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AMENOOO! Prophet Adonteng Boateng Exposed!


Amidst allegations of sexual misconduct, deceit and lies: Papa Sheee and others speak out… By Edwin Janney

Prophet Adonteng Boateng with his bodyguards

Some call him the prayer line “Benny hinn” of Ghana, for miraculous performances in discerning spiritual things in people’s lives through prayers over the phone, others simply refer to him as “The Salt Prophet”-the man who elevates salt beyond its use as an appetizing condiment to spiritual prominence at his conferences. For the thousands that patronize his prayer-line meetings and the equally record numbers that have attended his conferences in New York, Connecticut, Ohio (as well as all who are gearing up to participate in his upcoming easter convention here in Virginia), the fact cannot be denied Cont’d on page 4

CoGA Celebrates Ghana’s independence Day The Council of Ghanaian associations of the washington Metro area (COGa) celebrated Ghana’s 54th independence anniversary with a dinner dance on Saturday, March 5 at Le Fontaine Bleu Ballroom in Lanham Maryland. The guest of honor was Ghana’s ambassador to the US, his excellency Daniel Ohene agyekum. In his speech, Adolf Kofi Afful who is the chairman of COGa said, “Ghana must put in place a real energy policy on a macro scale. This must include some of the other energy forms being explored now. we Cont’d on page 15


Cultural display by the Volta Ensemble

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Editorial This month has been incredibly eventful, first off heralding Ghana’s 54th independence anniversary celebrations in the metro area, ie the Council of Ghana Associations Independence Day dinner (featured on page 15). There have been reports on local and international news that affects Ghana and Ghanaians across the world. Amidst the conflicts happening in North Africa/ Middle East -depending on which media networks map you consider Egypt and Libya to be a part of- it is noteworthy that Ghana is now a democracy en route to becoming an economic powerhouse that attracts confidence in native sons and daughters abroad and foreigners for direct investment. With the political stalemate in Ivory Coast, with Outtarra and Gbagbo’s faction both claiming presidency, Ghana is now poised for even greater economic development, possibly returning to its previous glory days as the number 1 exporter of Cocoa in the sub-Saharan region. In this issue we feature the first installment of our investigative piece on the “Amenooo” prophet, Kofi Adonteng Boateng. With tens of thousands of supporters (the last held at Hilton hotel in McLean Virginia attracting about 7000 attendees from the Ghanaian community), we’re asking who is Prophet Kofi Adonteng Boateng and offering surprising testimonies from close associates who say Adonteng Boateng is not who he seems. As the story unfolds we’ll continue to bring you more on what we believe is going to change the Ghanaian Christian climate in the Washington Metro area and possibly the East Coast of the United States. As announced in the last edition, after eight years at our Stevenson Ave address, we have moved to our new offices at 5515 Cherokee Ave Suite 100, Alexandria, Virginia 22312. We appreciate all comments and critiques please keep them coming at and for readership across the globe the pdf version of the paper is posted on our website they can be removed before turning into cancer. Screening also helps find colorectal cancer at an early stage, and treatment often leads to a cure. Recommended colorectal cancer screening for men and women aged 50–75 include: High-Sensitivity FOBT (Stool Test) to detect blood in the stool at least once a year Sigmoidoscopy – The doctor uses a short, thin, flexible, lighted tube into your rectum to check polyps or cancer inside the rectum and colon. This is recommended every 5 years

Prophet Adonteng Boateng Exposed!

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PUBLISHER: Joseph “Sonny” Vanderpuye

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that this maestro of the prayer-line business appears to have skillfully raised the bar far beyond the reach of his contemporaries. Our sources indicate that, until a little over two years ago, Mr. John Boateng (now called Prophet Kofi Adonteng Boateng, founder and head of The Divine Word International Ministries, resident in Worcester MA, & editor-in-chief of “Amenoo”magazine) miraculously bounced from being fired from his job, homeless and financially broke to becoming a household name in Christian circles around the East Coast. According to reports we received, including first-hand taped interviews with former associates of Divine Word Inter national Ministries, Prophet Adonteng Boateng receives about $90,000 weekly in tithes money (all via the prayerline website) from his supporters without much accountability to any organized authority in his establishment. The prophet is also reported to employ the use of a private driver and personal bodyguards with a personal net worth estimated over 1.2 million dollars amassed in a little over two years. Though material wealth and prosperity, according to some modern day

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MANAGING EDITOR: Emmanuel A. Gamor SENIOR STAFF WRITER: EDWIN JANNEY CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Muriel Vanderpuye Eddie Ekuban (FASHION) CONTRIBUTORS: Ato Ulzen-Appiah, Jemila Abdulai, Naa Atto Dede, Nii Ayertey Aryeh, Rev. C. John Thompson-Quartey, GRAPHIC DESIGNING: Sonny Vanderpuye

Papa Sheee (1st from left) Prophet Adonteng Boateng (third from left) Christian doctrine is not alien to the promises of God, Adonteng Boateng’s meteoric rise to success leaves many unanswered questions, barring the selfprofessed prophet from the pious prayerline hall of fame just yet. Delving a little deeper into his background in ministry, from sources who asked to remain anonymous, John Boateng acquired his pastoral preparation through an on-line crash course a little over two years ago, after he was relieved from his job at a factory in Worcester, Massachusetts.

With the help of a few friends, Mr. Boateng started a little prayer group. Even though John was initially addressed as a pastor, (at which time his responsibilities were limited to offering prayer assistance but later shifted to confronting, casting out evil spirits and performing miracles on his prayer-line), he is said to have conferred the title of prophet on himself and instructing his close followers on the prayer-line to introduce & address Cont’d on page 9

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Faith & Community

The New GhaNaiaN | 6 | FOCUSiNG MORe ON The COMMUNiTY

Date Your Spouse Night

On Saturday night, March 19, 2011, fifty (50) married couples from the Church of Pentecost U.S.a., iNC. Northern Virginia District, which comprises of five assemblies namely, NOVA Central, PiwC , Manassas, S h i l o h , H e r n d o n / Re s t o n , gathered at Springfield Comfort inn to celebrate a special marital event entitled,” Date Your Spouse Night”. The event climaxed “Marriage and Family Clinic” week, biblical teachings, practical solutions and prayers designed to strengthen families and enrich mar riage life, according to Pastor John Ofori, who spearheaded the event. Date Your Spouse Night w a s p l a n n e d fo r m a r r i e d couples to have fun with each other and also to give them the opportunity to rekindle their romantic love. Couples came to the event gorgeously and majestically dressed, and affectionately holding each other’s hand. They dinned, danced, engaged in spousal quiz and took special portraits (by anointed hands Studios) to remember the evening. Some of the couples shared their sweet memories and moments of their marriages. The highlight of the event was the mass renewal

Couples having a good time. of marriage vows which was facilitated by Pastor John Ofori. The Golden Couple award went to elder and Deaconess Owusu, who have been married for 53 years. “it was an evening that every couple who came would always live to remember”, said a couple who attended the event.

Elder and Deaconess Owusu have been married for 53 years.

The Ghanaian Association of Baltimore(GAB) invited to the 23rd Annual Martin Luther King (MLK) Dinner

The Ghanaian association of Baltimore(GaB) was invited to the 23rd annual Martin Luther King (MLK) Dinner cerebration at the La Fontaine Bleue in Glen Bernie, Maryland. The chairman of the MLK committee, honorable Carl Snowden director of civil rights at the office of the Maryland attorney General, introduced the association to the audience and stressed on the importance of Ghanaians involvement in african Unity. The key note speaker, U.S. District Court Judge alexander williams Jr. who gave a powerful speech was delight to mentioned

Honorable Carl Snowden with GAB members Ghana as the home of his of the National Coalition of 100 Black women, received the younger brother. Mrs. Diane allotey, the wife “Drum Major” award. of a Ghanaian and a member

Miss Alice Gyamfi Wins Oratorical Contest Again Miss Alice Gyamfi, continues to make her mark at the annual Martin Luther King Oratorical contest hosted by the Prince william County alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority inc in Virginia. winning the overall prize again at the 21st annual Youth competition which attracts high school orators from Prince william, Manassas City and Manassas Park districts. Mr. Hans Gyamfi excited about his daughter’s victory

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Ambassador Ken Kanda Arrives in New York as Ghana’s New Permanent Representative to the UN By Frederick Nnoma-Addison

Immediate past Director of State Protocol and one of Ghana’s longest serving Foreign Service officials – Ken Kanda, has begun his work as Ghana’s newly appointed Permanent Representative to the United Nations at Ghana’s Permanent Mission on 47th Street in New York City. Ambassador Ken Kanda comes as Ghana’s 13th diplomat to the international body since Ghana joined shortly after independence in 1957. Having previously served as a diplomat at Ghana’s missions in Bonn, Copenhagen, Harare and Berlin during his 35 year career, President Atta Mills expressed great confidence in his capabilities during his swearingin ceremony in Accra, shortly before his departure. Granting his first interview to AMIP News on his very first day at work, Ambassador Kanda expressed optimism about the presidency and the state of Ghana’s democracy and economy. “…We are in the process of getting to the Promised Land. The main goal now is to improve the living standards of the people, lifting people out of the quagmire of poverty,” using the words of President Atta Mills. “The President has declared 2011 a year of action, meaning we will see visible signs of improvement in the form of infrastructure – schools, hospitals, roads, etc.” To critics of the President and the current government,

