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Adam Ralph   Phase  I/II,  2013   Fineliner  drawing  on  paper   80  x  55  cm  

Alfred Sadowski   Pain=ng?   Concrete  &  Paint   45  x  30  cm        

Badr Mukred   Tramonto,  2013     Oil  on  Canvas   116  x  172  cm    

Charlo7e Su7on   Recollec=on,  2013   Video  Installa=on    

Emmanuelle Loiselle     Gorilla,  2013     Oil  on  Canvas   71  x  60  cm    

Francesco Salom   Un=tled,  2013   Mixed  Media,  Wooden  Panels,  Acrylic    

Marina Niki>na   Invoca=on  2013     Anima=on,  Single  Large  Scale  Projec=on  and   Voice  Mul=track  

Victoria Perry     ‘Moulding  the  void’,  2013     Photographic  Print   51  x  71  cm  

Victoria Rick     Objects,  2013   Photomontage/Photographic  Print   60  x  60  cm      

Version 0.1 Exhibition - Harts Lane Studios  

An exhibition organised by 8 Central Saint Martins Fine Arts Students

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