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Holistic Women Care Holistic Women Care is a practice which integrates many medical and holistic services dealing with the mind and the body. It is a group of specialists from different areas to serve the needs of today's women.

The group is headed by Dr. Emmanuela Wolloch, who evaluated the true meaning of women's health and founded this group to handle different health issues of women. All issues of women are treated with the help of medical as well as holistic methods, which provides a more natural and sensible approach to women's health.

It has proved effective in treating various medical conditions and is also used by various medicine practitioners. 

In certain conditions, it has proved effective enough to reduce pain that has made it possible to cut the use of pain relieving drugs. 

The holistic acupuncture treatment also benefits in fast recovery from injuries, decreases stress and offers improved circulation of blood. 

Treatment through this method is done naturally and there are no medicines involved. 

There are no side effects and the body is rejuvenated and energized after this treatment. 

Services Provided By Holistic Women Care Holistic Women Care is located in Miami and is dedicated to provide women of all ages with a safe, holistic and natural approach to well-being. It provides a variety of services which include: Holistic gynecology - Treatment of gynecologic problems such as infertility, irregular menstrual cycles and pelvic pain with holistic methods ď Ź

Diagnosis of menopause and perimenopause with saliva or blood tests and Treatment of perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms with natural plantbased supplements ď Ź

ď Ź

Diagnosis and treatment of thyroid problems

Holistic Women Care Services

Laser hair removal

Treatment of osteoporosis

Urine testing, ALCAT testing

Pelvic ultrasound

Photofacial Laser Treatment

Weight Management

Detoxification/Heavy metals

Holistic Women Care Provides The Best Laser Hair Removal Miami

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- Holistic Women Care provides the best laser hair removal in Miami using Elite Cynosure Systems. - Rose Shaya, a licensed practical nurse, certified medical and clinical electrologist, medical aesthetician and laser hair removal professional having more than twenty years of experience performs laser hair removal procedure. - Know more about Holistic Women Care, browse through the website

Contact Us: Address: 1801 NE 123 Street, Suite 305 North Miami, FL 33181 Phone: (305) 935-8775 Url:


Holistic women care  

Holistic Women Care is known for their best treatment regarding women health issues in Miami. They provide various services like gynecology,...