Ambassador Kanda explained that the President himself has assured Ghanaians that while he may seem slow, he is sure to deliver. “…My government met a difficult financial situation when we came into power but after two years of planning Ghana’s is poised for growth. The unfortunate wave of crime that hit Ghana about three years ago has been contained and our first oil revenues have started coming in…” Responding to a question about the relevance of the United Nations in today’s world, the current composition of the Security Council and his expectations, Ambassador

Kanda stated that the relevance of the world body was as crucial today as when it was first established. “The UN is the best institution for the world, we need the UN. Reform of any kind will be slow but eventually it will take place. Pursuing Africa’s representation on the Security Council is worthwhile. The difficulty would be selecting the African country, but even that the AU should be able to work out a formula.” L a s t O c t o b e r G h a n a ’s Foreign Minister – Alhajhi Mohammad Mumuni called on the United Nations to consider having an African nation on the Security Council since

many of the matters facing the United Nations involved African countries. Current permanent members of the Security Council are China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States. Ambassador Kanda is also optimistic that the African Union in conjunction with the United Nations and other world agencies will find a resolution to the crisis brewing in La Cote d’Ivoire and Libya. During the interview he pledged to make an effort to reach out to the Ghanaian Diaspora as much as possible to offer any help within his power. “I am a believer in the Ghanaian wherever he is; I will

definitely find time to get deeply involved with the Ghanaian associations.” Ambassador Kanda joined t h e Fo r e i g n S e r v i c e a s a young officer in 1976 and rose through the ranks to Chief of Protocol of the Ministry. Before his last appointment as Director of State Protocol, he was once Deputy Director of State Protocol for then Vice President Atta Mills. Earlier in his career he studied at Princeton University, United States as a Hubert Humphrey Fellow. The Ghanaian community in the United States welcomes Ambassador Kanda and wishes him the best in his new role. The following have served as Ghana’s envoys to the United Nations since 1957: Mr. Daniel Chapman – (19571959); Dr. Alex Quaison-Sackey – (1959-1965); Mr. Fred Arkurt – (1965 -1967); Mr. Richard Akwei – (1967 – 1972); Mr. Frank Boateng – (1972 – 1979); Mr. Van H. Sekyi – (1979 – 1980); Mr. James V. Gbeho – (1980-1990); Dr. Kofi N. Awoonor (1990 – 1994); Mr. George O. Lamptey – (1994-1996); Mr. Jack B. Wilmot – (1996 – 1999); Nana EffahApenteng – (2000 – 2007); Mr. Leslie K. Christian –(2007-2011). Ghana’s Permanent Mission to the UN and the Consulate General are located in the same building at 19 East 47th Street, New York, NY. Posted by amip news (info@

Ghana’s Independence Day Celebrated in a Big Way by the Ghana Wesley United Methodist Church at Arlington Virginia

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Alice has been competing in the competition since 2006, as an eighth grade and has been dedicated student C.D Hylton High School. As a graduating senior, she has applied to U VA , Wi l l i a m a n d M a r y, Cornell, Penn State, George Washington, Randolp Macon and Northwestern Universities. She is the daughter of Hanson and Emilia Gyamfi and is the eldest of four children: Priscilla, Jessica and Emmanuel.

G h a n a We s l e y U n i t e d Methodist Church at Arlington, Virginia, marked this year’s Ghana Independence Day with an enactment designed to remind church members - especially the youth and children - of some of the people who led in the struggle for independence for Ghana. Under the direction of Brother Isaac K. Gyapong, a leader of Ghana Wesley, the performance featured the remembrance of the following eight people: Paa Grant, Sergeant Adjetey, and the Big Six. The Big Six were the six brave men and leaders of the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) who were arrested and detained by the colonial government during political disturbances in the Gold Coast in 1948. They were the gallant men who spearheaded the transition of Ghana from colonialism to Independence on 6th of March, 1957. The enactment of these gallant men was started with

THE BIG SIX: Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Mr. Obetsebi-Lamptey, Mr. Ako Adjei, Mr. Edward Akuffo-Addo, Dr. J. B. Danquah, Mr. William Ofori Atta a march to the front of the congregation by three flag bearers, bearing the national flag of Ghana, the flag of the United States of America, and the flag of the United Methodist Church. The flags were placed in the altar area of the church as the congregation sang the Ghana national Anthem, God Bless our Homeland Ghana. This was followed by a roll call of each of these six heroes of Ghana’s inde pendence, starting first with Paa Grant

(George Alfred Grant) a founding member of the UGCC and an initial financier of the movement, and closing with Sergeant Cornelius Frederick Adjetey, one of three ex-service men who were shot and killed at the "Christiansborg CrossRoads shooting" as unarmed ex-service men were marching to Christiansborg Castle to present a petition to the then Governor of the Gold Coast, Sir Gerald Creasy. As each patriot’s name was

called, a church member playing the role of that person walked majestically to the altar area, lit a candle in memory of the hero he/she was representing, recited a few memorable words by the hero or said a few words about that person, and stood facing the congregation. This was followed by a prayer for all the heroes and the singing of the patriotic song by Ephraim Amo, “Yen Ara Asase Ni”. A quiz contest on a short history of Ghana was organized for various age categories in the congregation, with prizes for winners donated by Mr. Steve Poku-kwarteng. In addition, mini Ghana flags were distributed to the congregation. The enactment was rounded off with the song by Lord Kitchener - “Ghana is the Name” – to the merriment of all. T he Pastor, Emmanuel Nkrumah, in his sermon paid Cont’d on page 19


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The New Ghanaian | 9 | FOCUSING MORE ON THE COMMUNITY Prophet Adonteng Boateng Exposed! Cont’d from page 4

him as such. Thus the newly minted pastor John Boateng became known as the Prophet Kofi Adonteng Boateng. A l o n g t h e w a y, Prophet Boateng has solicited the help of a few dedicated worshippers and aids who have been ver y instr umental in catapulting him unto his high horse. The eventual r e a l i z at i o n t h at t h i s endeavor is a hoax and a ploy to enrich those at the helm is disheartening and disturbing considering the thousands of people Divine Word ministers to. There is anger and disappointment brewing and amidst mounting reports of sexual immorality, lies, deceit, financial irresponsibility and a detour from the call to win souls to Christ. It is quite interesting to notice the record breaking crowds at his conferences, of whom about 70% are women. This handsome, smooth talking, cleanly attired, divorced selfproclaimed prophet of God, definitely has no problems obtaining the undivided attention of women, attributes that in themselves spell nothing bad, except for reports of allegations of sex scandals and deceit, emanating from some of the ladies who have been at the helm of affairs, each of whom had high hopes of being the first lady. Among his for mer ardent supporters are Nana Yaw Akosah, more p o p u l a r l y k n ow n i n entertainment circles as Papa Sheee, a renowned and acclaimed Ghanaian recording and performing artist who now resides in Maryland, and sisters Doreen and Akua Afriyie of Worcester MA who became an announcer, secretar y and prayer leader in suppor t of Adonteng Boateng’s rise to prominence. Of those who have shared evidence and testimony to our investigative team, these three are among the few willing to come out in the open to share their side of the saga. According to the ladies, some of whose testimonies we have on tape, “The Salt Prophet” promised to marry them but after

using them for money and in some cases sexual favors, dumped them. Both Doreen & Akua Afriyie confessed to having an affair of some sort for some time with Prophet Kofi Adonteng, hoping the affair would ultimately result in marriage. However, for Doreen or Dee as she is affectionately called, reality kicked in, after a trip to Ghana, where she learned that Kofi Adonteng Boateng, had made similar promises to several women. She informed The New Ghanaian newspaper that Adonteng confessed to her that his initial expectation of the ministry was to make a little money and bail out to Ghana for good, but things blew up unexpectedly and the more lucrative the venture, the less able he was to let it go. Sister Akua Afriyie sees herself used and abused by the prophet she believed in. In her case, the intimacy grew quite intense. She professes to “... have nude pictures of the prophets private parts during courtship.” that he had sent to her, which she at a point threatened to put out on Facebook when she also realized she was being played- except for the timely intervention o f Pa p a S h e e e w h o the honorable prophet entreated to arrest the situation by talking the lady her out of publicly exposing Mr. Adonteng. The ladies admit to knowing a host of others who have fallen victims to John Boateng’s schemes. One woman we spoke with and asked to remain anonymous, confessed she had sex with “The Salt Prophet” on the church premises in Worcester. Particularly disturbing and hurtful for the ladies was the fact that, despite their disappointment in his behavior, they still cared about his followers impressions and did not want to publicly expose Adonteng Boateng. They had also hoped to give him a chance to make amends and desist from his ways, but any attempt to resolve things amicably with Kofi Adonteng was met with threats and verbal abuse. These were the times when they sought help from Papa Sheee- then a very close associate to the prophet - to intervene and mediate.

