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Masters Final Project / Sante by Toyota / Emma Louise Carney

It’s a scary concept, the future. Yet with the quickest development rate in technology we can predict the happenings of the world in the year 2050. When you think about the people in our lives at this moment, 50% of those are going to be dead and the other 50% will have had children, giving birth to a whole new generation. In prediction by Business Insider on what trends are leading 2050 to shape up to be, they noted key elements that are important for product development. (Business Insider, 2018)

:// Three Dots: Resemble the droplets of water when forming a splash, used colours from branding profile and added grain for texture. :// Sante: No change of logo, will be stand alone or in conjunction with dots.

Originally the bottle idea had a traditional black lid, but this appeared to look cheap and non-innovative for the release of 2050. Therefore, I thought about the colour palette and the continued use of grey and white, which initiated a purchase decision to go with silver. Immediately I was much happy with this decision, meaning I had a product under development.

The idea behing the UI/UX was to have the future feel at all time, while still being in the comfort of the users home with easy access. This would apply to smartphones and outdoor access areas to keep consistency. They keyboard would use a glass wall mounted screen with a keyboard using your fingers through augmented reality, from an already existing brand.

final shoot one

Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest innovation technology exhibitions in the world, known for brands taking their new releases to excite technology fans and marketers globally.

With this in mind, I have designed an experiential trade show stand, using the senses as a key engagement tool with a hands on yet relaxed approach. Including:

• Project mapping rain

• Scent from Nesta in the room

• Home interior based, to give a sense of comfort where you can take a moment to sit and test the products.

• LED video play on all walls

• Floating ad campaign screen

• Social engagement, using the experience economy to bring attendees attention to the stand, giving a lasting impression.

CES Las Vegas takes place in January annually, meaning the initial release of Sante Super Fluid and Nesta devices will be January 2050. With consumer release in March 2050.

The ad would be a paid advertorial introducing the product to a wider range of people who use the tube.

Additionally to the first release advertorial, there will be the future of billboards and blimps. This consists of clear acrylic sheets floating in the sky that project video campaigns for advertisers.

138degree show

In Semester One, I focused on the experiential and immersive arts industries and how they push the boundaries of storytelling through interactive displays to promote a brand.

With this in mind, I started to develop a theme within my project that could interlace all of these research points and engage the viewer with my project. This began with my self help box in Semester Two, immersing the viewer to engage with each page with an activity in relation to the senses.