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Test Faith Compares Identity

Through a deep solemn sleep, I, Sir Stephen was roused

as the daunting wind whistled through the halyard. A torrential down pour from the heavens and a divergent splash of waves soaked me to my bare rudiments. The tangled rope twisted and choked a small section of the sail towards the peak of the mast, which when caught by a sudden gust of wind forced the sail to disturb the intended course in which it was intended. The vessel was prey to the wind and the impetuous wave’s destiny and laid claim to all, that those would perish who didn’t belong. The sudden impact cast me away in retreat mistakenly along the deck sliding backwards to the rear of the vessel. I fought to regain my wits which were at a loss from a deep encumbered sleep. The discomfort that I now felt from being tossed about scourged my body. The darkness which pervades us and nature’s amassing rage upon us I deeply felt. I could hear the faint voice which I knew well and recalled to be my unyielding friend and mate. Sir Brent seems to be calling out the same words over and over. Yet, I can’t quite make them out. The wind was impartial


and laid havoc to our present needs and wants. I could see him not as the relentless deluge continued to slap me from every flank. I made no claim to the words he hailed out incessantly. I reached forward blindly in the darkness feeling the ship’s deck and felt for a knot in the place which became my center. I searched blindly for a site in which to place my finger in hope of pulling myself forward toward the faint voice I knew, but could not absorb. My disposition for darkness and nature’s wrath were only releasing the darkness which was within me from inception and I knew surprisingly well. My inner wrath and malice only stimulated my urge to give into the darkness within me, which was a natural part of this realm in my delusional comprehension I wished to call home. Somehow I needed to quiet this beckoning upon my will and lean upon The One to lead me through this present peril to the resolve. Yet I knew I wasn’t even close to resolve, I was closer to demise than I would ever want to disclose. I began to envisage a different setting where darkness concourse had no current threat upon my being to escape. I saw with my own perceptiveness a secure kingdom where one with clear vision could make significant decisions in the light, prosper and live a life that is unique. There was a moment amidst my struggle that required vigor and vivacity of myself, to not merely succumb to the torment that has laid hold of the best of me. The vessel began to swirl as it was compelled by a vortex which despairingly sent myself within the vessel’s guts and I was strewn crosswise to the complete opposite side. The vessel appeared to be trailing the sea’s flux as darkness consumed us and I could hear the daunting depths swallowing us alive.


Scarcely before our certain demise would transpire, we bore an abrupt collision which sent us through the vortex. The vessel and I were compromised which left me fighting to find myself above the depths. As I desperately gasped for existence, I heard another soul echo my circumstance nearby who grasped upon my shoulders and sent me reeling below the depths and searching for a way back Up to where prospering is my aim. Once again, I surfaced and was gasping to survive and regain my understanding. I treasure what I have come to know so far, and our regard for an abundant life. I heard Sir Brent swallow the sea and spit it out and holler between the wakes, “Sir Stephen, we are required to see our promise, and see it with our own eyes.� I held out my hand while kicking my legs to steady my friend in the despairing moment. I heard a roar rising from the seas below and we were uncertain to where we should proceed. Before we could move we felt the seas gurgle beneath us as a vast monster was about to appear. Before we could shift we felt the sturdiness of the vessel that brought us this far creak as it slowly began to surface. We suddenly knew the only monster we envisioned was the one that darkness whispers in its intrepid ways. We kicked over and reached for the vessel that was drifting contrary to its required intentions. We began to calm our beings once again as we found haven in a very auspicious place. I saw darkness begin to diminish as light had finally arrived. I glanced over to my childhood mate and saw him smile. As obscure were our circumstances, somehow we knew our destiny was secure. I knew we could only hold onto the stern of our vessel so long. I could see a rope that I began to tie in knots in approximate waste high increments to provide footing


as we tried to ascend above the sea to on top of the bottom of our vessel which was now above sea level. I found trouble doing so as the rope became slippery and I had to kick and keep my head above water while I did so. Sir Brent kicked over and little by little we completed our task at hand. I began to make attempts to throw the rope from sea level and throw it across the top of the boat to the opposite side. I knew I would only have strength to do so only once or twice at my best. I began to twirl the rope above my head and kicked and kept myself above the sea as I did so. All at once, I gave one huge heave and a prayer and the rope went over the boat and I heard it land on the other side. Sir Brent and I kicked and made our way around swallowing gulps of nasty sea water as we made our way around the boat. I had Sir Brent go first for he had a bit more strength than I did and could help me at the right time, if needed. So, one by one he pulled up and climbed the rope knot by knot until he was secure and straddled the boats bottom with his legs. I have to admit, it helped to see how he climbed the rope before I went. I spat out the sea water and began my ascent and I felt my arms quiver and ache as the ascent began. As I reached knot after knot I joined my good mate at the top and we collapsed from tiredness and floated in the scorching sun’s rays. We could feel the sun’s rage and our skin began to ache as we laid thirsty and weary from our journey. We fell fast asleep beaten down from the sun and worn from the waves. Night would fall and day would come and we grew weaker trying to preserve our last bit of strength if needed. I looked at my mate and sent a message from my dry lips for The One to deliver us to The Highlands. We never lost sight of our goal as young men to find the promise land. We felt a call upon our hearts to


pursue this land and we did. Our strength depleted we laid there with one last hope to survive and find our way to the highlands shores somehow. With strong and unshakable strength we lay her holding on and waiting for The One to deliver us. We fell fast asleep once more two darkness’s later. I heard a flap of wings above my head and felt the grasp of it claws as it hung on to the wet soiled garment I wore. I heard it began to sing in my ear as I tried to lift my hand and it fell again. I squinted to get my surroundings and wet my dry lips with my dry tongue to open my mouth once more. I thought I saw a tree ahead and sandy shore as the boat crested at its edge and bobbed up and down. Have we been delivered? I looked over at Sir Brent and he was gone. I heard his voice saying lay still I’m coming with water from a living stream to refresh you my cohort, my friend. He climbed up the rope and poured me sips on a ladle he made and slowly restored me to myself once more. He helped me slide down the rope and my feet landed on a firm foundation on my first day in The Highlands. We knelt on our knees and thanked The One for always keeping His Promise and sustaining us as we waited on Him to deliver us there safely in His time. My petition must thrust me closer to the One and not jaunt me off my path. I determine today with confidence to let The One attend to my steps each and every day I‘m vital. That will be my amount as I seek not just to sustain. I hope to bring change where change is our existence. Grandeur is certainly what brought each one of us to this universe. Sir Brent and I find a crevasse and do our best to alter stones that encompass our camp and impede the winds that cut through us like a sword. The wind a cold dark night can weaken one’s mind and discourage the


same one’s soul. We will have none of that! For this day we have been given just what we need and will not be left for naught. So, we lay to rest this solemn evening to be awakened and refreshed to push forward to our dreams from The One. The winds swirled around us and yet we found warmth in our cloaks and the stones. Enough for this one night and a well fought new life in the Highlands. I was awakened in the dawn with white cool crystals frozen to my exposed skin and all over my cloak and the ground and stones which surrounded me. I brushed off the white crystals and sat myself up near the stones to have something to steady myself as I stood up slipping and sliding looking for a foot hold on top of these crystals that could take your steps away to see the Highlands covered in crystal from the bottom of the valley to mountain tops. I followed some sandal prints which lead to the valley where I saw Sir Bent footprints disappear in the crystals. They turned into a body print which leads down the valley where I saw him trying to regain his footing to figure out how to get back to our stone encampment. Sir Brent totally looked overwhelmed from his current circumstance and I could see his circumstances were turning from bad to worse. I lowered my stance to a kneel behind the stones and watched as a giant black winged screeching animal with black eyes and a sharp pointed hooked downward mouth approach Sir Brent and it grabbed his cloak from the back and up lifted him to the air slowly higher and higher. I could hear the giant wings flap as it approached where I hid behind the stones and suddenly I heard Sir Brent wail out as the giant animal must have lost its grip and Sir Brent was finding his way back to the ground in a freefall from about four men high. I heard a puff as he