“Wonder Boy” as Papa Sheee is nicknamed by his music fans (started his own prayer line prior to splitting with Adonteng Boateng’s camp recently) spoke to us passionately and with a heavy heart that he is now convinced that the Divine Word ministry led by Adonteng Boateng is nothing but a calculated business venture to make those at the helm rich. Nana Yaw Akosah (Papa Sheee’s given name at birth) was a little reluctant to release any information when we initially contacted him, but he eagerly chose to do so, in his opinion, after he could no longer stomach the camouflaged insults the prophet was unleashing on the new prayer-line under the guise of waging war against the Adonteng camp’s “spiritual enemies”. Papa Sheee, blames his own naivete in church affairs as the reason he did not see it coming; but came to this realization recently judging from full testimonies of some of the women, amongst them Sister Dee and Sister Afriyie. He had been petitioned by the Prophet on a few occasions to intervene on Adonteng’s behalf in conflicts with lovers to avert a public scandal of the affairs when the ladies threatened to go public with the infor mation including releasing nude pictures The Salt Prophet had sent. Papa seriously cautions followers and empathizers to be war y of Kofi Adonteng Boateng’s latest move: the formation of a benevolent organization to raise funds for the needy in Ghana. Adonteng Boateng is said to have announced that notable personalities like Daddy Lumba and a few others were behind initiative. Papa Sheee who has worked with and is related to Daddy Lumba says “It is simply a lie”. About how he got involved with the prophet in the first place he said: “I was a complete novice to the things of God and Church activities, but I felt the hand of God and a strong calling on my life to be a soldier for winning souls to Christ. I did not know how, but this burden was so heavy I needed to off load it somewhere. P r ay i n g b e c a m e m y passion and that’s how

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Tel.: 571.334.0571 I was introduced to help with Adonteng Boateng ministry.” The award winning Ghanaian Musician who was thrust to the forefront of this ministry at the very onset when there were only about 30 members on line. His dramatic turn around to be a soldier for Christ is quite a remarkable story, one that influenced a lot of his fans to do likewise and suppor t prophet Adonteng’s cause. As a local musician who knew his way around, and mightily driven by his new found passionate love for Christ, he threw his efforts to help market the prayerline and conferences to t h e G h a n a i a n p u bl i c from distributing flyers to introducing Prophet Adonteng on radio and at TV stations, spreading the word around helping to organize bus trips and hotel accommodation to conference centers at a time his wife had given birth a new baby. Despite several interventions to save the image and reputation of the prophet in his scandalous issues with some of the church women, his relationship with the prophet took a rapid downturn when Papa Sheee realized Kofi A d o n t e n g B o a t e n g ’s words did not match up to his deeds. This is

when he confronted the prophet in an attempt to seek clarification on some of these issues: prophet Adonteng is recalled to have announced at the Virginia convention as being directed by God to reconstruct a stadium or to open up a prayer center in MD based on which huge sums of money were donated to support the cause. An article in his magazine, Amenoo, puts the number present at that convention at the Hilton in Mclean, Virginia at about 7000 people. Papa Sheee who was at the center stage of this announcement, to this day keeps getting nu m e r o u s c a l l s f r o m those who donated money inquiring about the status of the projects. Whilst eavesdropping on a conversation by the prophet at his residence in Massachussetts not long ago, it became obvious that Kofi Adonteng had no such plans but was rather pursuing personal building projects and land acquisition in Ghana. Prophet Boateng is quoted as saying “Even God changes his mind sometimes.” The situation further escalated, when the Kofi learnt that Papa Sheee had started a prayer line of his own. According to “Wonder Boy” this was only to cater to the prayer requests of some

of his friends who found strength and fulfillment in joining hands with him in prayers. He thought the idea would be welcomed by the prophet since The Bible declares that “...the harvest is plenty but the laborers are few” Matt 9:37. Much to his dismay, Papa Shee was confronted with resentment, anonymous and abusive phone calls and threats from Adonteng’s camp. In some instances deliberate obstruction and disturbances were created by anonymous callers whilst Papa was conducting prayer line meetings with his group only to discourage him. Some of the callers, upon inter rogation, confessed they had been assigned by the prophet to do so. Prince Osei Bonso, a journalist in New York who poses as Adonteng’s PRO, is alleged to have made several derogatory public pronouncements and has solicited the help of others to do so to tarnish Papa Sheee’s image regarding Christian affairs. Some of Kofi Adonteng Boateng’s followers we spoke to, though saddened by these alle gations, still believe that Pastor John Boateng’s initial intentions may have been Cont’d on page 11



“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” [Matthew 5: 48] There is a certain story in the bible that goes like this: One day, a man set out on a journey and took a path that is frequented by thieves and burglars. [Perhaps this man did not come from that part of the country and so did not know this critical information about the dangers that lay on the path he had taken; but the bible never tells us that]. In any case, as could be expected, this man is not only robbed, but beaten and left to die. As he laid there bleeding to death, two people came by, and noticing him on the floor, walked on the other side to avoid him. [perhaps they were saying in their heads, rather you than me! But then again, the bible did not tell us that]. Then comes a total stranger; someone, who in fact, had no business going near the dying man. This stranger noticed the half-dead man on the floor, and he rushed to his side to check out if he was okay. Noticing that the dying man was his arch enemy [he had been raised to hate people from the tribe of the dying man], this stranger could have easily left him to die, or even finished the task that was started by the robbers. But the Bible said that he got off his donkey and cared for the dying man, cleaning and pouring oil on the wounds, and

bandaging him up. He laid the dying man on his donkey and brought him to the nearest inn and paid some money for the inn keeper to take care of the dying man. He promised to come back and check on the man and if more money was needed for his care, he would pay. Those of you who are familiar with your Sunday school Bible stories may have already figured out that this is the story of the Good Samaritan. I think this story was mislabeled as it forces us to focus on the Samaritan, because it is he who cared for the dying man. There is a danger in hearing Bible stories: we the hearers are forced to identify with one character or another, and if we are daring, we like to see ourselves as the hero in the story. But suppose in this story we see ourselves as the victim? Suppose we picture ourselves being at the wrong place at the wrong time only to face the kind of cruelty and humiliation that the victim in the story endured? I suspect that sometime in our lives, we have found ourselves at the wrong place at the wrong time, and we have been terrified to no end! Perhaps that moment didn’t turn as tragic as this story, but nevertheless, we were terrified! To d ay ’s B i bl e p a s s a g e presents us with an impractical

and unreasonable demand. Before asking his disciples to strive to be perfect, Jesus said: “44But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45so that you may be children of your Father in heaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the righteous and on the unrighteous.” Who among us has the fortitude to love their enemies? It is much easier for us to love those who love us and care about us. But how can we possibly love those who are determined to kill us or make our lives miserable? We need to remember that Jesus -just at the beginning of is earthly ministry, and only in the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Mathew- is still preaching the Sermon on the Mount. He has announced the nearness of the kingdom of heaven, and is now preparing his followers to be children of the kingdom. How are we to live in this kingdom of heaven? Certainly not by “tit-for-tat”, because we would all be maimed or blind or hacked to death before we make it in the kingdom! Jesus is calling us to radical generosity; the kind that disarms our enemies and those who work against us. This is no small feat, but who said being the salt of the earth and light of the world was easy?

If the followers of Jesus are to be the salt and light of the world, their actions must be examples of the way God deals with us. To be perfect is to live in a community that does not resort to violence in order to exist; a community that speaks the truth to one another, a community that is faithful to its promises, and a community that seeks reconciliation from each other. In short, a community that is committed to live like Jesus did. Perfection calls us to be dependent on God, the only one who makes us into perfect children. Jesus was very aware of the fact that a community that lives by the lex talionis [an eye for an eye], will lead to self destruction and annihilation. But he is not calling us to become doormats, to take abuse and dehumanization. Jesus is asking his followers not to revenge/ avenge evil with violence. Turning the other cheek can simply mean walking away from situations that will bring out the worst in us. [Eugene Peterson, The Message] The truth about the story of the Good Samaritan is that when we place ourselves in the shoes of the victim, we begin to understand what Jesus means to love our enemies; for if the Samaritan hadn’t shown love

Reverend Father C. John Thompson-Quartey and compassion towards his enemy, he would have died. This is how God deals with us; not according to our sins, but according to his boundless love for us. And Jesus is calling us to treat others as God treats us! Perfection is less about moral purity and more about wholeness. It is a call to be what we really are meant to be by the one who fashioned us out of love. When we let God’s Holy Spirit permeate our being and act through us, we realize that we are able to be like God; full of compassion, showing loving kindness towards others; indeed, loving our enemies and praying for those who hate us! That is how we begin the road to perfection!

Sow in Tears and Reap in Joy What is travailing prayer? Travailing prayer expresses the urgent prayer of the heart. To travail is to be in a posture of desperation. To travail in prayer can be compared to childbirth pains. In childbirth the burden of the baby has been carried for nine months and at God’s time the baby is ready to come but something has to happen before that baby comes. We have to go into labour you travail, in the same way when you have carry a burden in your heart for a long time and suddenly it impresses on you strongly, and you are impregnated with that promise, a strategic time comes for you to push that promise forth. We need to travail, we pray about vision killers and dream attackers but we often overlook the fact that we kill our own dreams and visions because we do not travail in prayer to push forth our dreams. Sometimes when you have a project or venture or ministry that you keep dreaming about, it is akin to giving birth to a boy or girl or twins. When this dream

is interpreted it could mean a new work, project, venture or a ministry. It is time for you to rise up and travail so that project or ministry will come forth. Isaiah 66:7 says as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth. As soon as we travail or labor in prayer the vision will be realized. The process of travailing Is difficult like childbirth: John 16:21 says a woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour has not come as but as soon as she gives birth to the child she remembers her anguish no more for the joy that a child Is born into the world. The same goes with travailing in prayer. We are burdened till the project is birthed then we become overjoyed and forget about the painful fasting and prayer. Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior travailed in prayer: Luke 22:42-44 talks about Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, how He asked the Father to remove this cup from Him, but nevertheless not His will but God’s will be done. The

bible says an angel appeared unto Him strengthening Him. V44 “and being in agony He prayed more earnestly and His sweat was as it ,were great drops of blood falling to the ground” That was the intensity of Jesus prayer. In 1 Kings 18:42&43 Elijah, after prophesying unto Ahab about the rain after three and a half years of drought, went on top of Mount Carmel and he cast himself down upon the earth and put his face between his knees. Watch this, between the time of the prophecy of the sound of abundant rain and the manifestation of the great rain ,was travailing prayer. James 5v14 Elijah was a man with like passion like you and me the Bible says he was a Tishbite in the region of Gilead the Hebrew meaning is “Raw” or “Rough” and that was a description of who Elijah was. His outward appearance best describes him, he was a hairy man with a leather girdle bound about his loins-in not so many words he was like a cave man. The way he spoke and the way

he behaved was uncouth because of his background. A common man who believed in God for great miracles. God used this very ordinary man to do extraordinary things. He climbed the mountain and crouched down on the earth, put his face between his knees and Elijah sent his servant to go and look toward the sea ,the servant came back and said he saw nothing. Elijah did not give up, he was still fixed in his position he was not distracted, he was very focused. We need to focus on our prayers, regardless of what we see we need to labor in prayer. He asked his servant to go back seven good times, still in the same position till he saw a sign, a small cloud like a man’s hand... then he knew the prophecy was being fulfilled. In the days of Elijah that was the same position the women presumed when giving birth. My sisters and my brothers what do you see? If you do not see anything then it means you have to reposition yourself; get into travailing prayer and stay

