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Burial Service For the Late


Francois Kojo Gamor Born: September 19th, 1947 Passed: May 6th, 2013

Officiating Clergy Very Rev. Fr. Dominic Amagashiti Rev. Fr. David Amissah Rev. Fr. Anthony Asare

In Attendance

Mary Mother of Good Counsel Choir St Anthony Choral Group



ORDER OF MASS PART 1: Opening Ceremony Reception of body and procession into Church Filing Past – Choir – Blessed Assurance Tributes Reading of Biography Closing of Casket

PART 2: Entrance Hymn – CH392 Incensing – CH313 Penitential Rite Opening Prayer Liturgy of the Word 1st Reading (Audrey Mensah) : Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 Responsorial Psalm – CH34 2nd Reading (Priscilla Hottor): Letter of St. Paul to the Romans 6:3-4, 8-9 Gospel Acclamation – Alleluia Gospel – John 6:37-40 Homily Prayer of the Faithful Collection – Melody of Songs Offertory – CH58 Liturgy of the Eucharist Sanctus – Choir Sing of Peace – It is Well With My Soul Lamb of God – Choir Communion – CH245, 200, Announcements Final Commendation and Farewell Recession

Part 3: Graveside Opening Hymn – CH311 Prayers and Blessing of Grave Internment Closing Hymn – CH190








Mr. Emmanuel Francois Kojo Gamor was born on the 19th of September 1947 at Tudu, Accra to Mr. James Gamor and Madam Amma Nukunu. He attended the Roman Catholic Primary School in Adabraka. After primary school, his Aunt Vakpoo, who was based in Abijan came for him and he continued school there. After finishing school, he returned to Accra and entered Motor Vehicle Apprenticeship. He learned the trade with passion, and that passion for cars stayed with him till death. In the early 70’s he moved to Germany for a few years where he learned to speak German fluently. He exported used newspapers from Germany to Ghana which were used for re-spraying automobiles. In the mid 70’s he relocated to New York, started a night club with a friend, drove a taxi, and exported diamonds and gold from Accra. With the proceeds he purchased clothing, hair products, toys, plastic carrier bags, Spanish tiles, Italian tiles, dishes, Rola Cola soft drinks and automobiles. These products were sold in his general store – Gamor Enterprises, Ltd. “City Within A City”. He was the first person to import the “Rubix Cube” to Ghana and Plastic Carrier Bags. He started a Forex Bureau and a Business Center in Nima. He set up motor vehicle repair workshops and was one of the early car dealers in Ghana. In the 90’s he started Harramor Enterprises, Ltd. with a U.S. partner and exported food products, imported pavement markers and consulted for international companies with business interests in Ghana. Over the years he would start numerous businesses. He was the consummate entrepreneur. Due to his chronic Asthma he returned permanently to Ghana in the early 80’s. He leaves to cherish his memory Angela Martinson (companion), Francis Kojo Gamor (son), Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor (son), Elinam Gamor (daughter), Goldie Ofori Baiden (grand-daughter), Joseph Gamor (brother), George Gamor (brother) and a host of uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, cousins and friends. EMMA GAMOR as everybody called him was a very affable man, had many friends and related well to both young and old. He never consumed alcohol or smoked and was a devout Catholic and a founding member of Mary Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Church. He was an exceptionally kind man and mentored many young men and women who have become successful business people. MAY GOD GRANT HIM PERFECT PEACE.



“What profit has a man of all his labor which he takes under the sun?” (Ecclesiastes 1:3). As we’ve all heard the phrase ‘parting is such a sweet sorrow’, what an oxymoron, and yet it can be true. Hmmm, it is with a very deep and heavy heart I mourn my beloved father today. Daddy, as I called him was so full of life, a man with great ambitions and visions, a man who taught me how to be neatly organized and also enrolled me in a respectable and well known school, to which am very grateful.



How could death be so cruel to me by laying its cold icy hands on my daddy just as it was time to reciprocate? It is a tribute I am giving to my daddy today instead of a 70th birthday message. Vivid memories of my daddy like taking me to the Bus- Stop to buy me coconut ice cream sand saying ‘You Lie ad’ when he was laughing, fills my eyes with tears. How could you allow death to take you away, knowing you to be a strong person? How could you leave without saying goodbye as I promised to come back and see you soon? Daddy I can’t control the tears running down my cheeks, because I think this is the most painful way of parting with a dear and loving daughter who is proud to have you as a father. Thought the world may mark you absent today, in my heat you’ll always still be present because of the unconditional love I have for you as a daughter. You’ll forever live in my heart until we meet again. Daddy I love you and I pray you find a perfect and peaceful resting place in the bosom of the Lord as you embark on your journey of eternal rest... Due ne amnehuneu, due, due, due, due! 6




Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” and this is the time to celebrate the life of Emmanuel Gamor Senior; to wipe away every tear, as we collectively honor a deeply caring gentleman, a generous world citizen whose love for life was contagious, and his hearty laugh, infectious. My father is always my hero. For those who remember the popular Disney animation movie Lion King, our relationship was very much like Simba and King Mufasa’s. As a young cub, my father would firmly guide my decisions and let me know the importance of what it meant to be a man, a Gamor man: to be respectful of all persons (those in high places and especially those in service); to be honest with integrity; to be hardworking and quickly adapt to any situation; and most importantly, to always strive to be extraordinary. Whilst he drove me from school, I asked him once: “Daddy what do you do?” He looked at me, closed one of his eyes with his tongue in his cheek and responded in grandeur: “I’m the jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none.” And laughed at my puzzled look. My friends would mention one-word professions about their dad: doctor, pilot, teacher, and trader. How was I going to explain that my father was an extraordinary man? Back then I thought it meant my dad was the leader of all magicians. Mr. Gamor: Jack-of-all-Trades, Master-of-None. My father taught me to accept who I was, how different my thinking process could be, and to stand up for myself in the most challenging of circumstances. The first of such lessons happened In Kindergarten at Engel Bert School a few blocks away from our house. I beamed proudly when my father followed me to school to lambast my teacher for trying to get me to become right-handed. I was naturally a southpaw and my dad made sure the teacher fostered my learning process instead of hampering it based on traditional



practices he felt were outdated. He would throw faulty electronic gadgets, laptops, and the remote control at me and would proudly beam: “Coco can fix it. Watch.” Even when I didn’t fix it immediately, he’d conclude then that it meant it was unfixable, until I did. His unquestioning confidence in my abilities groomed in me a can-do spirit that only a loving father could pass on to a son. As a teenager, when I began to pick arguments –as most teenagers who think of themselves as budding adults do – with my dad he would jokingly admonish me on what truly mattered. I would come to cherish our late night drives where after listening to my rants about something inconsequential, or my mood swings for something trivial, he would use these moments to teach: never hold a grudge, always look out for people who cannot look out for themselves, riches fade, your integrity as a man doesn’t. He made sure I attended church regularly and got upset one afternoon when he’d found out that I was not at Mary Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Church, he bellowed my name and only had sympathy when he realized I was bedridden with a fever that morning. He proudly watched on during my first communion ceremony and we celebrated at my favorite Tuo Zaafi joint, along a winding road in the middle of town where only my father knew best. Sickness and affliction were not kind to my father, and though his physiology changed drastically last year, in true heroic fashion he braved the pain and as an invalid he showed me how to be a man in the times of immense adversity. Especially In his absence, his words remain true: to laugh often, live generously and to be respectful of others, especially those in service. King Mufasa’s ghost, in Disney’s Lion King, reminded his son, Simba that kings live for eternity in the sky among the stars. At night, I’m comforted to know that that you continue to watch down over us from the stars, and that your legacy continues to lives on in me. Rest In Peace Francois. Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor




EMMA FROM ANGELA (DEE) “The righteous perish and no one takes it to heart, the devout are taken away and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.” – Isaiah 57 Writing a tribute in memory of Emma is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. This is because despite his ill health for the past one year and two and a half months, we kept praying with him and believing for a miracle, hoping that the good Lord in His infinite mercy would answer our prayers for him to bounce back to his old robust self but the Lord loves him most. I thank God for the beautiful life he shared with me, which I will cherish forever. It is like a terrifying unending nightmare, which I am unable to wake up from. But I take consolation in the Word of God that tells me that the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want (Psalm 23:1) and blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted (Matthew 5:4). Emma may the good Lord peacefully enfold you in His arms till we meet again.




TRIBUTE TO UNCLE EMMA FROM AISHA,RUWEIDA, LADIE, SHABAAN & NANA YAA Writing a tribute for Uncle Emma really saddens our hearts, as we never imaged that we would ever have to write on for him. Uncle Emma was a strong man and we believed he would pull through his illness as he always did whenever he got sick. So learning of his death shocked us, as he was like a father figure in our lives. The fondest memories we have of our beloved uncle stem from how he would shout our names loud enough so people miles away could hear; all in an attempt to get our attention, and would smile whilst at it. We also remember how he used to take us through serous traffic just to get to school on time and picked us up after school hours. How we remember our numerous beach outings and food joint hopping jamborees. You inspired us to learn and never hesitated to advise us as often as you could in your own small way that life was complicated than we thought our tender ages, and inspired us to work hard to become respectable and honorable people in future. You simply believed in us even when we did not regard ourselves. He was so full of life and a people person and we thank God for the opportunity He gave us to have such a wonderful person who we called Uncle Emma. Now all your labor, pains and sufferings come to an end and we will truly miss you but we console ourselves knowing that you are in the bosom of the Lord rejoicing. FARE THEE WELL, GOODNIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT AND MAY GOD KEEP YOU SAFELY IN HIS BOSOM.