landed about two men away in the crystals and attempt to crawl back to the stoned encampment. I was searching for a branch from the living tree to break off to protect us from the black air born animal. I searched around I saw the animal bank away from the encampment and fly over the mountain top with an angry call to the dawn sunlit skies. Suddenly, I lost total sight of the beast and looked to stretch out my grasp to grab my dear friend’s hand that seemed a bit angry from his circumstances. As well he should. He was huffing and puffing to catch his breath too. He didn’t seem at a lack of courage at this time, just distraught from uncertain steps that led him to devastating circumstance and feeling out of control. Sir Brent was merely staking out the Highlands and the Highlands staked him out instead. I felt his hand in mine and helped steady my brave friend and he lifted his legs over the stone where we pondered quietly sitting back on the crystallized ground what we should possibly do. The clarity was found in the simple truth the crystals made traveling upward to the mountain tops impossible. We were traveling down the mountain side very quick in our descent. We felt they crystals begin to pool around us as the sunlit dawn rose in the sky and warmed our finger tips and forehead. We could see through the cracks in the stone patches of the highland were beginning to be void of the crystals from the sun. Within time most possibly we might be able to venture out to where our destiny is. What was over the mountain top seemed more than two men could handle in our mind or in our soul. I looked Sir Brent in the eyes and we both knew we weren’t going to make any hasty moves. So, we voiced our thoughts convincingly back and forth as the sun rose and brought the Highlands back to the land we


were familiar with before the night fell. It dawned on me as I thought about it in the moments, deep trust is what takes us through our fears as we experience them out loud. A trust that in which we fade to know with certainty and distain the despair and hopelessness that lies at the very heart of our hearts. At that core we will conjure whatever we have left to give and give it to demonstrate our faith is sure. Why do we presently feel at lack of concern for our very lives? Do we not only have ourselves to blame for the future we stake out to claim. In deed we do! No one pushed us to travel each pain staking mile and shiver our bones all dark frigid blackness of night until morning revives us to go on and fetch each dream we chase. Sometimes it feels very much like a chase where we feel it is just around the corner in our sanest of minds, to only know that where discouragement and doubt and fear live it could take over our very soul. I cannot breathe right now! Can I? Gasping for air I must slow down my breathing and calm down my soul. Calm down my not forgotten soul one more time. The One who has brought us hear will not leave us and will certainly feed us and not let us thirst and will provide the brook to quench that thirst which leaves us weak and unable to move even one more step. We sit in this encampment now knowing within just a few moments we will gather what we carry my amazing friend who looks so distraught. I will have to find courage in his eyes to encourage him to do this soon today. Our journey is not begun in our fears and it will not end their neither. “Sir Brent, we must gather our vitals and go to through this elevated terrain to the very top of this mountain where hope lives and over looks what we cannot see with our own eyes. I believe I can draw upon Sir Brent’s courage and


I see through this journey some new characteristics of transparency and reflection that has caught me by surprise. We are two strong friends that have found confidences through life’s journey which test our will to capture or enable are dreams inception. I see our faith multiply by each act of heroism in a simple step to face our deepest fears just over the next mountain top’s edge. Sir Brent and I gathered our packs and left the stone hedge encampment where we sought refuge though the darkened night. This new land was filled with all kinds of irrational sounds which we could not even begin to discern intent or malice. At our heart of hearts we knew we had our very hands over filled with wrath and death to fight of not only in face to face battles, but deep within our minds. We both took giant steps over the stone hedge and began our assent up the jagged mountain top through thorn filled brush and stone encased ground. I felt like I never ever had sure footing at any time at all. I felt the wind with each gust, chilling my wind burnt skin. I still framed that image of the chosen land put aside for such men who dared to challenge their souls and the highlands treacherous terrain. I looked at Sir Brent as he looked back and smiled and I felt the weight of my own packs lighten as the journey seemed so worth my while. I certainly had to watch each step to make sure not turn my ankle or trip into sure pain from this land so full of stones of plenty would surely be our portion someday. Sir Brent moved quietly just ahead of my shadow and seemed to be conscience of the strange and eerie sounds of last night that could be heard now and then even in the break of this new day. Just then we felt the stone lined ground shake and we


fell to the ground on our stomachs and crawled over to a few larger stones where we could protect our beings. Neither did we know what was causing the ground to tremble beneath our feet and stir our very souls once more. I felt within myself and Sir Brent the need for stability somehow. Yet, the un-stability was what we knew best and has carried us this far and has become the friend along our journey we didn’t invite. I could not help but think this was no long term cohort I would want along my side from day unto night. The ground shook with a mighty blast and I saw with my own eyes the mountain split into cavern and was increasing in width and angling its own way right where we sat behind the gigantic stones. Just as we stood up to make a break from the dividing land it traveled right to where we were and swallowed us in. I felt Sir Brent fall on top and over me and I saw the land split down the terrain and we fell and were grabbing for something to hold on each side of the cavern. Somehow the shaking stopped and we could feel the tears of the mountain through our torn garments and our own flesh as we braced ourselves looking up from the very ground we sat before and bracing against the inside of the land we walked upon. I heard Sir Brent’s grunts of pain! “Sir Brent, I surely can see just two goats above me the land. I will gather myself and climb up somehow and get to you I must. So, I held on with my hand to the cavern broken side and pushed up with my feet from the opposite side and felt my clothing fill with my own blood where it was torn. I had to neutralize my thoughts from the burning pain this cavern caused me as it split. I wanted to push with my feet and pull myself up by my hands so I can kick my leg over the top and work to get Sir Brent where he belongs. I worked my way up step and pull until I was back up


again. I found a large branch that must have fell from the earth shake. Sir Brent was able to loosen his foot from where it was lodged and pulled up on the branch was able to brace and pull his way up to me. When he reached the top I grabbed his leg and we completed our climb up from the cavern. I was so glad. I wasn’t sure if it would enlighten itself and shake again and we would be swallowed up alive. We wrapped are torn skin with white cloth and we could see our bandages were stopping the blood. We searched for some water in a nearby stream and regained our strength to get over the cavern with branches and begin our climb once more. Any ordinary men would retreat home to tell the village their stories of adventure and be the gossip of the town. We had a call that was true to our heart and true to our soul to find this land set apart for our generations. I looked at Sir Brent and he said to myself, “Sir Stephen my just and loyal kin, let’s venture on and be satisfied to overflowing in our new land of plenty.” Venture forward we did indeed. I couldn’t believe the trials we faced so soon and were so deadly. We could have passed like that, in one sweeping moments. I hope for the life of us that we see peace more than we see unrest and fear. Surely the joy is in this walk through the terrain to the top of its peak? The branches were firm for our steps and we shimmed sideways across balancing ourselves one at a time until we were safely across the cavern. I saw Sir Brent grimace a smile and we looked forward and talked to the One to guide each step and make our path known to us. I could see with my own eye it would take us most of the day stepping through stoned ground staying to the east of the laced cavern from the top jagged to the place


where we climbed up from. It was a frightening sight to see the mere length and gravity of the shake. What conjured it awake and destructive? So much uncertainty I have never thought of. I must free it from my mind and picture only the Chosen place where peace dwells and talk of heart surrendered brings fulfillment. I fix my thoughts there I will. I will follow Sir Brent to the top of the mountain to face or deepest enemy ourselves to press towards the gift of a full and complete life in eternity. I have heard only of Angels in the clouds above. Who sing hosannas to the One and also watch over The Chosen people. I step forward with purpose even though my legs ache, my back pains me and my arms sting from the tears of the caverns. I have what I need and my champion friend is such a courageous man who leads with truth and conviction. I find such honor to be known with him and for him to call me cohort-friend. The sun brings warmth to heal our skins and brooks we have found still even after the great earth shake. Berries we have found along this stretch of the mountain terrain. We want for very little and our needs are surely full. Sir Brent and I must make our way to the very top and over before night falls and the skies darken so we can see what has been taunting our souls, the obstacles that keep us from the chosen land for us the chosen people of The One. We climbed over rocky land and through thick brush and we were nearing the top of the mountain edge. I could see the sun going down over the clouds way and the skies were fire red. We have walked through each trial and anticipate what we can see. What in Clouds eye will we see. We peered over the edge and saw fire and flame came from every direction for as far as you could see. I looked around quickly for stones to hedge