Muriel Vanderpuye Call of Esther Ministries there. That is why Habbakuk said “I will climb upon my watchtower and station myself there and see what the Lord will say to me. I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.” Another example I would like to share with you is the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel chapter 1: Hannah when faced with persecution, opposition, rejection,and provocation . As Hannah stood up to pray, she went past Eli the priest who Cont’d on page 30


Prophet Adonteng Boateng Exposed! Cont’d from page 9

well-founded in the desire to do the things of God but his judgment has become clouded by the dramatic rise to fame and money. Many Great men of God have been known to suffer such a fate at the height of their careers,

most recently former Rev. Eddie Long whose sexual scandals with young men opened a can of worms that implicates one of the most prominent ‘mega church’ preachers to bribery, soliciting sexual favors and using his position to influence and manipulate comes to mind. As to why Papa Sheee and this team of complainants are coming out at this time and

to which end they hope this will gravitate to (the recording artist seems to be on the same page with most of the other complainants): they want to create awareness and to caution Adonteng Boateng’s numerous followers to exercise vigilance and good judgment as they follow the Divine Word ministry. “This should be a wake-up call to the prophet to repent and

return to winning souls to Christ and change in the direction he is headed. Our God is loving and forgiving.” says Papa Sheee. At the time of going to press Prophet Kofi Adonteng Boateng or a representative of Divine Word ministries could not be reached for comment. The New Ghanaian will continue to pursue this issue, as more evidence is presented to us we will grant

interviews with representatives of Adonteng Boateng’s camp as well in an effort to present all sides of the story for you, our readers to decide. Stay tuned.

Follow us on Twitter: @tngnews sunlight radio @sunlightradio


Weekly Services: Tuesday: Exploring the Kingdom 7pm - 9pm Thursday: Revival Service 7pm - 9pm Sunday: Breaking Through Prayers 9am - 10am Sunday: Worship 10am - 1pm Nightly Prayer line: 9:30pm - 10:30pm Tel.: 218.339.2636 code 777#


African Lifestyle TV has started shooting it new season series with live audience. In its first taping the guests on the show were; Nash a Ghanaian movie actor and Naomi a Cameroonian songstress and dancer. The next taping session will be on Sunday, April 24, at 5:00pm at the same venue. To be on the set as part of the audience please call: 703.896.6210 / 703.896.6212. This series is aired on ION tv at 7:30am on Saturdays.

On set: DJ O, Nash, Araba Dadson (Host) and Stephanie (Co-Host)

Naomi performing

Naomi and the event coordinator

Nash, Naomi and some of the audience

Crew and guests

Naomi, Dr. Love (of Sunlight Radio) and Nash

Araba, her daughters and granddaughters

Naomi, her producer and Nash

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Vicent Asiseh laid to rest Former NDC Press Secretary, Vincent asiseh, was laid to rest at the Osu Cemetery in accra last Saturday after a touching funeral service at the Ridge Church in accra. The veteran broadcaster passed away on wednesday, January 19, 2011, at the 37 Military hospital after he was suddenly taken ill. The funeral and burial service attracted people from all over Ghana as well as Nigeria. The large crowd that thronged the Ridge Church included ex-President J.a Kufuor, the Minister for Roads, Joe Gidisu, Mr. Sidney Laryea, Former Treasurer of the NDC , the National Chairman of the NPP, Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey, Former Deputy Minister of Roads & Transport, Steve akorli, Former MP for ho west, agbotse , Fo r m e r N a t i o n a l Yo u t h Organiser of the NPP, John Boadu, editors of the Daily Democrat and the Ghanaian Lens, emmanuel OpareDjan and Kobby Fiagbe. in attendance was the accra Diocesan choir of the Methodist Church of Ghana, the winneba Youth Choir as well as the action Chapel Choir. in her tribute to her late husband, Mrs. Kate asiseh, said in times of darkness, he was a beacon of light to her and their children. “in times of uncertainties, you were a shoulder to cry on. in times of joy, you beamed hope and encouragement for greater things to come,” she added. his children described him as a man “who believed that children must be brought up like plants that require a lot of pruning,” and as a result, his children ended up being economists, Pharmacists, Bankers, Civil servants, Designers, Publishers and businessmen. Uncle ebo white of JOY FM fame, in his tribute, described the late Vincent asiseh as a man who “showed that you did not have to be obnoxious to make your point in politics” “it was always a joy to listen to Mr. asiseh making his point in a debate. he chose his words carefully and kept his voice controlled. he showed respect for his opponents and for the listeners…he was indeed a master of articulation and communication on… i believe that if there were more people in Ghana’s politics like Mr. asiseh, our development would be smoother and rapid” he added. Mr. Sidney Laryea described the late former Press Secretary of the NDC as an “amazing man full of goodness and spiritual values.” ironically, the political party that he served for almost a decade, the NDC, failed to be present officially at his funeral and burial service.

This drew condemnation from many people present who believed that Vincent asiseh had served the party so well that the least the party could do was to be officially present at the funeral and burial service. ironically, the NDC’s name was on the list of Chief mourners on the funeral brochure. The NDC supporters who were present to pay their last respect to their Former Press Secretary were embarrassed by the absence of the party. The NDC’s absence was even more glaring with the presence of ex-President Kufuor and his team who asiseh clashed with several times in defence of the NDC between1992 to 2000. The behavior of the NDC brings to mind the sad departure of Castro, a journalist with the pro-NDC newspaper, Ghana Palava in 2009. Castro, who worked hard for the pro-NDC newspaper for years did not only die penniless; his family could not raise GH¢600 to bury him. To add insult to injury, his employers, key men in the NDC, failed to show up at his funeral and burial service. Vincent asiseh’s immediate family members unanimously agree that he led a fulfilling life and this is summed up in his own words, captured in his wife’s tribute; “i am a happy man, a very happy father. i have joy, deep, deep down in my heart” Source: Dailypost

U.S. Department Of Commerce Close Its Office In Ghana Less than two years ago, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama made headlines as they landed in accra, Ghana. The July 2009 visit was historic, coming only months after Obama was sworn in as our first African-American president. For some americans, media coverage of the trip was a wake-up call that showed africa as a coveted partner for businesses from South america, europe, the Middle east, india and, especially, China. Responding to text messages submitted by africans, the president recognized africa’s strategic and long-ter m commercial impor tance to american business. “i want to find ways that we can further open up trade relationships between the United States and african countries,” he said. Many had assumed that Obama as president would go first to Kenya, the home of his father. But Ghana was rewarded instead because it was a shining beacon of african democracy and, with recent discoveries of offshore oil, an increasingly valuable economic partner to the United States. Fast forward to March 2011: we learn that the U.S.

Department of Commerce, with little fanfare but apparent significant effort to camouflage its actions, has decided to close its office in Ghana, citing budget cuts. with this action, Commerce proposes to close the doors on america’s commercial beachhead in one of africa’s most thriving economies. “incredibly shortsighted” was the reaction of one american businessman with significant interests in Ghana. So much for finding new trading relationships between the United States and africa. Commerce officials deny the finality of any decision about the Ghana office. I hope this is true, although i trust the sources that tell me to the contrary. Juxtapose this illadvised decision by Commerce with a projection made earlier this year by The economist magazine, which says that seven of the top 10 fastest growing economies in the world for 20112015 will be found in africa. You guessed it: Ghana is among them. at a time when businesses around the world are creating jobs in their home countries and in africa by more actively engaging with the continent, the U.S. government sends a message that africa doesn’t matter. Commerce is also closing its last office in Dakar, Senegal – the only such office in French-speaking africa – and is indefinitely shelving plans to open an office in angola, another of africa’s economic front-runners. Regardless of whether these cuts are decided as a function of internal decisions at Commerce or by prevailing budget woes on Capitol hill, this approach is one that serves neither the short-term nor longterm interests of our country. africa is home to more than one billion people. estimates vary, but according to Vijay Mahajan, author of the book “africa Rising: how 900 Million african Consumers Offer More Than You Think,” 50-150 million africans have spending power that is similar to the middle classes in the west, while 350-500 million are in africa’s “aspirational classes – from households with stable jobs – that resemble counterparts in China and india being courted by Western firms. These Africa aspirants drink Coca-Cola, want mobile phones and yearn to own a car or motorcycle.” Combined with the fact that american brands are well recognized and regarded in africa, U.S. exports to africa are well positioned to grow and could very well boom, with american firms reaping both immediate and long-ter m benefits as africa’s economies grow further. Cont’d on page 25


COGA Celebrates Ghana’s Independence Day

A group picture of COGA executives and Ambassador Daniel Ohene Agyekum and his wife

Ambassador Ohene Agyekum

Adolf Kofi Afful

Dr. Kofi Ellison

Ambassador Koomson, his wife and COGA members

Jerry Wiafe

Chiefs and Queenmothers



Bill Ampofo (Kente), Eddie Asante and friends

must not become exporters of crude oil, we must become exporters of refined oil. We must ensure that a modern oil processing infrastructure is part of our vision.” The event was well attended. There were cultural displays by Volta Ensemble and Asante Association Cultural Troupe. Gil Jones-Quartey was the MC and the DJ for the night was VeeJay. The major sponsors of this event were; Moneygram, Western Union and Dish Network.

