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Ks4 Examination Board: AQA Syllabus Number: 4403 The course comprises three modules - P1, P2 and P3, each of which is sub-divided into topics. These include: P1 P2 P3

Waves; red shift; heat transfers; transforming energy; electrical devices; generating electricity Describing and changing motion; elasticity and energy; currents in circuits; using mains electricity; radioactive substances; fission and fusion. Medical applications of physics; further effects of forces; electromagnetism

In addition, there is a single Centre Assessed Unit (CAU) addressing “How Science Works”. Assessment Arrangements Students are entered for module test papers at either Foundation or Higher Level (3 x 60-minute papers taken termly). Grades A*-G are available. Coursework: Examinations:

25% 75%

Project/ Coursework Details and Deadlines Students carry out several CAUs (centre-assessed units = simple practical assessment & formal written test) testing the procedural aspect of Science - “How Science Works”. Deadlines will differ depending on themes, exam preparation and final award. Career Opportunities A physics GCSE is the first step towards a wide variety of careers. By taking further post-16 and higher education courses you could qualify as an optician, a nuclear physicist, an engineer or an architect, to name but a few. There are many branches of physics, such as geophysics (study of the earth), medical physics or astrophysics. Exam Board Link