our bed once more. We would need our rest to journey on and face our deepest fears. For just beyond our fears our dreams our chosen land is plenty. “Sir Brent, we will abide here this night and morning we will sing of courage to break through the fire-blazed mountain terrain below, I exclaimed.” “That what you say shall be Sir Stephen, said Sir Brent.” I finished preparing our hedge and we rest our torn arms and pained legs and strengthened our minds as we rested. I clamored quietly a few words to the One to prepare us and heal us to be amazing in his honor and to arrive where dreams our lived aloud. I heard a song from the clouds and trumpets played. I felt good, very good all my wounds were healed and I felt myself as I did when we first came to the land. What happened were my close of night words heard by The One? Standing above me with smile and strong laughter that could be heard all over the mountain top was Sir Brent strong and completely healed. What a miracle? I fell to my knees and faced my head on the ground and cried out might is The One who saves us and supplies the strength we need to live the life we were meant to live. I stayed right there until I felt his strong hand on my shoulder pulling me up and embracing me with power. “Sir Stephen, I am blessed to be in your company for surely The One who has brought us thus far is preparing our way to be in the land where we were chosen to be.”, Sir Brent exclaimed. I looked in his powerful eyes and could see no reason that truth will be our guide. We lack nothing each and every day. I have never been on such a climb were the top of the mountain is the top of the mountain indeed. I had no words only smiles and laughter as well for Sir Brent. I have never been


so encouraged and ready to begin the journey to the chosen land for us. We have never known paradise in this life we live and we never will. The One is right and just over all the lands. We are not right searching for righteousness and a place to dwell in peace. We know we can only do so when we are right with the One. We can make right choices as we journey further in this unknown land seeking a home where we don’t belong and never will until we rest with the One in Eternity someday. That is how I Sir Brent and cohort Sir Stephen will live each day. To make a right choice for us can be the very footing for making right choices for our future generations in these new lands where we dwell and learn to aspire to rightness like The One. We curled our backs against the stoned encampment circle and tried to get some rest for our road torn bodies that needed healing overnight that only the One could supply and renew our hearts for the never ending journey. Each man that entered the new land resolved within themselves that the life time journey is broken up into daily journeys to make it more manageable physically and mentally. That way each one could get a better grasp find days of success and days of turmoil that balance out in your heart. We could hear the screech and roars in the night. No sounds of comfort for a good night’s sleep. They tried to just rest with not being afforded the opportunity to close both eyes. As the night continued to call out to them, they had one eye open and slowly squinting closed only to be found moments later wide open once again? Sir Brent and Sir Stephen would not find the kind of rest they needed for the night to face the next journey tomorrow. At times they could hear the sounds of prey very close by and flapping of giant wings that


seemed close as well. It appeared that Sir Brent and Sir Stephen would trade off staying awake and guarding the encampment much like the previous night to provide any kind of rest throughout this noise infested night. So, one would sleep and the other sat watch and they traded off half way throughout the night so the other could rest as well. The morning came upon them quickly. They woke up stretching out their bodies and groaning off the stiffness and pain. The groggy eyes were wiped clean with tears from the cool night that had them shivering for warmth when none would be provided. There was numbness that invaded their bodies at times and the dull pain was a reminder of the previous day’s journey indeed. They gathered their satchels and cloaks and made ready the journey which leads them down over the mountain peaks top and down to the fierce valley where all their courage and strength and mind would be needed just to survive. Sir Stephen mind was on his cohort Sir Brent survival and vice versa. That’s the presence of mind you need to face your fiercest foe or worse. Sir Stephen’s goals must be aligned with his cohort and lifelong friend to remain a life time friend after all. He had to get over his comparisons between them and consider one another equal to overcome the task that lied just ahead. Two minds working as one and can surely succeed over any foe. Especially two men that were united in the charge from The One who gave them their lives and the land they were to possess just in front of them. That kind of trust is mightier than any two edged sword made of silver and iron. So, they gathered each ones belongings and set their packs on their backs and took their first steps with


courage and resolve as they headed over the mountain peak and followed the grass line path’s to the valley below. The path seemed pretty well clear of stones and rocks and made easy the way as they journey down the valley. Sir Stephen and Sir Brent didn’t even glimpse back over their shoulders to see the world they left behind. They were only focused like they should be on each step and what they saw just ahead. It seemed a little too quiet as they took those steps with sounds from the night before ever present and echoed in their minds from the night before. So, they began to depend on their peripheral vision as they walked ahead and slowed down their steps just enough to react if needed to whatever they may possibly face and needed to react quickly too. They were both consumed with their thoughts of courage and purpose to the promise of the land which seemed closer to them than when they journeyed over on the vessel that rocked through the long seas of blue. They were transformed and different men than they were when they first started. Yes, they were the same in purpose, but different in heart and mind from the experience that binds brothers together. Brothers not by blood line but most certainly united by The One. It was no accident that these two men met and hit it off like they did. They knew of each other since youth and training in skills times. It wasn’t until later at a big event in the local township. They ended up together in a young men’s strength contest combining the two young men and they won. They were full of laughter and pride and hit it off in a major way. Sir Brent’s laugh was contagious. He could wrestle up a whole township in laughter and leave them grabbing for their sides in


pain from such rousing laughter. That’s just one of his fine attributes that brought the two men together. Sir Brent loved the outdoors and all the fine animals. He knew all the spies and respected their place in the lands. Sir Brent’s straight long hair could take on the mightiest winds and fall right back in place as if the wind never blew at all. The irony of it all was he hated his locks and it drove him mad. He was available to discern the tasks at hand and discuss them at length. Most of all he was a loyal cohort through all they experienced up to that point together. That friendship not only bonded them but all the people in the township. Honored and initiated by The One. Certainly the friendship was honored by the rest of the town’s men. Whether they were dining over the open fire or within the castle walls you could hear Sir Brent’s laughter and life just fell in place in those uncomplicated days of training. Those simple days laid the ground work for such a day as today. You almost have to remember the days of laughter when life is as serious as it gets. Certainly when you have to have your wits about you at a moment’s notice the laughter acts as a catalyst and bonds true friends for true moments. The smile as they headed down the valleys path as the journey was right before their very eyes is a hint of released tension and laughter to come when they finally arrive to the land of promise where laughter will once again reign. Sir Stephen headed forward and he could tell by the sounds echoing up the mountain side that they were headed for a much different Day. That would be the problem all together. The battle of the minds conjured up by the spirits of this land would be attacking even in day light. Even though, their hearts were committed


to The One. The eerie sounds howled in the cool winds of the day that burnt their skins. The sounds of fowls that came by land and sky familiar and yet unfamiliar worked on their minds as well. The battle just being the physical part would be enough for the journey alone. The traverse land was playing havoc on their bones with aches and pains that they numbed out with their minds. Everything they faced was relentless and consistent and would not give way but be a part of the journey from this point on. These were very strong men of mind, spirit and strength. Just learning who they are is the greatest part of any journey and the definition in daily works being figured out. That alone is treasure in itself to know who you are and it brings meaning to why you were created by The One. Sir Stephen and Sir Brent this one day would be the test that would make them who they are. You had to like their undying spirit and no compromise or no thoughts of failing through this journey. After all they were not merely chasing a dream but their entire future lay at stake with every stride. On their decent down over the mountains edge they have begun to notice jagged coal black cut glass stones pointing upwards from the ground as if it could pierce through their leather boots and cut the mere souls of their feet wide open. They began to measure their steps as they traverse down the mountain side through these patches of black sharp stones catching the suns reflecting rays and blinding them as well as the possible threat of wounding them along the way. They had a good section to hike through before it looked like they could walk safely without causing injury along the path. This went as wide as the eyes could see black shimmering glass all along the anchorage of the mountain side. They wouldn’t as much as even talk to one another to break


their concentration that was needed to maneuver step by step until they met the clearing. The only good from such a journey was they were not paying mind to the sounds that lied ahead that could cause worse wounds than cut feet. Even the thought of pain caused by thrashing through the soul and sting of wet bloody feet and the infection would be grim all by itself. The sun played tricks glistening off the black slithers of stones that would cause one to make just one misfortunate step. Sir Stephen and Sir Brent were growing weary of this journey as they stepped from one clear section to the next. The whole puzzle of the back slithered stones was like some bad analogy that a wizard could only think of in a potion he would so darkly create. To weigh heavy on their minds and possibly discourage their souls that brought strength and courage to each step of the journey to their new homeland. Right before their eyes a girl with stone black shinny locks and piercing Kerry blue eyes that looked ever so deeply in two both of the friends eyes. She was floating above the sharp black glistening stones. She quietly whispered words that they could not understand and looked deeply into Sir Stephen eye’s and raised him up above the black piercing stones. Then she said the same words again, “heather lamp.” Sir Brent rose above the sharp black stones as well. She motioned with her hand to follow and she seemed to skate just above the stones and between towering tree’s as she maneuvered down the land slide of sharp black stones. The two men had no time to think about what lifted them above these treacherous black skin ripping stones. They could only trust this amazing beauty that appeared out of nowhere. They tried best to follow her as they could. They seem to be glissading down the mountain side at


