bar is a basement bar located in the ever so trendy area


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Street Style

We headed out to the streets of Leeds to see what you’re all wearing, take a look at the stylish people we found. Leeds, you have got style!

John is a student at Leeds College of Music. He wears Doc Martins, Topman jeans, vintage jacket, H&M cardigan and Topman shirt.

Kate is a hairdresser at Toni and Guy. She wears Doc Martins, Topshop Leggings, River Island Jacket and a Primark T-Shirt.

James works in a bar on Call Lane. He wears vintage denim Levi jacket, H&M shirt, Topman sunglasses, Topman jeans and Urban Outfitters boots.

Emily is a personal stylist at Topshop. She wears, surprisingly, head to toe Topshop!

George works at Ted Baker and wears head to toe Ted!


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5. Dull or unfashionable, typically f (6) 6. Horrible little string of hair hanging from the back of your head (3, 4) 7. The most esteemed variety of sideburns (6, 4) 8. Vertebral column (8) 11. Person with a predisposition towards English stuff (10) 13. American for ‘fringe’ (5) 14. 2011’s Mercury Prize Winner (3, 7, 5) 17. Little glass bowl used for doing a science (5, 4) 18. Celebrated figurative painter Francis (5) 19. Gather together (7) 20. Really nice Spanish food which is, like, lots of little bits (5)


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1. Its reasonable to deduce that she believes in life after love (4) 2. Plot; plan (4) 3. Business at the front, party at the back; fish (6) 4. Largest city in Washington State, word capital of fuzz (7) 5. Person with a predisposition towards French stuff (11) 9. Africa’s highest peak (11) 10. Name for an elasticated hair tie that no one seems to say anymore (3) 12. A small piece or lump, typically chicken (6) 14. Mario’s lanky brother (5) 15. To liberally dash with liquid (6) 16. Indoor shoe; person who falls over on glossy surfaces a lot. Like, a lot (7)


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