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The Brief: To create a set of 4 Gifs using images from a fashion photoshoot. The Gifs should be based on the idea of 'dreams' and use mainly red and white.

(Above - Original fashion student images) (Below - Stills from the outcome GIFS) I used imagery from nature documentaries in order to give the Gifs a surreal and dream like appearance. I use red and white as the main colours in order to correspond with the clothing. I enjoyed the openess of this brief and enjoyed the chance to collaborate and use my technical skills of Gif making.

The Brief: To create an A3 Poster in any media as a piece of fan art of your choice, Initial research started with studying the colours and shapes used within the television show itself. I was able to use this research when producing the final poster. Overall I am pleased with the outcome and I think it worked very well alongside the other work in the exhibtion. If I were to complete the brief again I would have been more experimental with the media I used.

The Brief: To create a piece of work that reflects the theme of red. Work can be made in any material and any format. A response to the theme of 'red'. My aim was to combine my use of digital and traditonal media in order to experiment with different directions that I could take my practice in. I think that I have completed my aim, however I wasn't happy with this brief aesthetically. The media and outcome isn't produced in the direction that I am taking my practice towards.

The Brief: To create an A2 film poster to be sold and to advertise West London University final year film students film "The Hamster". The film poster for final year film student's film. As the selected illustrator the students requested that I created the poster in the same 'style' as the eastenders fan art poster. Despite wanting to move away from this method of and media, I wanted to have the experience of creating a brief for a client. I was fairly pleased with the outcome, partivcually the experiemtnal shape and colour based background and my ablity to use text in a successful way.

The Brief: In 24 hours create one piece of work responding to the word "Energy". Document your progress through screenshots and experiments, The outcome of the brief required me to document my process and methods of creation. I wanted to be experimental with the brief and create work in a completly different way to how I usually produce outcomes.

My playful methods in other briefs allowed me to be more experimental in this one and as a result I was really pleased with the outcomes and feel that it is a more accurate representation of my current practice.

The Brief: To create two Gifs to advertise and promote a pair of earrings and post them on Instagram. The client requested that I produce the Gif's to advertise her earrings in a similar way that I have been working previously with GIFS. I really enjoyed this aspect as I feel that my animation skills have developed alot recently. I was really pleased with the outcomes for this brief as was the client. I feel that I produced a set of images that was true to the brand of the earrings.

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Extended Practice