accelerated speeds. The men’s hearts were pounding as they followed her through the mire and darkness that was this thick wooded and brush tangled area. They saw her stop just ahead of them and could see that the black slithered glass tarry as well. The two men appeared to be sailing right past her when she raised both her arms side by side and closed her eyes and exclaimed, “Coor” and the men stopped. They looked at her feet and saw she lowered herself to the ground and them as well. The two men seemed shaken and quite pleased all at once. Her warm smile accepted their gratitude without questions, but a warm smile back. Accept just one. Sir Stephen asked her, “What do they call you?” She pointed to her own self. The two men nodded with approval. She smiled back at both of them and replied, “Kelcey.” Ah, the two men smiled with a nod as if to thank her for the surprising and shortened journey that would have surely been filled with blood and strife. Kelcey nodded back and gestured with a wave of her arm to follow once more. Was she an angel that appeared out of nowhere to guide them to the new lands from the One. Sir Stephen and Sir Brent looked at each other using their best judgment that she knew this land very well and surely they could trust Kelcey. Maybe this whole journey was about the many treasures to be found along the way to the new land. Both men considered her a friend. She looked back at the men and smiled and seemed to give them that look as if to say let’s keep pace. Their eye’s spoke volumes of manuscripts and would indeed be so. They would need to be so aware of each other with what might lay ahead of them in their travels. The path seemed to be narrowing and was leading to a place Kelcey knew well. Were the young men being careless,


reckless and to trusting here and now? All they had was the moments and experience as their scattered security. When surrounded by danger the comforts are hidden in your courage. That is to be kept in a satchel about your waste to only be sprinkled out as dust when needed. The journey is so very long and hope is just in front of us in a young woman whom we are endeared to named Kelcey. She was such a mystery, gift, treasure, security in a land that had none of that. I looked over at Sir Brent he seemed to have fire in his steps and walked with purpose and forth rightness. I was so proud of my two friends. One I knew my whole life as long as I can remember. My new friend Kelcey was full of surprise, wonder and hope. Inspiration just like that is worth so much more than any satchel full of gold. The day seemed to be warming up by the sweat upon our brows that was glistening in the sun. Kelcey looked back with those fable telling eyes as if to say we are approaching our destination just ahead. I nodded back with great assurance that she brought to two distraught men just earlier that day. Just beyond the thicket of dark tree’s the sun shone through was a majestic setting with a running brook. I could see Kelcey handing Sir Brent some type of fruit for which he seemed to be taking great delight in. His long golden straight hair hid his eyes for the moment. I could see a smile forming with every bite. Kelcey reached up to the tree and pulled off a branch two more red fruits. She smiled her sweet smile and handed one to me and nodded. I thanked her and closed my eyes for a moment to savor the very first bite. I heard a terrifying roar from beyond the fruitful tree. I opened my eyes and before I know it Kelcey fell to the ground on her back covered by what I believed


to be a Dragon. I saw it stand up to start its attack on her and I drew my sword from my side and ran up to it and drove it deep into the dragon’s side. Black blood poured out like a black web on my sword holding it there. I saw Kelcey run to Sir Brent and he drew his sword nigh. They backed up looking for shelter from the terror. There was no other way to describe striking terror from nowhere. I wasn’t sure why my sword seemed to be stuck in the terrible smelling creature. All at once before he could turn a spew fire upon me I yanked my sword out of the creature and black blood poured out of him like a river. I felt Kelcey pull me up in the air and the force pulled me to her and Sir Brent. They hugged me all at once. She gave us that look once more and we ran as fast as our feet could take us and our hearts were pounding. We heard a giant thump and the ground shook like and earth shake and the Dragon fell and screamed a terrifying scream of death and last breath. We ran and we ran and we ran. We came to a clearing that look eerie similar to where we just came from. I saw Kelcey gather some more fruit from the trees for our journey forward. Sir Brent helped her. I was glad to see Kelcey somewhat relieved and taking a well needed break to bite her fresh fruit that her body needed. She still seems to be shaken from the event as we all were. We came together as comrades. More than friends when you face adversity that could take a friends life. We all looked at one another deep breath after deep breath and our shoulders rising and falling and our eye contact with one another saying what our hearts felt so deeply for one another. I cleaned off my sword the best I could with some nearby brush and put it back by my side and Sir Brent did as well. We looked and nodded at one another and


collected ourselves to leave what seemed safe and secure. I thought to myself that surely The One protected us one more time. It’s all the one more times that make up our lives as living breathing creations of His. He must take delight to secure or path and lead us once more as His steps seem to be ours. Sir Stephen wrist had a dull pain from yanking the sword out of the Dragons side. I knew I had to put to rest every thought of this black demon and purify my mind with thoughts of The One. I can’t live in such darkness when I’m called to the light and everything that I know deep in my heart is right. My friends weren’t smiling yet and it shouldn’t be expected. I could see Kelcey and Sir Brent just ahead of me and the sounds of danger still seem to surround us. But, Kelcey looked as if she knew exactly where she was taking us. Could it be a vision she was given our knowledge she held from The One. Our trust with Kelcey and with each other was so very strong even before we had such dark fearful circumstances. As we grow the strength of giant forces with just three kindred spirits. I could feel darkness coming over us quickly and our sight becoming more precarious. I saw Kelcey and Sir Brent heading toward a cave in the mountain side just below us. I maneuvered over to where they were and we could all fit and get cover from the sky and the sky lit up and the water poured from the sky and we were dry and in need of rest. We all looked at one another and settled ourselves enough to close our eyes for a moment. At least for myself, I love my friends and I will fight the tiredness I feel in my eye lids and stay awake just enough to protect these amazing friends. I considered them my family. The night was taking over and I could only see faint outlines of my friends and I could hear their breathing


from a sound sleep. They sounded restless and Sir Brent seemed to be groaning from possibly his night thoughts. I think back on the day it was filled with good happenings and bad. I believe at the end of the day I feel we have survived. More than that, we were strong in our convictions at never really thought about not being successful in the outcome. I could see clearly through the power of The One within me I was able to defeat our enemy. It’s not as though man can be measured in a single day. We needed to trust and we did trust Kelcey. We needed to defeat and we did defeat the dragon. I know within myself that even though we can’t find the resolve within our own thoughts, we can conjure it up in our reactions almost out of nowhere. At the end of the day, all are still alive and well. Yes, all are still alive and very well. I leaned my head back in hopes of a brighter and less hostile day tomorrow. The night did pass and Sir Stephen managed to stay awake for his friends and watched the slowly awaken in the cold but sun filled cavern. Sir Brent popped his good friend Sir Stephen on the shoulder and asked him about his rest last night and laughed with delight. Kelcey seemed a bit puzzled by their interaction with one another, but she smiled back at them. Kelcey tightened her arasaid as she stood up to look out from the cavern and see what the day had in store for them. She looked back at the two men and put her hands on both hips smiled and said,” Braw.” She walked out from the cavern and breathed in the day’s air and smiled. She said, “Burn” and waved at her two friends with a smile and they headed out from the cavern to leave their safe haven for the night. They


followed Kelcey down the steep hill to find the burn that Kelcey was motioning to them about a moment ago. They seemed to walk for quite a while. Sir Brent through a fruit they picked from the tree of surprise to each of his two friends. They took a few bites and discarded the fruit far from the path as not to encourage any more danger along their route. She looked with a smile back at their friends and put her hands on her hips again and said, “Burn.” The smile meant everything to the two men and they smiled back as they saw a stream just ahead. Sir Stephen hollered out, “Burn” and could hear Kelcey giggle all the way to the streams edge. The three fell to their knees and cupped their hands and sipped from the cool stream. Each one stood up and walked in the stream and cupped their hands again and poured the stream of water over their head to get clean and cool. The water seemed to bring strength to each one in a moment’s time. They could feel their bodies strengthen and wounds heal all at once. The cuts that surrounded their ankles from the two men were healed and they felt new again. Kelcey smiled back and nodded her head with a smile and said, “Bran.” The two men ran up to her in the stream and began to laugh and splash her and each other from the joy of being whole again. She tried her best to get away but the two men were soaking her from head to toe with the burn. Kelcey stood up in the stream and drips of burn came from her jet black hair and she shook and got the men wet again. She looked back with her brilliant blue eyes and smiled at Sir Stephen and laughed her way to the shore. The two men were strengthened from the stream and felt they could accomplish anything today and followed Kelcey


