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The project 'Praise the Wifi' explores the similarities between the internet and religion in a humorous, colourful and nostalgic style exploring imagery and ideas from the late 90's and 2000's. Websites are compared to places of worship; checking social media can be seen as the equivalent to prayer; uploading to the cloud is compared to heaven. The project has been bought together in 'The Internet Bible' a book featuring 60 full colour artworks including creator and artist Emma Knowles self directing and styling a shoot as the internet Virgin Mary with photography by Erin Williams. Other works include collage, 3D artworks and illustrations all exploring the nostalgic internet imagery combined with traditional religious text and ideas.

Transformative moment visiting God's Own Junkyard. I gained alot of inspiration and insight into alot of directions I could take my practice in. I made sketchbooks in response to the collection using playful and experimental methods.

Emma Knowles - LAU603 - Extended Practice

Following on from my sketchbooks I made visual developments and reworked the images to form new ideas and potentials to take them further. I experimented with taking the collage and stills further by turning them in to Gifs and moving images, this was really exciting to see how my work can work in other media.

My 3D outcomes

Further investigation and research into artists and illustrators following similar aesthetics. I taught myself 3D art techniques and began to create work in similar styles and aesthetics. At this point I decided to focus my reserach on comparing the internet and religion.

I continued to learn 3D illustration techniques on after effects and could see a visual improvment in the way that I was creating the work. It would great to see a body of work building and being produced together all working alongside eachother in the same themes and aesthetics.

I decided to create an 'Internet Bible' and conducted research based on that idea. A concept for the book was to dress myself up as the 'Internet Virgin Mary'. I learnt techniques and new skills to create a series of props for the photoshoot.

I completed a series of test shots for the photoshoot to get an idea of the costume, angle, lighting and poses to use in the final shoot. The final shoot was very successful and I was able to learn from the experiment shots from the practice shoot. I was really pleased with how the final images turned out.

Following on from the photoshoot I was able to create a series of animations in the same method that I was using previously in order to add to the body of work for the Internet Bible. For an installation I would like to use these animations on a computer screen to create a desk in the same style as I have been producing props and decorations for.

In the photoshoot I produced a series of images of the installation and the props that I had made. When featured in the exhibiton, this is the layout of what the installation would ideally look like.

'The Internet Bible' final outcome. Incredibly pleased with the sucess of the outcome. Layout, quality and overall feel of the book works really well. Layers of acetate between each page representing the 'screen' of a computer and representing the chapters in the bible through website names and pop up text.

Overall I'm incredibly pleased with the outcome of the Internet Bible, it looks exactly, if not better that what I had originally considered the outcome to look like.

Extended Practice  
Extended Practice