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Amass əˈmas/ verb 1. gather together or accumulate (a large amount or number of material or things) over a period of time.

Amass is about an accumulation of experiences personal to each customer. It is a brand that is constantly inspired by travel and collects scents from around the world. The customer does not necessarily need to be a traveller as each scent will take each individual to the core and natural fabric of each destination the scent has been inspired by. Amass has an ecclectic feel and will appeal to independent and culturally informed women.

United Kingdon

Italy Morocco

Japan China India

Mexico Thailand




ylang ylang

Orange blossom Neroli


Vanilla Cacao Agave


Lavender Bluebell

Rose Argan oil

Olive Fig Bergamot


Ginger Jasmine

Green tea Cherry blossom

Ethnic print and pattern: global identity.

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