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Emmaline Bohlander

Emmaline Bohlander is a senior at Seaman High School. She plans on Majoring in Architecture. Her affliction to architecture was sparked as a young child, by playing with Legos, and learning about Native American dwellings. Continuing her research in the field, she has been highly involved with Seaman High School’s Habitat for Humanity’s building processes in the Architecture Science class. Emmaline said this is what inspired her to venture into a career in architecture, and hopes to thrive doing so. 305 NW 94th TOPEKA, KS


Photogra[hy Emmaline competed in photography through her local 4-H club for several years, while acting as club secretary for three of those years. Many of her entries continued on to the state level. Most recently, she won 1st place in the Annual Downtown Art Walk Landscape Photography competition, and 2nd place in the Annual Downtown Art Walk Kansas Character Photography competition.




Architecture & Art Ms.Bohlander’s experience with architecture well prepares her for this position. Through t high school she has completed drawing I, freshman art I , basic technical drawing, and digital art. She is currently enrolled in student directed studies, computer aided drafting science, and architecture construction science. In her current course, student directed studies, she is creating an architecture portfolio. Within her Construction Science class, her curiosity in this field has vastly expanded. Making their drawings actually come to life, by building the Habitat for Humanity house gave her a considerable amount of knowledge on the building process, and key procedures to keep in mind when drafting as an architect.  

Bohlander Portfolio  

Final project, student directed studies 2014

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