to the shore. Sir Stephen wondered if all the burns were this way or did Kelcey truly have her hand in this. Kelcey was more than meets their eyes even at the beginning of their descent down the mountain side as they found out for themselves. Behind that smile she seemed to carry many gifts as well as her good heart that they have come to know. Yet, Sir Stephen was very sure that The One had supplied all their needs even through this attractive and light spirited Kelcey. They moved ahead wet down to their sandals and vigorous and strengthened for the journey ahead. The path seemed to have been traveled before. Kelcey seemed to know where she was going. Both Sir Stephen and Sir Brent knew of all the tales and rumors of many fierce creatures that were seen in the highland. They had heard told of Bahoban Sith or female vampire, a Fachan, which was a one legged spirit that lived in the mountains. Nuckelavee, was a hideous creature part horse and part man that had long sinewy arms. The dreaded Wolver, which was a Shetland supernatural creature was part man and had a wolves head. Even though neither man was buying into the old tales they weren’t going to discount an honest mans tale. They knew firsthand what they experienced at the dragons side and that was enough to keep them sharp for the journey ahead. Kelcey was aware of the dangers too. She motioned to the men and pointed to her right hip and exclaimed, “Dirk”! Which the two men all at once had their right hands grabbed the handles on the sword to be ready. Even though they have found some joy in the journey they could hear some wrestling of tree branches all around them. Kelcey seemed to smile back like she knew what that noise was and nodded back with a smile that they were all right.


The three friends seem to handle the journey quite well and were getting good at understanding her eyes which told volumes in a new and different way each time her eyes made contact with yours. One felt like they were getting to know her well just from communicating with her eyes and yet we didn’t know her past two days. Most Lads didn’t put their confidence in a woman at all. You didn’t dare look them in the eye unless you planned to marry. Kelcey brought a wholeness and purpose to life. She seemed focused as she went after the adventure each day seemed to bring. Most Women lived in fear and wanted a man’s protection. They wanted a man to wed. Kelcey fended for herself quite fine. She became a part of Sir Brent and me. We not only trusted her and were following her through the treacherous highlands, but we cared for her. They went through wooded glen through wooden glen over and over. They men were scouring the land for potato patches along the way. The fruit was nourishing but they needed something more substantial before nightfall came again. That was the beauty of following Kelcey to this point. We were in need of not one thing. This only strengthened the two men’s resolve to go and find the Promised Land. The funny part was they felt like they could hike all day. Their strength was great and they scuttled through the mountain side with little effort at all. They seem to hit a stream again. This time it appeared to go over the mountains edge. The path seemed to be thick with a wooded area no man could pass through. Indeed it was a waterfall. Kelcey confirmed with a nod and a smile, “Linn.” All at once she ran and jumped over the waterfalls edge and seemed to holler with glee until we heard her splash below and holler again a word we were sure


meant to follow. Sir Brent and I looked at one another and ran up to the face of the waterfall and jumped over the edge flailing our arms round and round until we hit the cool pool below and splashed to the bottom and kicked our way to the surface again. Only to see Kelcey in tears of laughter, holding her side and kicking to the water’s edge. Her arms moved her through the water and we mimicked her moves until we caught up to her as well. I think Sir Brent seemed a little perturbed about seemingly no warning at all. I could only laugh with her at this point. I never felt so young and full of purpose in my entire life. Her side of the water’s edge was indeed exciting and daring. I felt renewed again just like the stream that refreshed us just this morn. Kelcey laughed over and over. I could see Sir Brent getting over his anger and laughing as well. We indeed knew at this point if this was any glimpse of the journey ahead, we were in for quite a ride. Kelcey looked my way again and laughed quietly to herself. We regained our composure and set off to the right of the water pool and make our way on a new trail. Kelcey waved to follow her and seemed relaxed at this point. We have come to hope that is indeed what this new adventure would bring. There in adventures never promise a quiet walk to the well. Kelcey stopped us and pointed at herself as we should do as she did. She extended her arms both left and right. She nodded at us and we followed in suit and raised our arms left and right and suddenly Kelcey rose up and we did as well and she banked herself right and we did as well and before we knew it all three of us rose above the deep dark forest by the river side and began to sore like those winged gigantic birds that tried to carry Sir


Brent and I away. We were slightly behind Kelcey and Sir Brent and I smiled at one another in disbelief but believing all at once. It seemed surreal and we were a bit chilled by the winds and our chins quivered from the cool air. Kelcey looked back at smiled with glee as if it was her favorite thing in all of life to do. We passed over the pitch black forest and over a beautiful stretch of hilly landscape covered in green pastures that let up to a mountain side. The entire landscape was green and sat below the blue sunny skies we were sailing in. I could feel the wind push us forward as we sailed just above the land and took in the beauty the great new land had and even the bluest river that ran through the green landscape below. Kelcey banked left again and we followed the river up to the mountain tops peak. We seemed to be moving at quite a clip and I wasn’t entirely sure what was holding us up and Sir Brent and I smiled and laughed and we could hear Kelcey giggling just in front of us as she banked right and we followed in suit. I have never felt such a thrill not even in the seas that rocked and rolled our vessel as we made our way in the crashing sea to the Promised Land. To see The Promised Land like this was totally overwhelming and yet it was as beautiful as I imagine in my night thoughts when mine eyes were closed. We began to come closer to the ground and just before the mountains peak and our pace slowed down and we came to vertical stance and Kelcey, Sir Brent and I slowly lowered to the ground until our feet were on a firm foundation. I have to say I never felt out of control it was as if we were carried in The Hands of The One himself. So secure, comfortable as if we belong in the sky with all the fowls of the air that soar. Sir Brent and I ran over to Kelcey and hugged her so


tight to thank her for the most majestic picturesque flight above The Promised Land our new home with our new friend Kelcey. We never felt such a closeness and uncertain faith with one another. Our faith is truly been strengthened from the journey so far. Our faith in The One and our certain faith with one another is our solid rock. The One is totally faithful to put us in the amazing care of Kelcey in this unknown land that challenged our wits and every bit of the strength that helps us through of this amazing journey. We all walked the remaining steps to the peak of the green mountain peak hand in hand the three of us and looked over the most beautiful sun-closing burnt orange-yellow sky. We felt Kelcey squeeze our hands so tight and squeal in joy as we began to run down the green mountainsides edge laughing in comfort and joy as we went. All three of us felt a little resistance like a wind gust and proceeded forward and the resistance ceased. The land was just mirror to the one we left. With river running through it and the green grass ran forever to the valleys below. We came to the waters side and Kelcey motioned to us to do as she did again. She sat down by the water’s edge and dipped her feet in the water and kicked splashing one another with laughter. I’m so serious! The land was mirror to the one we left and we kicked back our heads and looked up as the sun closed the day and we relaxed and breathed in the cool winds that flew just above our cheeks and made them all red. We all looked at one another and laughed as our cheeks must have been affected from our flight up to the mountains peak. We truly were close friends that in so little time have faced so many highs and lows along the journeys way. The land seemed a bit to peaceful and serene to


my eyes. I didn’t get compulsive about it with the big thought in mind. We have been through majestic and tortuous times to the Promised Land. Have we indeed made it finally and how would we know for certain. The whole voyage on the ship we dreamed of this place and dwelling there. Would a certain reassurance come after we dwelt here for a time or would The One reveal it to us in a more direct way? I looked around and saw all the pleasantries the land brought. A perfect blue sun filled sky. A beautiful Mountain View and pastures that seemed to go on forever as far as mine eyes could see. Would I know it was home within my heart of hearts? I looked over and saw Sir Brent and Kelcey laughing and still splashing in the river side with their feet. I have to admit the cool waters were good for the heart and brought refreshment to our sour feet. I looked down and all my cuts and bruises were healed and my feet looked young again. I looked over and Sir Brent’s feet were healed from splashing in this river too. I didn’t recall ever really looking at Kelcey feet at all. I have heard of healing waters before from elderly men in our square. Mostly old wise tales told by the well as we were drawing water for that nights feast. It was exactly as the wise old man story that he shared with us the evening of our last big feast before we set off on this journey by ship. Have I gone mad, I closed my eyes and opened them in disbelief and looked with mine own eyes again. Our feet were healed. I suggested to Sir Brent and Kelcey that we should tip our entire bodies in the river and submerge our heads under the waters top. We all did so and every cut bruise and even our locks of hair seemed renewed. As we were treading water with our hands and feet


