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With the movie "The Great Gatsby" to be released this spring, 1920s fashion is making a comeback. And that influence is showing up in wedding designs. Decorating for that particular era tends to be fancier than other vintage decades. "It's more elegant with linens, lots of silver, antique-type pieces," she says. 2. Lace. "In 1981 Lady Diana started a trend with her original wedding dress of bows, puffy sleeves and a large skirt. In 2012, Kate Middleton's lace wedding dress has made lace very popular and I believe it will be the trend again for 2013. Putting lace on anything makes it look so feminine and elegant and when you add pearls, you have an exquisite design. Lace is also part of vintage weddings that are also trendy. The old is now new!!!" - Alexandra Slawek of Always Alexandra's Weddings and Events "Lace can add a delicate touch to any wedding. Wedding dresses with lace are trending big right now. Lace is being used in everything from wedding decor to wedding cards, dresses , even on invitations and Cakes. The wonderful thing about lace is that it can blend easily with any theme and color and looks elegant and classy. It gives an affair a magical touch. Lace brings out the feminine touch. The fact that it can be a big trend is that lace is easily available and comes in wide variety of designs and patterns. Lace is easily dye-able too which makes it easier to adjust with any theme." Maria.G of MG Dezigns

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Shell Studs In Either Red, White Or Black by Sharyn Dunn

Filigree Teardrop Earrings by Helen London

Lacy Edge Earrings In Oxidised Silver & Mother Of Pearlby Marianne Anderson

Sweet Heart Brooch - Viola Adunca, Cream by Zara Day

Curl Silver Cufflinks by Anne V Massey

Cake Server by Fleur Grenier

Toob 1 by Sharyn Dunn

Drum 45 Lampshadeby Sharyn Dunn

Pewter Coaster by Fleur Grenier

Pewter Condiment Dish/Bon-Bon Dish by Gill Bridgestock

Great Gatsby Wedding Trend  

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Great Gatsby Wedding Trend  

For S&A's Wedding Shop