Mr. Henry Adu receiving an award

Ghana Embassy officials

Cont’d from page 1

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Get Faster Results With tRiPle ACtion FoRMUlA

• EXFOLIATE & SMOOTHEN • BRIGHTEN • MOISTURIZE The Best Choice For A Smoother, Lighter & Even Toned Complexion HAWKNAD MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES, INC. 6420 General Green Way, Alexandria, VA. 22312, USA

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Now Open...



Joe & Matilda Owners

We Remit Money to Ghana using Western Union, Moneygram & Vigo And your relatives will receive the remittance at GCB or Merchant Bank. 1814 FEATHERSTONE ROAD, WOODBRIDGE, VA. 22191 TEL.: 571.245.6280 (Behind 7-Eleven, Opp. Shell Gas Station)


NEW ERA NURSING & TRAINING SERVICES We offer: CNA, CPR, FIRST AID & MEDICATION AIDE At Your Convenience. For more information or to register, please call:

571.312.5983 571.239.8769 5999 Stevenson Avenue, #401 Alexandria, VA. 22304 New Era, We Are The Best At What We Do! Ghana’s Independence Day Celebrated in a Big Way by the Ghana Wesley United Methodist Church at Arlington Virginia Cont’d from page 7

tribute to the Big Six, our leaders and ordinary men and women who contributed immensely to our independence and are still working hard for the growth and development of our country. He encouraged the youth to be patriotic and find ways to contribute to the development of our motherland. G HA N A WE S L E Y UNITED METHODIST CHURCH (Ghana Wesley, for short) is one the oldest Ghanaian Methodist churches in Northern Virginia; yet it is relatively young, having been established just about ten years ago. Of the Ghanaian Methodist Churches in Northern Virginia, it is the only one affiliated to the United Methodist Church of America; and it is the first Ghanaian Methodist Church in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area to hold two services on Sundays – one from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon, and the other from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at Woodbridge and Arlington respectively.

Prof. Albert Wright (As Paa Grant)

Mr. Augustus Gyapong (As Kwame Nkrumah)

Mr. Jonathan Lamptey (As Obetsebi Lamptey)

Mrs. Patience Kotei (As Ako Adjei)

Mr. Joseph Andorful (As Edward Akuffo-Addo)

Mr. Kwasi Marfo (As Dr. J.B. Danquah)

Mrs. Gifty Felicia Siribuor (As William Ofori-Atta)

Mr. Benjamin Kwesi Quansah (As Sergeant Adjetey)


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DISH Network: The Leader in

Pan-African Entertainment offers you five top African channels:

Hi TV, Afrotainment, Afrotainment Music, Africa24

Get some of the best African TV shows, movies, news and sports from your homeland exclusively on DISH Network, along with your favorite Englishand French-language programming.

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All prices, packages and programming subject to change without notice. Local and state sales taxes may apply. Programming is available for single-family dwellings located in the continental United States. All DISH Network programming, and any other services that are provided, are subject to the terms and conditions of the promotional agreement and Residential Customer Agreement, which is available upon request. Hardware and programming sold separately. Customer must subscribe to minimum programming, including a qualifying International package, DISH America or DishMÉXICO, or a $6.00/mo. Service Access fee will apply in addition to the monthly price for International programming. A second dish antenna may be required to view both International and American programming. All services marks and trademarks belong to their respective owners. Š2010, DISH Network L.L.C. All rights reserved.

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At last, Africa is really on the move

By harry C. alford it has been three years of the world, China is there since we last visited an african meddling. This nation does not nation. Judging from our latest play by the rules and is trying to report much progress has been compete with the United States, made. according to our Vice and everyone else, through President of Special Programs, monopoly and malfeasance. Charles DeBow, “cranes are The most stunning example was everywhere.” That is a great that President George w. Bush indicator as the construction of was very kind to africa. he new buildings, plants, etc. means signed the africa Growth and economic growth and jobs. Opportunity act (aGOa) and Chuck has just returned from a implemented the Millennium 10-day trade mission to Ghana, Challenge account, which Kenya, and ethiopia and his awards billions of dollars for optimism is immense. The trade infrastructure to african nations mission was organized by the that exhibit true democracy and U.S. Chamber of Commerce, good governance. The big problem with the which is having a fresh look at Millennium Challenge account africa and likes what it sees. each of these nations has a is that there were no stipulations written plan as to how it is going that american businesses must to grow and create a middle class be used in the process. Thus, amongst its population. They when Ghana was awarded each recognize that education the first round of funding for and commerce must go hand the program China ran in. No in hand. ethiopia for example company, Ghanaian, U.S. or currently has nine current but otherwise would be able to has another 10 universities under compete with China when the construction. as businesses are contracts were released. So, created and grow, they will have when the bidding for the new an educated workforce to blend George w. Bush highway went into the growth. The internet into action China won. how did and the growth of mobile phones they do it? There is no cost of are making the potential for labor. China has brought in growth immense. Like the United States, prisoners from the nation and energy will be the lifeblood of has made them slaves doing this growth. Ghana recently has construction labor in Ghana. discovered oil and is currently imagine that, we’re in the 21st processing it. ethiopia probably century and slaves are being has the largest potential for oil imported to africa. have you but has yet to explore for it. gotten back up yet? what’s Kenya has a smooth system for worse after their sentences are importing its oil needs. electric up they must stay in Ghana for plants are immensely needed the rest of their lives, i.e. exiled and this will require a lot of from their homeland. Our State capital. alternative energy such Department has done nothing as windmills, bio-mass, etc. are about this and it is time to hold being utilized also. But, the key them accountable. how can will be massive electrical power United States tax money be used stations and all three nations are to sponsor slavery? in regards to aGOa, China starting to address that need. as with any other par t and the U.S. textile industry

encouraged the Congressional Black Caucus to make an amendment to it. To qualify for duty free imports from africa, you no longer have to use african raw materials in regards to textiles. Thus, China sends its cotton to africa after it has been processed by prison slaves. The end product such as pants, coats and dresses arrive to america duty free with labels saying “Made in Kenya,” “Made in Uganda,” etc. what has happened is that cotton farmers in various african nations have been put out of business. what President George w. Bush has done for africa is truly beautiful. we should not let a shameless nation like China mess it up and cause harm to our Motherland. it is important that the delivery of these programs is consistent with the true intent. There is too much at stake here and we should be the vanguards. Of the three nations visited, Kenya is the busiest. however, Ghana and ethiopia also have it going on. it is up to us to have american companies invest and explore the opportunities in this rich continent. iBM has now put up 16 facilities and is looking to greatly expand from that. Newmont Mining has produced more than $2 billion in revenue in its first few years in Ghana. africa, the “Last Frontier” will be no frontier much longer but a part of the new and better modern world. To read our written report on the Africa Trade Mission go to the National Black Chamber of Commerce® website. Mr. Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®. Website: www. Email: halford@ nationalbcc

SD CEO partners with billionaire Bill Gates to bring fresh water, medical care to West Africa SiOUX FaLLS, S.D. — Sanford health plans to team with billionaire Bill Gates to bring fresh water and medical care to the impoverished nation of Ghana in west africa. "in May, we'll meet with Bill Gates to see if this works. This is his proposal," said Kelby Krabbenhoft, president and CeO at Sanford. K r a bb e n h o f t s a i d t h e arrangement with Gates would establish perhaps 200 stations in Ghana for local residents to receive two things they lack - a safe water supply and vaccines against common diseases. workers at the stations

would be Sanford employees, some local and some from the U.S., as the Dakotas-based network continues its push into international health care. The middleman in the new relationship is T. Denny Sanford, the namesake of Sanford health who in recent months has talked several times with Gates as a fellow member of a new circle of billionaire philanthropists. Sanford, 75, a retired Sioux Falls banker, included Krabbenhoft in a recent phone call with Gates, which led to an agreement to talk more about africa. "we've got some people working with him. One of

his priorities is emerging and developing countries in africa," Krabbenhoft said of Gates. Krabbenhoft recounted his talk with Gates during a recent interview concerning his life and the health network he leads. he said Sanford health will not be a major donor for a Sioux Falls events center, though he hedged on the topic. he said he would not run for office, though he hedged there also. he said Sanford health, very rarely, provides abortions to women with urgent health Cont’d on page 23

The New GhaNaiaN | 23 | FOCUSiNG MORe ON The COMMUNiTY

10th Anniversary 2001 - 2011


NEW GHANAIAN Cont’d from page 22

needs. and he explained how two of T. Denny Sanford's megagifts to Sanford health came in early at cash amounts less than the original pledge but still to the health system's benefit because of early payment. among his new concerns is Ghana, a nation about the size of Oregon, with 19 million people along the atlantic coast of africa. he said his understanding is that it's a nation essentially with no roads, many cattle paths, no refrigeration and no electricity. "Thousands of people send kids to the crick with plastic jugs. ... There's nothing to keep things cool, no ice truck pulling up. with large numbers of people that depend on that water supply, you've got a breeding ground for health issues." Developers would dig a network of wells dotting the Ghana countryside, each with an adjacent building that Krabbenhoft said would be no bigger than a rest-area station along an interstate highway in South Dakota. when local residents come for fresh water, health workers would be able to address a second problem, a local aversion to inoculations. "They don't like our vaccines, but when they come for water, we'd say, 'You want fresh water? Roll up your sleeve,' " he said.