three water spouts lifted the three of us ten people high and spun us around in a circle and I was beginning to become faint and passed out. The three sprouts ran us to the opposite water’s edge and dissipated and brought us three unconscious beings down and rivers current washed us a shore in the green pasture on the opposite side. We slept there until the next morning when I arose from the sunlight of the new morning. I seemed a fresh and all the sudden Sir Brent had a woken. Both our eyes searched the area for Kelcey not knowing exactly what took place in the river. I asked Sir Brent and he recalled not one thought. We both hollered out for Kelcey and heard a laugh come like and echo from a break in the mountains side. This mountain was not covered with green as the last. I was dark and mossy and almost slippery to the touch. First we walked up to the crack in the mountain crevasse. We turned sideways and squeezed through the small entrance to a dark hollow sounding cave. I could hear water running and felt water splashing us and laughter that sounded just like Kelcey. We were still gathering our wits and not to mention our heads weren’t in the right spot. Sure we felt refreshed, healed and vibrant again. We had no knowledge of crossing the beautiful great river and leaving the beautiful land we were beginning to love. What brought us here and why are we here. Why does Kelcey have to be so adventurous and why do we so desperately feel inclined to follow her every step. She seems too real to be an angel from The One. We do believe both of us that she is given to us help and encouragement from the journey. I felt her hand reach out and touch mine and my hand felt secure there. I reached out and grabbed Sir Brent’s hand and I could


feel him grasp hard not in fear but just for confidence in his steps. There was very little light and one could barely make out a shadow let alone anything beneath our feet. I did feel very warm, almost too warm of waters Kelcey was leading us into. The rocky bottom seemed slippery and we were having trouble with our steps. Even though the perpetual why question seemed to escape us why we aimlessly and almost blindly follow Kelcey so willingly every single time. Neither Sir Brent nor I can fathom such irresponsibility within us. We know she is leading us to the Promised Land and our content and comfortable with how she has leaded us. Time after time we escape better for the adventure and not discarded or desist. Time after time we are better for her knowledge of the land. But, if ever we had reason to question would be now as we seem to be going deeper into the mountains center and Sir Brent and I can recall almost being swallowed by a mountain quake. Why would we willingly just walk into a crevasse in the mountains base and walk to the mountains center. We could feel anger for the first time that calmed Sir Brent and mine thoughts down from Kelcey. We smiled and we could feel her smile back somehow. We walked hand in hand with purpose through rocky slippery waters looking for footing and assuredness with every step. The present has been our friend and not our foe. Kelcey must be a gift from The One somehow. Her laughter calms us. Her powers enable us. Now her soul reassures us without a single word. I presently and can feel in Sir Brent’s grasp we have no fear. The land outside the Dark Mountain seemed void of any species to our sight. I could feel Kelcey quieting my soul again.


I could feel the heat getting stronger and the hissing of serpents all around us. The louder they seemed to get the safer we felt as Kelcey lead us to the side and we stopped. A sudden gust of wind blew from the opening where we entered to us and pushed us three out the mountain side and broke through a new crevasse. Somehow we found ourselves back to the mirror like image on the other side. The wind brought us here from the start and was our help to get back where we belong. This is where we belong. The three of us laughed and flew up to the mountains peak again as Kelcey lead us there and we landed on our own feet once more. This time we looked out over the land and Kelcey sat down at the ground and pointed to Sir Brent and me to make the decision for this moment. She smiled as if her responsibility had ended and our responsibility now started again. She knew it must be Sir Brent and I to lead us to the promised land of The One’s. I believe Sir Brent and I knew it too. We looked over and she assured us with smile and thoughts and without a single word she was comfortable with us leading the way at this point. She brought sight and comfort in the darkest of circumstances each and every time. Our resolve in our souls to serve The One was only strengthened and we have been renewed in the strangest of ways in a reflection of what the Promised Land could be. We had a true vision and knowledge from breaking through and possessing it for even a short time. We looked behind us and all we could see was the dark mountain we came from and no beautiful green pastures and river. We now faced a scattered rocky green pasture in front of us. Sir Brent and I sat by Kelcey and discussed where we should go now in


search of the place we have experienced and know in our hearts we will call home someday. Sir Stephen grasped both of Sir Brent’s hands and exclaimed, “Sir Brent we look for you to lead us by the direction of The One to the land we will hold claim of forever and ever, The Promised Land.” Kelcey nodded and smiled and gave way from leading to following the new king of the new land where they would dwell. Sir Stephen confidence in Sir Brent only strengthened and deepened their relationship, trust and faith both demonstrated in word and deed. Kelcey was overcome with joy as she watched the trust deepen between the two men she had come to love through all their journeys. These two men were rock solid in their purpose and the way they lived out each day. It was more than a formality of knowing each other since child hood. Let’s face it, if something didn’t click and become real with both of this gentleman they wouldn’t be in pursuit of the new land at this moment. This moment was surely predestined before they were even conceived. The resolve and deepening friendship will survive to future generations and be read and known by all men some day in the great book. The treasure comes from knowing the fact they counted each other a gift from The One. The fact that The One Dwelled in their hearts and was their guide is what has propelled them to this moment and indeed the moments yet to come. Each mans resolve and belief can be visible in the way they live out one single moment and then the following moments to come. Sir Stephen didn’t always fall in Sir Brent favor most of the time. Sir Stephen resolve with his good friend was to speak the truth in love which came from The One. That is why Sir Brent had such a good listening ear when his friend spoke up and was honest with him.


To have a friend that just goes along with your plan and follows and cheers you on, will only be destroyed in the next moment. To have a friend that keeps you sharp as two edged sword will help you to fight the battles yet to come. Sir Stephen was humble and broken. He put aside any of his ambitions the moment he and Sir Brent became friends. Sir Brent does compare himself to others as a way in his mind to keep himself driven on his goals. His insecurity comes into play when he does so and feels like a failure. He too soon forgets the times where greatness brought strength and purpose, The One works in your life when you are at the pinnacle and when you are at the rock bottom. Kelcey looked at the two men and they looked back at her. Something seemed different with her. She seemed a little more real and vulnerable to them. Ever since they pushed through the cave last crevasse it seems they can’t sense her thoughts any more. Kelcey just looked at them at smiled shyly and nodded. All at once it dawned on Sir Brent and Sir Stephen she was the same as they were, she nodded once more with a smile of confidence. That means that she has somehow used up her last angelic gifts to help them to this point. Within that moment the two men reached out with their hands and helped Kelcey up from the ground and pulled her in close and hugged her with love. She felt love in a whole new way and they looked upon Kelcey face and she had tears of joy and began to laugh out loud as she brushed them away. She never felt emotion so deeply and passionately before and it made her glow like the two men were looking at a totally different and beautiful woman. Kelcey looked at Sir Brent and waited patiently. Sir Brent exclaimed, “Follow me my loyal friends we are off to find The Promised Land.” They were off


heading down the rocky green pasture and each step one could see the purpose, character and resolve of the three friends as they went. Sir Brent lead the way, then Kelcey and Sir Stephen followed behind as you would expect. He knew Sir Brent would be their king and as king he should direct their path. A noble king they will follow who entrusts his life to The One who created all the lands as far as the eye can see, the fowl that inhabited the dark forest, the birds that claimed the sky and the creations that we are that will rule the lands. Sir Brent seemed to know the direction he was taking. They were headed west from the dark forest. I wonder if The One told him somehow to go west young man and he did. The sun was up and the day was beginning to heat up and the sweat was glowing on each of their faces. They walked at a fast pace with purpose in their steps. They all knew and were resolved to the fact that this would be the only way they would arrive to the hope of their souls. The love, joy, peace forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control would be within them and at the very heart of them. Kelcey seemed to be breathing harder and was growing faint in her steps. They had covered many a step and she was in need as the two men were of a break for water and nourishment. Sir Stephen grabbed Kelcey arm and they headed forward in faith and hope of finding both. But as night drew near that wasn’t to be. They felt the wind pick up and the skies turned pitch black. The two men pushed great stones together to fit a fort where they would be protected from impending storm that was approaching. The two friends pushed the final stones in place as Kelcey sat lay next to a group of four stones and curled up in pain. She was holding her side.