TRIBUTE TO MY BROTHER EMMANUEL GAMOR THAT GREAT SOUL WHO ONLY KNEW TO BE HAPPY AND MAKE PEOPLE AROUND HIM HAPPY “We trust in God that beyond absence there is presence That beyond the pain there can be healing That beyond the hurting there may be forgiveness That through understanding there is love”

ours. As we look back on our time with him each of us has our own impressions and memories. Even if we could collect all of them, we would describe only a small part of him. Yet it is natural that we used this occasion to share memories of Emmanuel.

There are so many lovely memories Emma has left behind which I wish I could share A great Spiritual Leader said: the but time won’t let me. greatest of God’s qualities is love and if you desire love, realize that the only I met Emma in 1975 when we came to way to get love is by giving love. That stay in Continental Hotel for a long time the more you give, the more you get; back home, I from Italy and him from and the only way you can give it is to United States of America. We became fill yourself with it until you become so attached to each other that everyone a magnet of love. We can all testify knew us as brothers. It is sad I was also that Emmanuel was a magnet of love. not well when Emma got pick and I could I would like to thank all you here for not give him any help. In fact I learn of his sharing your love for Emmanuel to-day. translation on my sick bed in Denu hospital He lives in our hearts and in the heart (V.R) of God. As we gathered here, instead of mourning him, I want to suggest that we honor his life and share our love for him because Emmanuel as Soul; an eternal individual spark of God who can never die, but has left this arena of live for a new one.

Please join me to give a special thanks to Madam Angela Martinson who has for over 45 years I have known them together overlooked all the caprices and shortcomings of Emmanuel to always served, helped, love and cared for him to his last day.

Let’s celebrate the time we share with him. Emma Fare Thee Well in your Journey Birth and death mark the journey of Soul home to God. Emmanuel’s life was but Geoffrey Gregory Tamakloe a part of a spiritual journey which now continues. Many of us here today were part of that journey, as Emma was part of



My Friend


In 1993 I came to Ghana for the first time on business where I met Patricia Scott. She and I became fast friends. She introduced me to Emmanuel Gamor and told me that if I ever needed anything he would be my go to person. Over the years he not only became that person, but we became friends and business partners. In 1995 we formed a company Harramor Enterprises, Ltd. Over the years we exported yams from Ghana, worked on a road project utilizing pavement markers, worked on a Pepper Farm project in the Central Region, and put together a bid on the Nsawam Cannery. I learned my way around Ghana – from the small villages to larger cities from him. Emma was my confidant, my guardian, and my friend. He would give me his honest opinion and suggestions on how to accomplish whatever the task was in Ghana and I would give him the latest music and books on tape. He was a good friend, always available to help or tell me to calm down when things weren’t working the way I planned. My path in Ghana was paved by Emma Gamor. I am eternally grateful and I am honored to have known him. I miss him but he will always be in my heart.



TRIBUTE FROM PATRICIA SCOTT (FRIEND) I was full of sorrow to hear the passing of my excellent friend Gamor. He was a man of many kind acts, he would quickly hold out his hands in selflessness and giving. This beautiful person was one who would seldom take from others and live to laugh in the joyous times of his friends and loved ones. I personally gained so much from him, the beauties of Africa, the wonders of true kindness and sympathy and what it means to have a true and wonderful friend. The memories I have of Gamor are sacred things that I will cherish forever. It is with a heavy heart that I share these thoughts but at least I know this man of greatness is in a better place and may finally lay his head in peace. Patricia Scott





Acknowledgement Perhaps you paid a visit or called when you heard the news, Perhaps you helped in the legwork, Perhaps you sent a message or a wreath, Perhaps you made a donation. If so, we have noticed. Perhaps you spoke the kindest words any friend could say, Perhaps you prayed for us. If so, we greatly appreciate it. Perhaps you prepared some food or gave a friend a ride, Perhaps you rendered a service unseen, either near or from afar. May the Good Lord Abundantly Bless You All!





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