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Our Journey to Jayden –by Erin Rosene

had he said, “Amen,” than the phone background checks, physical exams, rang. Nikki was on the other end drug tests, and many other things, crying. “Jason, we got our referral. Jason and Nikki still had to be We have a little boy.” At that moment, approved through their home study Jason hit his knees, laughing and visit. Then, the couple had to undergo crying at the same time. 30 hours of adoption training, which Six long months later, Jason and included reading books and attending various seminars and conferences. But Nikki received the call they were really waiting for. It was finally time to travel finally, they were approved. to South Korea. There, they were able Even after all that, the Croys to meet Jayden’s foster mother, who still faced the hurdle of funding the had loved and adoption. Jason had heard about an adoptive parent who had Six long months cared for him since They also run a marathon to help raise later, Jason and birth. had the opportunity money. When he mentioned it to Nikki, she thought it was a great Nikki received to interact with a dozen or so Korean idea. They started a website, the call they children waiting to, and let be adopted. They their friends and family know. were really were all taken care In March 2010, Jason and some waiting for. It of and loved by the supportive friends ran in the ING Atlanta Marathon, and they raised was finally time workers there. Jayden Yul more than half of the total amount needed. That summer, Jason and to travel to South Croy is a blessing from God, and even more friends participated Korea. Emmanuel in three different triathlons. By College welcomes him with open the end of the next March, the Croys arms. Jason and Nikki both graduated had reached their fundraising goal of from Emmanuel in 2001, and they $22,000. reside in Royston, Georgia. Jason is One of their fondest memories is the vice president for Student Life at of the morning they received their Emmanuel, and Nikki is a child and child referral. Jason had just finished adolescent counselor at Wellsprings telling a friend how they were learning Psychological Resources, where she to trust God each and every day. His now works part-time so she can be at friend prayed with him, asking God to home with Jayden. work on their behalf, and no sooner

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The young couple, Jason and Nikki Croy, could not have anticipated anything more than they did the idea of meeting their little boy for the first time. The thought of holding him in their arms was something that ignited emotions they did not even know they were capable of feeling­—and they had not even met him yet. After finding out they were unable to conceive, Jason and Nikki began praying and considering international adoption. The entire process, including the paperwork and cost, was overwhelming, and the wait they would have to endure was excruciating. However, they both felt that this journey of trusting God was leading them to South Korea. So, the journey to Jayden began. After an application process that included interviews,

Jason, Nikki, and Jayden Croy

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Quad Magazine Spring 2012  
Quad Magazine Spring 2012  

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