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ottega Veneta, a luxurious high end brand specialising in sophistication, an exotic edge and timeless craftsmanship, woven leather.

Over the years Bottega has seen many changes since 1966, the beginning of the brand discovery. In Vicenza, Italy, Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro the original owners developed the legendary craftsmanship of woven leather, influenced by Italy’s culture of high quality leather goods. Since then the brand has been took over by different authorities to modernise and give the brand a reinvented quality yet it’s woven bags remain their signature look to keep authenticity and recognition.



COMMUNICATION CHANNELS For a brand to be successful it is highly important that they appeal to a variety of consumers. To do this they must be adored for their signature look and trusted for their quality. Bottega over the years has gained admiration, but not all of the younger generation recognise the brand. Bottega therefore want to inspire young people. They use Media sites such as Twitter and Tumblr to post photography and videos of their new collections. Twitter and Tumblr are fantastic to upload new collections on because young people all over the world use these sites religiously, also Twitter and Tumblr are aimed at more creative people for they are always filled with photography and versatile colour schemes, therefore photography and videos show off Bottega’s edgy colour schemes, luxury leather and sophistication and is a modern way to appeal to an audience.


The Media

Bottega Veneta use media sites such as Twitter to show off their new collections and advertisements. Their symbolic muted colour schemes merged with exotic colours are shown throughout their media pages to make their audience recognize them immediately. Use of colour is also a fantastic way to lure people in and advertising through the media which is constantly used will attract more people to buy from Bottega Veneta, but also more younger people who religiously use media websites.




The Collaboration For a 2014 cruise collection Bottega Veneta have teamed up with American photographer, David Armstrong. Tomas Maier, Bottega’s creative director has long admired Armstrong’s work, for both Bottega Veneta and David Armstrong have a classical look with a modern twist. Collaborations are always a fantastic was to appeal to a wider audience because both the brand and photographer will gain recognition, because people interested in the two will be intrigued by the collaboration. It is also a fantastic way to see Bottega Veneta in another light as they are being photographed in a new way. The simple looking portrait will appeal to both the young and old for its classy yet fresh look.


Laura Love Lounges in Bottega Veneta’s Cruise 2014 Campaign

Youtube Bottega Veneta advertise by using communication channels such as YouTube to promote their signature work of art, woven leather. Featured on YouTube are professional videos posted by Bottega Veneta showing their consumers an insight to how their bags are made. This really lures people in because, when people own something they want to know that it has been made with care, therefore posting videos of how the leather is woven adds a personal effect to a luxury company.



What makes Bottega Veneta such a unique essence to the Fashion industry is their signature look, which holds an exotic twist. Bottega focuses on classy yet colorful patterns and sophistication, therefore uses high quality leather for all of their bags, clutch bags and purses. Woven leather is an old technique but Bottega Veneta have modernized it using vibrant and moody colours such as earthy colour pallets, making it versatile for all types of tastes who crave luxury. Bottega Veneta’s logo and famous slogan is what really defines the brand because it is about not needing anything but their initials to represent how successful and luxury they are. The logo is bold, classy which represents the brand. The slogan, “When your own initials are enough” holds a deeper meaning of how their initials are enough to create a luxury visual.




Although Bottega Veneta are unique and luxury every brand always has competitors, who thrive to outshine each other for success. After researching the brand, its characteristics being sophisticated, timeless and classic I soon discovered that Gucci, Hermes and Louis Vuitton were Bottega’s main competitors. Having been around for years these high end brands have become highly trusted and popular because of their use of luxury fabric and materials, high class edge and are constantly worn by celebrities who people aspire to be and look like. They also specialise in leather goods, like Bottega Veneta. This has therefore allowed them to have an expensive cost because the brand know their consumers will pay to look good and for people to think they look good. In my opinion Bottega Veneta outshines it’s competitors for I think especially Gucci and Louis Vuitton focus too much on their famous prints that I personally find to be rather tacky and are often copied. On the other hand Bottega is the main company to specialize in Woven leather and is fantastic at creating timeless pieces for the more mature and modernized for the younger. 8



A typical consumer of Bottega Veneta in my opinion would be someone in the age range of early 20’s+ as I believe the brand does exceptionally well at catering for every age group, except children and teenagers, because of the high prices and use of more sophisticated colours. The marital status of a typical consumer would be either someone who was brought up in a wealthy family and/or has a successful career, or someone who is married to for example a businessman who pays for his wife’s luxury items. Their income would be anywhere from 40k+ to be able to afford Bottega’s items. Their occupation would be roles such as a Fashion Buyer, Editor in chief or a celebrity. The sex would be mainly women, because women are highly interested in fashion and will maybe buy expensive items to be socially accepted, although some men are also highly interested in the fashion industry, whether they want to appeal to women or just make the most of their masculinity. Overall Bottega Veneta will appeal to a wide audience but people who have a high income and have had an educational past, present and future or a wealthy family are most likely to be seen wearing Bottega Veneta.

Nicole Kidman modeling a Bottega Veneta clutch at the Oscars



BRAND MAP Price High

Strong Colour Palette

Muted Colour Palette

Price Low



BRAND ESSENCE SOPHISTICATED. EXOTIC. SYMBOLIC. DESIGN EQUATION- Bright Vs Moody colour patterns. It is simple, classy, detailed and exotic. It’s symbolic woven designs are powerful and timeless. VALUES- Consist of being the highest quality materials that offer comfort and are authentic Italian. Although the brand is expensive it is leather goods with great craftsmanship that hold a traditional and innovative design which makes customers trust the brand. PROMISE- The brand promises high class goods with a personal touch such as the woven leather, being a high end brand people trust their promise making them popular and successful. PERSONALITY-The brands personality is mood changing, for instance in some collections more deeper colours are used, such as winter, however other collections in brighter times such as spring and summer vibrant and exotic colours are used to give the brand a varied feel, modernize and to appeal to a larger audience, including the bright, loud and bubbly people and the more sophisticated and quiet. ATTRIBUTES- The brands attributes consists of maturity, nevertheless some designs feature youthful aspects such as floral which is an innocent print, therefore Bottega makes sure they are appealing to not only the mature but young adults as well. 11



THE YOUNG ARE THE FUTURE At Bottega Veneta we focus on keeping our audience in mind, making sure there are products and collections for all our consumers. While we have already an accessories line, home wear and perfume, we felt it was vital to invent a fresh collection for our younger audience being young adults. Because of our symbolic sophistication that we stamp on every new collection we understand that part of the younger generation often ignore our accessory designs for they are high class and neglect lively, colorful and youthful designs that lure this generation in. Therefore our team has created a new perfume collection designed for the young generation. Three unique scents, Ablaze, Alight & Aglow, that have been created to match distinctive moods and personalities of young women.



Ablaze concentrates on strong women with a feisty side. It’s notes feature Vanilla, almond and woody floral for a perfect combination of pleasure and boldness. Alight blends notes of lily blossom, jasmine and woody floral, for those innocent females who crave extra sweetness. Aglow for those females who like the best of both worlds, who have varied styles will be more than satisfied with the mixed notes of mango, vanilla and orchid.

We strongly believe that our younger audience will adore this fresh line of perfumes for the packaging is vibrant, unique and resembles our exotic yet sophisticated styleand is completely different to other designer perfumes on the market.


BOTTEGA VENETA Bottega Referencing


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