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Manual installation instructions for webReader for websites These are the instructions to follow if you want to implement webReader on your website and do not use any of the supported CMS plug-ins that we offer. To create a successful implementation you would need to have the rights to add code into the web site's pages or website templates. The following steps are required. You would need to; Add code to the head-section of your web pages (somewhere between the <HEAD> and the </HEAD>) Add a piece of HTML code where you would like the webReader listen button to appear Define the reading area by adding a start- and stop code (standard HTML comments) to each page where webReader is implemented. The reading area is the part of the web page content you want webReader to read when the user select it. Insert the following script declaration somewhere between <head> and </head>: <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Insert the HTML code below, at the place where you want the webReader button to appear. <a href=" cid=1faf2069581cfda72d6587dfb22e314f&amp;t=web_free&amp;title=readspeaker&amp;url=" onclick="readpage(this.href+escape(document.location.href),1); return false;"> <img src="" style="border-style: none;" title="Listen with webReader" alt="Listen with webReader" /></a> <div id="WR_1"></div>

Define the reading area If you do not want the complete page to be read you can easilly control where the reading should begin and end. Add these HTML comments to your web page or your website page templates. Start the reading: <!-- RSPEAK_START --> Stop the reading: <!-- RSPEAK_STOP --> If you are experiencing any problems, please visit the Customer Support page.



test webreader  

test webreader