The two men reached up their arms to the skies and cried out to The One to provide their needs and save their friend Kelcey from the pain she was enduring. The skies lit up with fire flashing from the sky and tumultuous crack of sound shook the land where their feet stood and they fell to the ground by her. They sky let loose it rage with pounding waters flowing from the sky and the two men cupped their hands and brought them close to Kelcey lips as she slurped up the waters and smiled with water beading down her face and was coming back to life before their eyes. Her chin quivered as she took in the water showing her vulnerability. Sir Brent and Sir Stephen cried out, “The One, The One has provided all we ever need even in this moment”! The two men cupped their hands after Kelcey put her hand over her mouth that she was fine. The man slurped up waters from the sky and revived as well. They pulled off their cloaks and covered their heads for protection from the pounding storm that was not showing any signs of impediment. Somehow they knew it wouldn’t be a restful slumber as the cold waters fell through the sky and wet their coverings. The chill shook their bodies much like the clack of sound that shook the earth. They could still see flashes of light from the sky and continual rumble of the land until the storm passed and found all three friends restful and a sleep under their wet garments. The winds seemed to howl through the cracks in the rock awakening the friends who sat up leaned their backs against the rocks and tightened their positioning closer to one another for warmth. It was a natural response in the circumstances they were facing. The break of day sure wasn’t rendering favorable conditions and not one of them didn’t feel groggy and not like themselves. I guess that’s the exact motivation you need sometimes


to take the next step and stand up and offer a hand up to a friend and find the nourishment they need through today’s journey. Their appearances reflected the rough night of sky water, flashes of lights and land shaking they faced. Their hair, clothes, everything but their eyes reflected any willingness not to just stay put. So Sir Brent straddled the stones and offered a hand to Kelcey and Sir Brent as they crossed over the stones to hopefully a less adventurous day ahead. Sometimes it’s just enough to make a so called journey without daring traps all along the way. The Evil One sets enough those up just to pull a man off the path The One has intended for him to take. We were all born with the natural instinct to follow our own path, even if it leads to death itself or hurting someone. Take heed, I must remind myself The One lays claim to all I am and all I ever hope to be. Surely, my future, Sir Brent and Kelcey future, our better off for forthrightness, bent to follow The One. Yes, only “The One.” We pulled ourselves together and made off on the great adventure once more. Our eyes looked upon the path we were walking and up above to any signs of nourishment we would find along the way. We came to a bend in the mountain where we could walk more to the west and as we came around the mountain side we could see a tree of fruit. Kelcey jumped with glee and Sir Brent and I came flailing right behind her laughing all the way. There is joy in the moment and joy for the provision as we looked like Sir Brent to the skies and bowed our heads once more to thank The One. We seem to forget every step we take The One has provided all we need, all along the way. Kelcey nodded. Sir Brent raised her up from thin waist and she reached up to the branches and grabbed


some reddish green fruit. She threw them down to me with laughter as they gathered them for my friends. Sir Brent Carefully brought her down to the ground once more and squeezed her hips once more and Kelcey let out a big scream of laughter and ran from him over to me. I picked up the fruit and handed it to Kelcey and she took a big bite. She then looked over at Sir Brent and laughed and quickly threw him a fruit to partake in. They laughed with joy in the moment and gathered some more fruit for the journey ahead and kept them in their pouches by their waist. Kelcey youthfulness and bounce was back. She laughed and was waiting patiently again. Sir Brent picked up on his queue, we’re off my friends. They went following a pretty set forth path that was leading to a river once more. Yes, it was indeed a river with fruit trees as far as the eye can see. I couldn’t believe it, even if I would have seen it with mine own eyes. Provisions in life just don’t happen like that as far as I can recall. This was indeed a miracle and encouragement when we needed it the most. Kelcey looked back and smiled. I almost took a double take. Did she get back her angelic gifts? No, I don’t believe so. She had a confidence that she never lost and not mention those piercing deep blue eyes. You can almost count on it that it’s that crazy intuition kicking in. She traded one set of gifts for a whole new set of gifts. That seems to make sense to me. We all have gifts and can share them when needed to help each other or the masses. I have to believe it was massive sacrifice she gave to Sir Brent and I that brought us this far. It only seems fair that The One would reveal to Kelcey some new and even more amazing gifts for her to share with the ones she loves. We could see that as transparent is the water is to the bottom of


its sandy base. She loved us with all her heart. I was overwhelmed taking in the sights of the beautiful river and fruit trees. My two amazing friends are more than I could ever hope for in my life. One will be King in the new Promised Land and one his Queen. That must be it. Kelcey will be Sir Brent’s queen someday. You could tell by the way they were playing with one another there was an attraction there. I laughed to myself as the vision must have come from the One. I just don’t pick up on that so easily. I do discern factual truth based scribed in The Writings. I have really discovered things in life that make much sense. In fact, life this whole journey as a whole has left me wanting. I don’t get it from start to finish. As I hear them laugh even more so along the way this to me seems a little clearer. Yes it does, a little clearer. I will just have to watch as the days pass and see if that is what The One has planned all along. Sir Brent motioned to us with his hand to follow him on the path. I could see such a marvelous journey as I followed the fruit trees lining the river’s edge for as far as the eye could see. If you were ever to have a thought of what The Promised Land entrance would look like, this would be it. I could see the joy in Sir Brent and Kelcey eyes as they went further and further up the river’s edge. They were getting a little curious to what creatures might inhabit the river. The whole landscape seemed protected from fowls and birds still. Was this land being protected by The One? My two friends walked closer and closer to the water’s edge and peered in as they kept moving forward with their feet. Sure didn’t appear to be much life in the river at all. Just occasional mired of beautiful stones patterned as the river flowed up stream. I began to see more clear jagged edge stones


that caught the sun’s rays and signaled for Kelcey to get Sir Brent’s attention and come back. Sir Brent came back and I pointed out these magnificent stones. He kneeled over the water’s edge and attempted pick one up with his fingers and it turned bright red and he dropped it almost instantly as the heat that exuded from it must have burnt his fingers. Steam rose from the river where the clear stone went back in. Sir Brent soothed his fingers in the river mimicking the stone that just fell back in and cooled down as well. I looked at Sir Brent and bowed my head in shame and he laughed it off and came over and hugged me greatly. Life is chance and risk Sir Stephen and would be very dry without either, right? I looked at his fingers and the redness had gone and they looked well again. How can a river harness fiery stones at the waters bottom and heal a person who dips and injured limb in its waters. We all gathered ourselves and left our questions at the water’s edge and continued our journey forward. What measure of men and what they have faced could ever be prepared for all we have endured and wondered about in this journey to our destiny? What distractions that take us off course can capture our imagination and possibly bring harm to us and yet we find healing in the same water’s that hold it. Surely this is a puzzle for the wisest man to ponder and figure out someday. Pain and healing from one source and yet man is made whole again. We continued the journey for quite some time. The sun began to shine through the fruitful tree branches red, orange and yellow rays of light. Beautiful and amazing this path was we were on. It seems to capture your imagination all along the way. Was the beauty much like the clear jagged stone that held danger and beauty all at once? Would we encounter beauty again


only to be mistaken once more and burned from its touch? Can we indeed trust what we see firsthand to be what it truly is? These are all just questions and perhaps through risk and trial we will learn what is truly great for us in these lands. Better to have been tricked and left injured time after time and become discouraged to the point of death. Could this be a sign that The Evil One is the master of deception and can make something beautiful very dangerous instead. The mere thought that I am dwelling on these questions and feel insecure are a sign I must bow my head and surrender these to The One. I bow my head and recited a prayer I knew from The Book and offered it to The One. Sir Brent and Kelcey came and put their hands on my shoulders and never questioned, they just prayed with me. Kelcey repeated it in her own unique language. I stood up and we smiled at one another knowing for us to be in the hands of The One is where we belong. So, as a group we were one in spirit and felt invisible. We felt part of the same body and couldn’t live without the other person. That is precisely the love and strength we will need to get to our amazing destination. The sun was beginning to set. We found a fruit tree a little further away from the water’s edge and we decided to make our rest place there for the night. We were partaking in the fruit we found and finished our nourishment and felt full once more. We rested our heads against the green land below us and recited the prayer Sir Stephen claimed earlier and fell fast asleep. We could feel the breeze of the sky flow against us and chill us to the bone. Even though we were asleep we could feel darkness take over. Just like that all three of us were awakened as a pack of Wolves surrounded us and growled and took bites at us.


