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Set of instructions, guidelines By Katharina & Emma Criterion A -

Control of language o Plain & clear i.e. functional and efficient o Explanation of technical terms ! Where technical terms have to be used, are they explained / defined

Criterion B -

Clear sequence (for instructions) – a sense of logical steps Attention to detail + control of essential, useful information Anticipation of difficulties – understanding which parts of the process may cause problems for the uninformed Empathy with audience – most easily detected by the ability to anticipate difficulties, (e.g. explanation of technical terms, above), but may also involve use of encouraging, helpful comments

Criterion C -

Format – a good response is recognizable by the use of some or all of these: headings, numbered sections, short paragraphs


A set of instructions on how to build a snowman

Clear numbering & a sense of logical steps


1. Go to the nearest grocery store or market a. You will need to buy: i. A carrot Detailed and descripted ii. Two eye-sized buttons iii. 10-20 smaller-sized buttons iv. A scarf v. A hat (preferably a top hat) 2. If you aren’t situated at a place with snow a. Find out which countries provide snow at this very time Anticipation of difficulties i. Go to the nearest airport ii. Get on the next plane to the country you’ve decided to travel to b. Travel to the closest indoor snow center i. Pay the entrance fee to gain access to snow 3. Make sure you wear appropriate gear a. A jacket b. Boots c. Water-proof gloves 4. Find an area that has a lot of snow as well as a flat surface, as this will prevent the snowballs from rolling downhill. 5. Make sure that the snow: Detailed & a. Packs together b. Isn’t fluffy instructive c. Isn’t icy 6. The snow will be easier to handle if the temperature isn’t below -5 degrees Celsius. 7. Pick up some snow and form it into a ball with your hands 8. Roll the ball on the ground, as it picks up more snow it will become bigger Helpful a. Roll the ball until its height reaches your waist comments for 9. Make another ball, in the same way, only make it smaller by rolling it less the uninformed a. Place the ball on top of the bigger snowball you made in steps 6-8 10. Make a third snowball a. Make this snowball even smaller, as it will form the head of the snowman b. Place it on top of the two snowballs you’ve already stacked on top of each other 11. The snowballs should now be formed as a snowman Detailed and a. Biggest at the base, medium in the middle and the smallest on top simple 12. Place some snow between the snowballs to prevent them from falling 13. Collect two arm-sized sticks 14. Create the face of the snowman a. Use the two larger buttons as eyes b. Use the carrot as the nose c. Place approximately 10 of the smaller buttons in the shape of a smile d. Place the rest of the smaller buttons vertically along the snowman’s stomach e. Place the hat on the snowman’s head f. Wrap the scarf around its neck 15. Take a picture, if you like

A set of instructions on how to build a snowman pdf  
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