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Welcome to the Misreeds guidelines and instructions. This document contains all you need to know about how the brand should be used on packagings, marketing tools and point of sale ensuring it remains consistent throughout. Using our brand properly is extremely important to us so we ask that the standards are always referred and adhered to. We hope you enjoy getting to know our brand better.

Misreeds is a brand that acquires a lot of inspiration from the tattoo culture and retro fifties biker groups. Our tone of voice is rebellious, humorous and never taking life too seriously. We are a sustainable brand that puts a lot of effort in its supply chain, always trying to make the best out of second hand materials by integrating recycled fibres scraps from K.O.I itself and other brands. We have a dark undertone and a non-conformist attitude, but our tone of voice is filled with purposeful passion and community.

It is important to know how

K.O.I’s iconic name came about to understand how we created ours.

K.O.I originated at a concert, namely The Kings of Convenience. While drinking a beer, chatting about life and admiring the music, Tony Tonnaer, the owner, and his friends twisted a night out into a new name for a brand: Kings of Indigo. Indigo being a reference to the wash used to dye denim.

Now where we come in, after a lot of research and going in circles we went back to one of the most listened to album of The Kings of Convenience, in this album was a song titled Misreads. After listening to the song, we analysed the name and imagined it to be a complete fit. The name Misreads, sounds a lot like misdeeds which is another reason we valued the name. We see our sub segment to be on the more rebellious and often misunderstood side of life. In addition, we tweaked and added our own wind to it by adapting the original name to Misreeds and the rest is history.

Logo: Do’s and Don’ts The Misreeds logo is a combination of a Japanese Koi Fish and an Americana inspired fifties red rose with pine green leaves in a tattoo style. The Koi Fish is a representation of the main brand Kings of Indigo and the red rose is a depiction of us, the subbrand, Misreeds. Primarily, it is very important to note that the angles and perspectives of the rose and fish do not get distorted or slanted in the process of development. At first, the Koi Fish might look a little skewed to the naked eye, but in fact it’s all for a reason. If one twists and turns the emblem in diverse directions one loses the power, we ultimately strive for. Through the creation of this logo we did experiments with an array of colors to see what works and what does not. We concluded that the Koi works best with white with some hints of black. Moreover, the rose is emphasized and accentuated as it is the only colorful part of the logo. It is vital that the saturation of these colors stay the same. Minimum width for logo: 40mm

Logo design: do’s and don’ts


Times sans serif.

Gravity regular.

Brand name and typography: Do’s and Don’ts









Font size and typography

As one can see along with our typical logo we have our brand name in small letters, misreeds. In all of our packaging, visual merchandising and garment creation we do not use capital letters, thus if one changes the format of this one loses the brand identity. Our main typography is called Gladifilthefte Regular. We use this font in all of our headlines and banners. Moreover, Gladifilthefte Regular is also our go-to font when writing our brand name, thus this is the best font to easily recognize our identity. In addition, when writing more texts and for some variation we use Times Sans Serif in conjunction with Gravity Regular. We do jump back and forth between thin, bold, semi, bold, italic (etc.) therefore there is some room for movement when it comes to the typefaces within our typography guidelines.

Product Category Rules: Logo always clearly displayed in the middle of the the packaging or centered with the logo in small letters above the Koi fish’s head. It always appears in black, black outlines or colorful version. The Misreeds team will decide which logo compliments the packaging and occasion the best in the first stages of the production. All packaging preferably made from recycled, upcycled and/or biodegradable materials.

C:0, M:0, J:0, N:0

C:100, M:94, Y:13, K:5

C:21, M:93, J:100, N:11

C:0, M:0, J:0, N:100

Colour Scheme: Do’s and Don’ts Red and green are classic colours used within the tattoo industry, this is why we thought it would be an appropriate colour combination to integrate into our brand and graphic identity. White and black are mainly to give our visual presentation a little more variation. We left the Koi Fish in black outlines as we felt it looked the best in correspondence with our brand. In addition, the rose is in colour to emphasize and underline the core which is Misreeds, as mentioned previously.



Product category rules and colour scheme guidelines

C:82, M:35, J:93, N:27

Sustainability: The Urgency to Recycle Textiles Kings of Indigo already claims to use up to 90% recycled fabrics and are a very transparent brand when it comes to their supply chain. Misreeds modernizes sustainability by upcycling and using 100% organic fibres when constructing their garments. Majority of our clothes are produced from second hand materials, including scrap created as a by-product from yarn and fabric manufactures, as well as the post-industrial scrap textiles. We also use second hand jeans as a basis when upcycling our items. Textile recycling is the process by which old clothing and other textiles are recovered for reuse or material recovery. It is the basis for the textile recycling industry. The brand cuts old fabrics and clippings from Kings of Indigo production into fibers. We spin these fibers into yarns, and finally these yarns are woven into new fabric for Misreeds’ jeans, tops and other accessories. The brand reports that the process saves lots of chemicals and water used to grow new cotton. Deadstock fabrics are used for delicate patchwork and repairs. 90% of all the cotton the brand uses is certified as organic cotton by GOTS and other certifications, though, It is unclear if the brand can trace its entire supply chain.

Sustainability explinatioN

By Jeanne Laval and Emma Smit

MISREEDS House Style Booklet  
MISREEDS House Style Booklet