Keeping Ghanaians In Touch

The idea took shape when Krabbenhoft and Sanford were at a Twin Cities hotel for a business meeting. Sanford took a call in the lobby and handed the phone to Krabbenhoft without explaining it was Gates. The call lasted 30 seconds. it's the only time the two have talked. But Krabbenhoft said it is clear they have similar aims. Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft, lives in the Pacific Northwest. Officials at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle declined to comment on the Sanford connection or Ghana. "The foundation does not provide infor mation about potential future events, that may or may not be happening," senior communications officer Michal Fishman said by e-mail. Krabbenhoft said more is to come. "he said to me, 'i understand we'll be getting together soon.' we're trying to come in with a business model that makes it a practical business endeavor. enter Bill Gates. he has the development priority while we have the health care priority. we ' r e t r y i n g t o p u t t h at together." Daryl Thuringer, a vice president at avera health, said Sanford's plan would fit the altruistic efforts hospitals see as a responsibility. avera tries to fulfill that with staff trips twice a year to help women

and children in haiti. Sanford appears to be doing the same thing in Ghana. "we are called to help people in our backyard, in our communities, in our country and in our world that do not have the same blessings that we do," Thuringer said. "By providing clean and safe water, it will impact the people in Ghana in ways we cannot even imagine." in an interview in his Sioux Falls office, Krabbenhoft, 53, said he expects to stay on the job until retiring sometime between 2021 and 2025. he said he gets calls about twice a year from people asking him to run for office. he's a Republican, conservative in business and finance, moderate on social issues, he said. his answer always is no. But that's not forever either. "when i'm all done at Sanford, who knows?" he said. h e s a i d h e ' s fo l l ow i n g discussion of a Sioux Falls events center, but that Sanford health will not be one of the major donors that Mayor Mike huether has said the project will need. T. Denny Sanford gave a similar answer in a December interview over the question of a lead donor. "i can tell you for certain it's not Denny," Krabbenhoft said recently. The same goes for Sanford health as an organization, he

said. "No one has asked and we haven't offered that kind of money for the events center," he said. he said he'd made past overtures to help get the events center project moving. One included a land offer to City hall. another included his work on a development board. a third included a proposal he pushed for moving howard wood Field to make way for an expanded arena and Convention Center campus. None of them went anywhere. "People didn't want it, so we moved on," he said. "we've tried three times." That doesn't change his opinion that the city needs an events center, he said. "Mike huether's enthusiasm for it is refreshing. i wish him well." while no one's asked, and he hasn't offered, a third scenario still is out there, he said. That would be someone coming to Sanford to ask for money. asked about that recently, Krabbenhoft said, "i'd meet with them. Our doors open." huether said in a later interview that he does expect to ask Krabbenhoft and many others for help, including T. Denny Sanford, his former boss at Premier Bankcard, but that step is still months away. City hall is pushing ahead to address such issues as size,

location, financing and naming rights for an events center. it all could come together for a public election by this November, or by april 2012, the mayor said. " B e fo r e i w o u l d go t o somebody like Sanford health or Poet or Zip Feed or Wells Fargo, i need more than just a vision. i'm going to need more concrete facts," huether said. Krabbenhoft said abortion, an issue returning to public debate this year, is rare at Sanford hospital. "The number is so small, and it's so completely clinical, it doesn't even enter the debate." he said Sanford's situation sounded similar to what occurs at Rapid City Regional hospital, where a physician estimated he performs about one abortion a year and then only in the urgent situation to protect the mother's health. almost all abortions in South Dakota are at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Sioux Falls. The willingness of Sanford a n d Re g i o n a l t o p r ov i d e occasional abortions means that among the state's three main health systems, avera is alone in refusing under any circumstances for what it says are ethical and religious reasons. "The answer to that is no, avera does not perform abortions," Thuringer said. Krabbenhoft said a $100 Cont’d on page 25



AMERICA SCHOOL OF NURSING & ALLIED HEALTH 14910 Jefferson Davis Highway, Woodbridge, VA. 22191

Opening Special! Certified Nursing Asst (CNA) - $799 Medication Aide - $499 Home Health Aide - $299 FREE CPR, BOOKS, UNIFORM, LAB EQUIPMENT Other programs we offer include: NURSE AIDE TRAINING, PHLEBOTOMY TRAINING; PHARMACY TECHNICIAN We also offer: RN REVIEW CLASSES and LPN REVIEW CLASSES

Enroll Now! Call: 703.490.8402 Open House: Saturday, April 16, 2011 10:00am - 6:00pm ASNAH, the School for just for you!


Ghana, A Developed Country By 2025? Let Us Start By Re-Locating The Capital By Dr. A. Ofori Quaah (Flitwick, Bedfordshire, UK) Prologue I began making halfhearted notes for this article after the images of the 11th March Japanese earthquake a n d Ts u n a m i b e g a n to appear on tele vision screens around the world. It remained a set of notes for a long time until I received an email from my Haitian friend with whom I have been debating since the catastrophic earthquake that hit Port au Prince over a year ago. In one of the emails she wrote, “if you really wish to help your country, fight for the relocation of your national capital before you die!” I said to myself, “that’s it.” I was not exactl y sure where I was going to publish it. Then I read my ‘long lost friend, Ato’s article on Ghanaweb and decided to “bring myself ”, by commenting on it. If we really wish to bring our country out of its 250 year-lag (250 years behind the developed world), then there are two major policies we must embark upon immediately. The first one is to relocate our national SD CEO partners with billionaire Bill Gates Cont’d from page 23 million gift from T. Denny Sanford is the centerpiece of a new Sanford Health initiative that will include construction, starting next year, of a facility named the Edith Sanford Breast Health Center to honor the philanthropist's mother. That gift was set up as a nine-year pledge. Sanford paid it off with a single $81.5 million cash gift in December, an earlypay discount that satisfied the full $100 million based on present value of what would have been future payments. The same occur red with the landmark $400 million gift in 2007. The philanthropist paid it off in two years instead of eight for a total of $365 million with an early-pay discount. M o o d y ' s I nve s t o r Service repor ted that S a n fo r d H e a l t h a l s o received another gift, for

capital somewhere in the Brong Ahafo Region; the second is called Education, Education and Education. Relocating The National Capital During the last of my annual visits in October, I did not do much driving for some personal reasons, but going round Accra and the Central Region in taxis and other rented vehicles, I was convinced that the country I love so much is a major disaster waiting to happen. How does anyone get anything done in the country and especially Accra? How do people involved in an accident that need urgent at t e n t i o n ge t t o t h e nearest medical centre? If a major earthquake should strike southern Ghana tomorrow, followed by a Tsunami, how will we deal with it? I would like to find out from a genuine investor who has brought $1m to Ghana to invest in the past year, how much of that money still remains, what profits he/she has made and what the way forward is. I would also $35 million, in fiscal 2010. Krabbenhoft said that $35 million also was from T. Denny Sanford, but that it was coincidence that it exactly matched the amount of the discount on the earlier gift. "There's no connection. We're constantly putting together multimilliondollar gifts from Denny," Krabbenhoft said. U.S. Department Of Commerce Close Its Office In Ghana Cont’d from page 14

I have met countless American companies keenly interested in Africa, but in need of the kind of instrumental support given by the Department of Commerce’s offices in Africa to make that first crucial step toward engagement. As Commerce’s offices close, so too closes the door on potential American bu s i n e s s , a l o n g w i t h other avenues to advance America’s political and commercial interests on the continent.

like to find out (off the record), how much of that sum has gone into illegal payments, to get things done. I read somewhere that we should replicate Accra at Agona Swedru, Akim Oda, Tamale and other places. Instead, with the forthcoming windfall from petroleum production in mind, I will propose that we build a new national capital which will be a hybrid between Berekum and Abetifi, raised to international standards. This new national capital will have well defined city limits with a green belt of at least five kilometres around it where nobody will be allowed to build any structure whatsoever. In developing this city no individual would be allowed to own or build a residential property until all the national institutions have been completed. Important national officers like the President and his vice, the Speaker of Parliament and the Chief Justice would be housed on the outer perimeter. Other cabinet ministers will be housed

in a Downing Street style national housing complex. Any officer who moves into any of these state houses would only arrive with his or her suitcases, no crockery, no bedding, nothing else and leave with nothing at the end of their stay. Anyone who turns his or her house into a pig sty will pay for the cost of refurbishment from whatever legitimate entitlement they deserve at the end of their tour of duty. Civil servants who work in the city will commute from specially developed satellite cities. T h e n at i o n a l c ap i t a l will be served by light railways, buses, trams, bicycle lanes and restricted vehicular traffic. There will be circular roads round the outer limits and the central parts of the city. Much of the city’s main infrastructure would be built on BOT (Build, operate transfer) basis, more of Brasilia or Yamousokro than Abuja. I am still working on the details of the plan and would be glad to share them with any interested group or individual.

