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Traditions are an important part of our national identity and should be preserved at all costs Emma I think that national traditions are very important and should be preserved at all costs. They are something that people do and celebrate each year because they’ve grown up with it and because they feel that it provides a sort of connectedness to their country, it’s people and their own identity. The national identity is built on common traditions and values, which sets it apart from other countries and that’s why it is of more importance. For example, we have a tradition in Finland where the graduates of high school celebrate their last day of school before they go on study leave. They dress in overalls they’ve decorated, run all around the school throwing candy at people and eventually get on the back of lorries that they’ve decorated with jokes and funny things. They then drive around town throwing candy at the elementary- and middle schools children. This tradition is something that all school children wait for throughout their school years because each year they get really jealous when they see how happy and ecstatic the graduates are and that they have no more school left. This shows the importance of national traditions. If they were to be forgotten because future generations simply didn’t care, it would take a toll on the national identity, because the amount of shared traditions and values would be decrease.

National traditions