Sir Brent and I pulled out our swords and began to take on the attacking Wolvers. One Wolver dove from behind Sir Brent and Kelcey let out a scream and he turned and caught the Wolver midflight and dove upon his dagger. He pulled it out of the creature and we managed to chop the growling heads off two other Wolvers as Kelcey warned us time and time again. The last remaining Wolvers retreated across the river. We gathered ourselves and began to walk in the darkness with only the stars to guide us up along the water’s edge until the sun came up. The path we had trod seemed to encourage and not discourage us. We constantly remind ourselves that we have not been left for food or to die. The One has kept us and protected us all along the way. Security and confidence should never be mistaken for a weakness. The weakness indeed lies in finding security in Evil where security is neither promised, nor willed to the next generation. The delight is found in fallen and corrupted people who fall to the snares and traps of the Evil One. Evil is the direct path to death and one must resist it in every moment and every turn. The only thing to be found in blood is death and that is not to be celebrated. Certainly not to be shown around and delight in and you be found wanting that. We were made for the day to day joys and the gifts we are to one another. Plain as you can see In Sir Brent, Sir Stephen and Kelcey. Some people don’t even find one person to encourage them in life’s great adventure. They live lonely lives or perhaps find contentment in knowing The One. Never give away to the lusts of your heart that only lead you to what is comfortable and what you were born with. Better to be uncomfortable with this life and depend on The One who time after time cares for you and has


great and wonderful plans for your life. You can’t see it know but keep your Faith strong and your love for The One and you will be free indeed. The measure of a man is found in the moments. Are you surrendering to your desires or are you kneeling and surrendering to The One who always has your best in mind even in the darkest of situations. Sir Brent, Sir Stephen and Kelcey were raising their hands to the sky and saying, “The One cares for us and protects us in all ways.” They continued to walk content as the sun rose in the east. We have found enough rest to manage on this journey to keep going. They ate more fruit for nourishment and strength. The water brought healing and strength to their lungs. They still had many a way to venture in this valley with waters that flow forever and tree baring fruit. They wanted for nothing. They were finding joy in the journey indeed. Kelcey looked up and saw a golden winged majestic bird. So beautiful and she gasped to Sir Brent and Sir Stephen and pointed to the bluest sky. This golden bird flew so majestically and fit the landscape and the blue sky’s it owned. They watched fly further and further ahead until it seemed to disappear. The three friends wondered if that was a sign from The One to where the Promised Land was. They hadn’t seen a single flying bird until then. The three friends seemed more determined than ever to venture forward and still live in the moment completely and satisfied. Sir Brent turned around and stopped his friends seeing the end of journey was in sight. Today, I challenge you Sir Stephen and Maiden Kelsey to The First Promised Land Games. Sir Brent pulled from a tree a long sturdy branch for pull wars. He tied his scarf about center and placed on the green pasture before


them. Second he grabbed a good size stone and laid it next to the branch. Third he marked off two trees with Sir Stephen sword at the front tree and his at the second tree. Forth he noticed something different at this point of the river and that was good size fish were swimming upstream to the falls edge. He saw like a small waterfall fell down to the river below. He began to explain the branch game first. Kelcey and Sir Stephen applauded as he begun. Big smiles were on all of their faces. Certainly everyone needs a time to play and just be themselves and the intrigue of being maybe the best was exciting. Sir Brent would be on one team and Sir Stephen and Kelcey on the other. The first game he called Sir Stephen over and Kelcey flung her hair in excitement and laughed out loud. He set the rock between them and had Kelcey hold the branch in the center and he and Sir Stephen grabbed the branch on opposite sides and when Kelcey nodded they were to try to pull the other opponent with the branch past the rock to pronounce a winner. Kelcey nodded, the two men anchored in their feet pulling backwards against the grain and Sir Brent was slowly dragging Sir Stephen a bit closer to the rock as he seemed to gain ground and was about to win. The branch snapped in half closer to Sir Brent and he went flying backwards on his tail end and Sir Stephen managed to stand straight up Kelcey let out a roar of laughter like the two men had never heard. Sir Brent was dusting himself off as he got up and announced a draw on that game. The Stone game Kelcey was enthused to participate in. Sir Brent Used the same rock and you weren’t to cross the line and throw the stone as far as you can. So, Kelcey came up and picked up the stone hurled the stone so far you couldn’t see it any more. Sir Stephen


was laughing in joy and Sir Brent was still astonished with his mouth wide open. Sir Brent grabbed his stone and flung it after he circled around twice and it didn’t go that far at all. The first win went to Sir Stephen and Kelcey and it looked like Kelcey may still have some of her angelic powers. The next was the sword race between Sir Brent and Sir Stephen and the lined up and Kelcey dropped the scarf to signify the start of the running race. Sir Stephen did a fake move and ran right in front of Sir Brent and never looked back. Kelcey was screaming and cheering him on. Just as it looked like Sir Brent was going to catch up, Sir Stephen put it in a higher speed and took off and made it to the second sword first. Kelcey and Sir Stephen were 2 Wins and were laughing and falling all over one another. Sir Brent was competitive but smiled at his two friends and then tried to hide it. The next game was to see how many fish you could catch going up stream and all three were included and the team with the most fish at the end of two tries wins. Kelcey went first and laid flat in the river and was able to grab two the first time and one the second time. Sir Brent went and he laid flat too! He managed to get two the first time and two the second time. Sir Stephen was next and Kelcey was really belting out the cheers for him. Sir Stephen tried so hard both times and just missed both times. Kelcey went up to him and laid a good fist into his shoulder for missing. Sir Brent laughed out of control for a while. The Promised Land Games ended up two wins Sir Stephen and Kelcey, One Win for Sir Brent and one draw for both teams. So, Kelcey and Sir Stephen bowed and Sir Brent pronounced them the first eligible winners of The Promise Land Games. They


all sat by the trees and laughed and drank fresh water from the river and fruit from the trees. You could tell how much they loved one another and how they loved playing games and being they with no strife. They will always hold these games in high regard. Sir Brent was displaying strong leadership on this start of the journey. At no time did his faith stammer or his fear was evident. Sir Stephen kept him in check and was a true friend when he needed it the most. Kelcey has become a close friend and welcomed by Sir Brent and Sir Stephen from the first time they laid eyes upon her. She has been a gift from the start and remains a gift in their eye and heart now. The measure can be found in the moments whether man or woman. They have marked out a path and follow the guidance of The One who leads them from within their hearts and minds. You see them together and it is a true gift in and of itself. You see it in their times of question and doubt. You see it when they face their adversaries. You can see the strength in their times of joy and in times of rest. You can see it so real in their times of nourishment when it has been provided. Sir Brent, Sir Stephen and Kelcey have found a home away from home in their care and in their friendship. Especially in the care of The One who created them for this very day and all that he brings them through moment by moment. The Evil One leaves you wanting always hungry, always thirsty, always in fear, always in doubt, always weak and blinded to The One. They find themselves blinded to one another. Self is all that matters and is prevalent in their minds eyes. That’s exactly why that life wouldn’t be for The Chosen One or anyone in which he entrusts his life too. Sir Brent has been set


apart for greatness, majesty and to humbly lead The Promised Land when they arrive there. These times of journey and confrontation only strengthen his faith and resolve to follow The One all the days and moments of his life. He rather surrenders to The One than surrender to evil and die the moment he does so both physically and spiritually. Sir Brent and his friends character only grows stronger in their weakest moments when they are vulnerable to one another and the land they possess. The Chosen One is building a King that he will let rule in The Promised Land. This king came from very far away with his best friend in life as his cohort and friend. Sir Stephen is loyal to a fault and cares deeply about The King and each moment where choices are made. They are not perfect men just forgiven men with The One alive in their hearts and minds. Certainly present in every decision they make. Sir Brent smiled at his two amazing friends and took a big bite of his fruit and smiled. Sir Stephen looked at Sir Brent and was loyal to his friendship from birth to now. He was still filled with wonderment at the very gifts Kelcey possesses from The One. She was an angel, friend, kind hearted, compassionate, confident, capable, enduring friend they could ever hope for. She was a promise kept by The One and promised cherished by us. The three of us joined hands and prayed and recited The Words Sir Stephen spoke earlier to us. We had our language and Kelcey in hers. It was like two very different nations were one in purpose, spirit and mind. Then we broke out and lifted our voice to The One. Great is The One who leads us, provides for us and promise of an amazing future like no other one has seen.


We repeated it over and over. Love and peace came to us like we never experienced before. We looked to the skies and the sun closed another brilliant sky and we took in the beauty that only The One can give us day to day and in this specific moment. The treasure lad we see displayed for all to see and all to know. We can only pray that all men will know The One as we have come to know him and trust him even here today. The three friends put back their heads on the soft green pasture and closed their eyes and dream thought the future and The Promise Land just ahead. They fell fast, fast asleep indeed.

Chosen one by steven sutherland  

Be amazed and see with your own eyes… Sir Stephen along with lifelong friend Sir Brent take off on a dream adventure to find the promise l...

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