Before anyone starts pointing fingers, I do not come from any of those regions, but having travelled through most of Ghana doing geophysical/ geological or NADMO fieldwork, I can say with authority that the only parts of Ghana that have maintained and continued with civilised town and country planning practices are the Brong Ahafo Region, the two Nzema districts of the Western Region and the Kwahu scarp. Abetifi in particular, has the best community toilet I have seen anywhere in the world. The system is served by harvested rainwater which is stored in an underground reservoir. Every state building in the new capital will be equipped with a rainwater collection and storage system and solar energy will be its primary source of energy. The ‘Coastal Boundary Fault’ which lies about 22 kilometres off the coast of Ghana, has been responsible for all the documented major earthquakes that have affected Ghana over the

past five hundred years. It runs nearly parallel to the coastline of Ghana, joining the mainland as a series of complex normal faults around Denu (Ofori Q u a a h , U n p u bl i s h e d structural study.) Recent microearthquake activity has centred on a two kilometer circle with its centre around the junction between this fault and the Akwapim Fault zone, at Nyanyanu. The Akwapim Fault zone is as much as 10 kilometres wide in places and continues northeastward from Nyanyanu through Togo, Benin and Niger. It has caused earthquakes in each of those countries in the past five hundred years. B e fo r e t h e r e c e n t Japanese ear thquake, nobody dreamt that such a catastrophe could paralyse highly developed and most ear thquake-conscious Japan. The fault that caused the earthquake had not moved for some seventy years. When it did, it reportedly moved the whole of Japan by an incredible eight feet! Then there was the Tsunami. Some of the cities that have been washed to sea were as much as five kilometres inland. Most of the major institutions and buildings in Accra are located less than three kilometres from the beach. Are there any contingency or continuity plans for any of these institutions? Will Accra survive even a minor Tsunami? I don’t believe so. Did I hear anyone talking about nuclear power stations for Ghana? Japan has just provided the answer: forget it. Even Britain has decided to revise its impending nuclear power programme. Let us spend the money on locally developed and produced solar panels, wind power and other renewable resources. In seismology it is said that “the longer it has been since the last ‘Big One’, the closer it is to the next one.” The Coastal Boundary Fault has not moved for over seventy years. It is a sleeping lion. Cont’d on page 30

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MISS GHANA ’11 TO PRODUCE MISS WORLD Media whizz Kidz, organizers of the Miss Ghana beauty pageant competition has said this year’s edition, set to be launched soon, will produce a Miss world winner for Ghana. This promise, according to the company, is based on an earlier one they made years ago, to produce a Miss world winner for Ghana by the third year, after reclaiming the rights to host the competition from Shirley Frimpong Manso’s Sparrow Productions. Managing Director of Media whizz Kidz Mr. Christopher adamah said they are working hard on fulfilling this promise, although it looks a bit daunting. Ghana’s perfor mance in previous editions of the Miss world pageant has been excellent with representatives such as Mimi areme and Lamisi Mbillah among others, holding high the flag of the country at a point in

time. But in all those exploits, none was able to win the coveted Miss world title and this, Media whizz Kidz has said, they hope to change. The organizers have indicated how different and exciting this year’s package would be, promising to raise the bar a notch higher. in its 54th year, the Miss Ghana event, Ghana’s most respected and recognized beauty pageant contest, continues to offer young, beautiful and intelligent ladies an avenue to showcase their innate talents. Some past winners of the competition have also used the platform given, to launch various career paths. Miss Ghana is under the direction of Media whizz Kidz, a fully integrated marketing communications company with years of industry experience. sources : mwk


Miss Tourism 2010, Charlotte Sika Quaguring has disclosed that she has been able to strike a deal that will see ten students in the Junior and Senior high School levels in Ghana and Zimbabwe enjoying a tourism exchange program. Speaking in an interview with hitz entertainment News, Charlotte said this was the result of the special invitation granted her by the Zimbabwean Tourism Ministry to be part of the crowning of their Miss Tourism pageant. The deal was struck in harare, the capital of Zimbabwe during a meeting between her and the Deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Thokozani Khupe, Ghana’s high Commissioner to Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwean high Commissioner to Ghana, Mrs. Pavelyn Tenclai Musaka and the Chief executive of the Zimbabwean Tourism Authority, Givemore Chidzidzi. “as part of my project, i have inaugurated tourist clubs in some selected schools in Ghana, so as time goes on we will be transferring students from Zimbabwe to Ghana and

Z i m b a bw e t o G h a n a … We are looking a number of ten students…we are now writing letters to the schools for the school authorities to approve. They will have to choose the students they will want to go for the exchange program,” Charlotte explained. Meanwhile, the Zimbabwean Tourism Ministry is yet to finalise the exchange programme to give date for its takeoff. The Zimbabwean students will get the benefit of exploring the country’s tourism potentials. Charlotte promised that the programme will not be a nineday wonder. “after every year, a new queen is crowned so it is not going to be like i am going to do this and the next Miss Tourism Ghana leaves it. it is going to be continuous; any queen that comes will work on the project,” she said. Charlotte is expected to represent Ghana at the Miss Tourism Queen international scheduled to take place in July in China. The beauty queen was a special representative of Ghana at this year’s iTB-Berlin tourism fair held in March 2011 where she marketed Ghana’s tourism potentials to visitors and investors. Charlotte is scheduled to hold an intensive campaign at the Nungua Senior high School on wednesday March 23 to promote tourism, it would be followed by a massive clean up exercise on Saturday March 26 also at Nungua. sources :

Essien to watch Ghana-England friendly at Wembley Michael essien will have 20,000 reasons for ending his exile from the Ghana side as he watches his country face england on Tuesday night. The world Cup quarterfinalists, who tugged at the neutrals’ heart strings in South africa last summer, have risen to 16th in the Fifa rankings-and much of the recent amazing journey has been completed without the Chelsea midfielder. essien has not represented his country since being injured in the african Cup of Nations in angola almost 14 months ago. Despite playing for Chelsea he has turned his back on the international stage. But 20,000 fervent Ghanaians at a sell-out wembley for the friendly will remind essien of what he is missing and assist Ghana Fa president Kwesi Nyantakyi in his task of restoring the 28-year-old african icon to the side. essien has taken time out on his international career -a decision criticised in Ghana -to help save his body from more wear and tear. he explained: “i had two bad knee injuries playing for Ghana and they were part of the reason for taking a mini break. i had to give my body a chance to recover and so far, so good. “i will be there at wembley to support the team. i am a Black Stars supporter like any other player or Ghanaian. i also expect Ghana to win.” Source: Tragedy hits Liberia as foreign-based player dies in camp O n e o f L i b e r i a ’s m o s t promising young footballers has died while attending an Olympic training camp in his homeland. Patrick Doeplah, who played his club football in israel for hapoel Kfar Saba, was found dead in his hotel room in Monrovria on Tuesday morning. The 20-year-old midfielder, who had trials with Kotoko two years ago, was preparing for Sunday’s qualifier against ivory Coast. “i have spoken to the players of Kfar Saba [and] they are in heavy shock,” said his club chairman harel Reichman.

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‘Spring oh Spring, where art Thou’ seems to be the mantra of the general populace, after a wicked punch of winter and a so-so economic trend weighing down on people. The color palette for this Spring season are bold colors and nothing beats it. A lot of the outfits I have seen have some sheen to them and the fabrics are lustrous. Navy and whites stripes are also a must for the look this season though black and white can also work in 2011. Tailored trousers are also a focus this season. a high waist and relaxed leg were in step with the seventies trend which originated with the sailor pants of the US Navy-and of course a striped top with flare pants lends itself to a perfectly 70s inspired look. while other styles borrowed from the boys, the dress-over-pants look promises to remain a big trend through this Spring to Fall. it's also time to invest in a new hemline. with the return of ladylike dressing, three-quarter-length skirts are on the rise everywhere from skin-tight, to flare, plane or pleated and in O la la, sheer fabrics. well, as fashion would dictate it, one-piece anythings are back in style. From overalls to jumpsuits, to playsuits and rompers, these one piece cuts are an option for fashionisers looking for pieces for their spring 2011 wardrobe. Single-shouldered and sequin covered jumpsuits are a striking alternative to the traditional evening dress and a tailored playsuit can be office-ready as well as dressed up for day or night. FaShiON KOTi i love my Sunday Church crowd but i have a question to ask my Church sistas! what is it about waking up in the morning and dressing up for Church in a spaghetti strap dress showing it off in the car, then covering up with a shoal in Church? Though this is better than those Shakaras who still show it all off in Church. hellooooo i think Church deserves aPPROPRiaTe clothing, stop the tempting!!!!!! Reporting for duty!

