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This week at Southampton Solent University, students battled against each other in an attempt to sell SSU merchandise, which has been re-vamped by the students as a part of ‘The Big Sell Off’. Students at the University where paired into four groups; red, blue, green and yellow, with each group consisting of about 10 students to see who could see the most SSU merchandise, including; jersey jogging bottoms £21, hooded jumpers £25, shorts £12 and t-shirts £9, all available in 3 different colours; green, purple and white. The previous year’s varsity jacket was also being sold as a part of the selloff. The students, who are in their 3rd year at Solent University studying Fashion Management and Marketing, took part in this project as an assessment for their Final Major Project. The idea for the new merchandise began last year when students entered a competition to win their design to be printed on the University clothing. ‘Made by students, for students’ a quote which was used to target the students and explain the concept. The Management and Marketing students felt the need to compete with last year’s groups to see who could sell the most but as the previous year’s group had a higher budget this wasn’t a target they could keep. They were being observed by Emma Pritchard a senior Lecturer in Fashion, on their communication skills and selling techniques. Each group featured different selling skills, such as raffles to add product value to the items being sold. The students took part in this apprentice style challenge to give them the experience needed for industry work, this hands on approach led them to be able to work with the production in turkey. ‘The Big Sell Off’ challenge will continue to run each year, with funds allocated from this year’s sales.

The Big Sell Off  
The Big Sell Off  

This is a news article, which was written in my first year at University.