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EPP – AutoCAD - week 9 Paper space review – Help – my paper space looks wrong; The first thing to do is to check the paper size; We now know that the paper size is correct, and we also know the view port window is also scaled correctly – the only other possibility is that the plot scale is wrong. The plot scale is the relationship between the viewport windows and the sheet of paper. To change this we go to the modify button within page setup manager.

Using the array (AR) tool; draw a shape that you want to copy, i.e. the sqaure that you see below, draw a circle near to it. Type in AR and select the sqaure, choose POLAR. You can select how many shapes you want, the angles, etc. Just type the appropriate shortcut.


Wipeout Wipeout hides a selected area ďƒ  it has a similar effect in essence to trim, but thebonus is that it is non-destructive, enabling you to keep the data beneth, and edit it later if need be. Choose wipeout, draw around the area that you want to wipeout, hit spacebar.



Week 9 - AutoCAD