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Let us get away from it before it wakes up. It may be wounded. Educating Our People The education system as we know it today is not working. In fact, it has not worked for the past twenty-five or more years. I have used its products in various areas, and I have also served as thesis supervisor or external examiner for several departments of our traditional universities, so I know a thing or two about the system. The system has failed the children, their parents and the nation at large. It needs a major revamp. Cosmetic changes will not help, it needs a major surgery. The last time I looked at an empirical study, the wastage at the Junior Secondary School level was about 80%. It is probably worse than that today. At a personal level, I know that only about ten pupils from my own village school in the central region have passed well enough to qualify to go to good senior secondary schools since the JSS system began and none of the lot did well enough to go to university. In other words, the old MSLC scandal whereby teachers unashamedly collected money from children to give to invigilators who looked away while teachers called out answers to pupils is back in force. My wife observed it with sadness at her old school in Kinbu in the mid 1980s. I once employed a gardener who had apparently passed that examination very well in a ‘good school’ in Accra, but could not count up to 100. You can imagine what happened in the countryside. There is an equally large amount of wastage at the senior secondary school level. Tr ave l l i n g a r o u n d t h e country, it was obvious to me that these educated illiterates are simply cloning themselves. They have no useful skills, and they generally show very little interest in their children’s education. What we are doing is creating a huge underclass, and that is a great danger for everyone. The family lands which used to support thirty or forty people in most villages are now farmed by one hundred or more, and they are still using the hoe and cutlass, praying that the rains will come. The situation in the cocoa farming areas is equally dire. Is anybody surprised why we have Sodom and Gomorrah and other such ironically-named ghettoes all over the place? T echnical and vocational education When



government foolishly turned its excellent polytechnics into degree-awarding institutions, we sheepishly followed them. The result in Britain was what one professor referred to as “Mickey Mouse Universities with Mickey Mouse degrees.” I doubt if Ghana has done any better. For more than forty years after independence, highly skilled technicians of our technical schools (mostly from my Alma Mater, real Giants!), kept Ghana Airways and Ghana Broadcasting Corporation in the air, often with very basic tools and amazing native ingenuity. It was the same with State Transport, Public Works Department, Electricity Corporation, Ashanti and other Goldfields and mining concerns, Waterworks and many others. As a student on vacation training at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission in 1973, I witnessed the trials of a body scanner that had been designed and built by one of these technicians, with local materials. Ghana would have been at the forefront of the design of scanners for medical diagnoses. I once worked with one of the most creative people I have ever come across. If you talked with this gentleman for one hour, he would be listening and contributing fully, but by the end of the conversation he would have designed five implements that ranged from farm tools and gas cookers, through automatic garage door operators to office bells. Yet with one stroke of the pen, we suppressed and will probably lose these talents forever. The system as we have it today produces pen pushers at the top, very little in the middle and unemployable semiliterates at the bottom. We need to re-direct our resources. We need to begin to reproduce those who as students, spent fifteen to eighteen hours a week at the workshops designing and building the parts that they replicated at Abosso Glass Factory, Bonsa Tyres, Takoradi Cocoa Products, Ghana Airforce, Sekondi Boatyard, Railway ‘Location’ and many other places. Many of those people were not at the top of their class in academic subjects, but they were tops with their hands. That is why Ghanaians still clamour for Mrs. Nkulenu’s palm soup around the world. That is why Mr. Tuyee’s chalk is still tops. The legacy of British C ol on i al i s m i n In di a a n d Pakistan was technical education and they wisely continued with it after independence. That is why they are the only two former colonies with nuclear capability today. That is why India produces every mechanical device that is used in India today. The TATA conglomerate builds

cars, ships, tanks, bombers, earth movers, everything. We were privileged to observe it at first hand in Hyderabad, when our second son was posted there a week after he was employed by TATA Consultancy services. India produces over a million graduates a year. Ninety-nine percent of those are computer literate, not just in the sense of word processing or excel. They are the computer literate graduates that you employ today and can put on the system to process a seismic line, design a high rise building with solar panels on the roof or begin to turn grassland into an arable wheat producer the next day. Those who study languages are able to translate German or Dutch with ease or hold BBC World Service level English conversations with all comers. That is why multinationals are outsourcing to Indian companies. That is why today, 80% of all software, including those of Microsoft, BT and ITT among others, are written in Hyderabad. Having had a solid technical education foundation, the transition to computer technology was easy. In the twenty-first century, any country that churns out graduates who cannot replace bulbs or fuses in their own homes is in very serious trouble. In the next instalment, I will outline the Polish Technical education system and how we can adapt it to turn the large pool of unemployable school leavers into an army of nation builders in ten years. Fidel Castro turned a country with 90% illiteracy into 90% literacy in ten years. We can do it, with “the right good will and the right good mind.” This article has been meant as a challenge to myself, and anyone who has Oman Ghana at heart, and as a basis for debate. No insult please, and let me caution anyone who would be tempted to enter it with insults, I have both streaks in me. My grandfather used to tell me, “Kobena, don’t stoop to their level.” But I can also remember my grandmother with her aside, “sometimes you have to fight if you are a man.” I can hear her standing at the edge of the gutter, “urging me to dish out as much as I received”, and ready to help clean me up after I got out of the gutter. Stay blessed. The Author, Dr. Amos Ofori Quaah is a Seismologist and a former Chief Executive of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC). He currently lives and works in the UK. Credit: The Business Analyst (the businessanal ystgh@

stomach that don't go away. Losing weight and you don't know why. Stomach discomfort (bloating, fullness or cramps) Change in bowel habits (constipation or diarrhea) Constant fatigue (tiredness) Vomiting Risk Factors for Colorectal Cancer Risk factors include: Men and women age 50 and older Family or personal history of colorectal cancer Lack of regular physical activity or exercise. Low intake of fruits and vegetables A low-fiber and high-fat diet Overweight, sedentar y lifestyle Alcohol consumption Tobacco use Prevention of Colorectal Cancer Colorectal Cancer can be prevented if men and women

50 years or older, if they routinely get screened. Life style modifications can also help to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, such as Increase your physical activity Increase your intake fiber intake Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and whole grain Avoid alcohol and tobacco consumption. Treatment Surgery is the most common form of treatment. When the cancer has spread, chemotherapy or radiation therapy is given before or after surgery. It is important to teach your family about cancer due to the fast growing pace. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. References National Institutes of Health. Colorectal Cancer (PDQ): Treatment. CDC. Gov Prevent Cancer Foundation: About colorectal cancer Written by: Esi Gyenin, RN MSN, America School of Nursing & Allied Health (ASNAH)

Cont’d from 26

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“He was in camp with the Liberia team and asked permission to meet his girlfriend and spend time with the family,” continued the chairman of the second division side. “He returned to the hotel and just did not get up in the morning.” When Doeplah did not come down for training and failed to answer any calls, concerned officials broke down his hotel room door only to find him dead. “We want to involve the senior people in government so that we can get properly informed because doctors are saying he suffered from cardiac arrest,” said Doeplah’s agent Dawn Greenberg. “He was like my child, I’m shocked, it’s unreal. “He called and sent me an SMS yesterday to say he was fine but I am in a total mess now. “He has a two-year-old child and he is the source of income for his family because everyone knows how hard it is in Africa.” Doeplah made his debut for the national team in an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Zimbabwe last September. H ow eve r h e h a d b e e n dropped from the senior side to play for Liberia’s Olympic team on Saturday, when they meet the Ivory Coast in a London 2012 qualifier in Accra, Ghana. Ongoing political violence in Ivory Coast means the Olympic qualifier has been scheduled for the Ghanaian capital Accra on Sunday, but it is now unclear whether the game will go ahead. Source:

was sitting by the doorpost, and as she continued praying, Eli watching her, saw her lips moving because she was speaking in her heart and asked if Hannah was drunk and she replied ”No my Lord I am a woman oppressed in Spirit I have neither [drunk chardonnay or akpeteshie] moonshine that is certainly not in my character but I have come to pour out my heart before the Lord.” Hannah was drunk in the spirit and as scripture says out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water. Lamentations 2:19 says “Arise,cry out in the night in the beginning of the watches pour out thine heart like water in the presence of the Lord”. Hannah went past Eli ,the priest of the temple, because Hannah knew her God. Today I want to ask you do you truly know your God? Bible says those that know their God shall wax strong and shall do exploits. Elijah knew his God,Hannah knew her God do you know God? Arise & thresh O daughter of Zion be in pain and labor like a woman in travail, pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord for it is time to breakforth! The time for your favor has come. Between this time and the manifestation of your promise is the time to travail. Breakforth You are the salt and the light of the earth! Breakforth for the time to favor Zion has come! Breakforth and fulfill your destiny!

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The New GhaNaiaN | 31 | FOCUSiNG MORe ON The COMMUNiTY


ReViVAl! ReViVAl! ReViVAl! ReViVAl! Theme: Equipping ourselves with greater Works “If the Son sets you free you will be free indeed” (John 8:36)

Friday, April 15: Saturday, April 16: Sunday, April 17:

6:30pm - 9:30pm 6:30pm - 9:30pm 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Calvary United Methodist Church Arlington. 2315 South Grant Street, Arlington, Va 22202

Host: Rev. Emmanuel Nkrumah

Come and experience God in a unique way with Evangelist Addow Oduro, Rev Emmanuel Nkrumah, and Bro. John Obeng and other annointed servants of Christ at this powerful revival!

Guest Speaker: Evangelist Addow Oduro



Date: Friday 22nd April 2011: 7:00pm – 9:00pm Venue: St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, 1400 G Street, Woodbridge Va 22192


Date: Sunday 24th April 2011 Venue: St Paul’s United Methodist Church: 11:00am-12:00pm Calvary United Methodist Church: 1:00pm-2.30pm Speakers: Rev. Emmanuel Nkrumah & Bro. John Obeng Come visit the Cross of Calvary with us and experience the Power of Resurrection. Come and experience the renewal of life and God's grace in prayer



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The New Ghanaian - March  

Volume 11 #3 Edition - Monthly Ghanaian publication in the United States. Published by Media Afrika LLC Follow on twitter @tngnews

The New Ghanaian - March  

Volume 11 #3 Edition - Monthly Ghanaian publication in the United States. Published by Media Afrika LLC Follow on twitter @tngnews