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About Emmaki

I am an innovative and creative writer specializing in sales copy and digital marketing services. On Fiverr, I offer a full writing service that covers all the needs of modern business. Let your writing sparkle as your competitors fade to gray. Ever sat in front of a blank page

The internet is full of crap

with an even blanker mind,

content, and Google’s cracking

wondering just how the hell

down on it – hard.

you’re meant to get your point

If you want to keep you audience

across? Ever thrown all your

engaged and Google on your

drafts away because they just

side, then you need expertly-

suck? Hey, I know that feeling!

written content from a proven

Anyone can write – and anyone can


charge you $5 for the privilege of

That’s me. I’ve been doing this

employing their fingers to gloss over

since 2006, and it has taken me

a keyboard and save you the chore.

just four years to get to the top

But what about when you need

in this incredibly competitive






Success Breeds Success. Hire a Successful Copywriter today!

I BELIEVE IN BRILLIANT WRITING, ENGAGEMENT, AND YOU. Brilliant writing starts with great ideas – and great ideas are born from a radiant spark of belief. Every business has the potential to grow if it has the right vision, skill, and talent behind it. You are brilliant at what you do – and you with a team of amazing people behind you, you can bring your vision to life. My role is a simple one: to inspire others with your vision and make them engaged and excited customers. You believe – now let me show the world your brilliance.




Every project is unique, and I

On time, every time – no

I write all day, every day,

always get to the root of what

worries. I have a 100% on-

honing my craft and

makes your brand unique –

time delivery record and offer

mastering it – hiring me, you

and drive that message home

flexible deadlines for urgent

get the full benefits of my life-

in my writing.


long labor of love.

WHY work with me?

Content is a lynchpin of growth in today's competitive online world. Brands with professional copy consistently out-perform those who don’t.


You only have 30 seconds to get people’s attention; that’s

rate me 5 out of 5 stars for my great service

it. If your writing isn’t compelling them to act in that tiny little window of opportunity, you have already lost. As a copywriter, my job is to put you ahead using powerful

projects completed on Fiverr to date


words that speak directly to your audience. In this brochure, you’ll find details of the various services I offer (as


well as some pretty neat photos of Greece, my adopted home!). I

of my clients

am confident that you will find that I am more than capable of

return to me for

supporting all your copywriting needs, and I encourage you to get


in touch with me with any questions you may have.

EMMAKI TRS & Pro Copywriter on Fiverr

Expert Copywriting


A passion for words is the key driving force behind my business; it comes across in all my work (click on any image to visit the gig).

Emmaki History I offer innovative, full-service copywriting and copy editing which sets you apart from the crowd in an increasingly indistinguishable world. Dare to be different – dare to win!



I joined Fiverr a little late to the party in December 2013.

Two years later, I was made a Top-Rated Seller (TRS)

Great writing takes people on a thrilling adventure. My words let you control that adventure. Where do you want to go today? of the mind



Another promotion! Now as one of the first ever Pros on Fiverr

World domination with a fluffy, white cat‌ and a pen in hand

More Than Just Writing

I AM INCREDIBLY TALENTED AT WRITING, BUT… I’ll let other people blow my trumpet in just a minute. 2,000+ 5-star reviews tell a story, after all. When you hire me, you’re not just getting the best writing on Fiverr: you’re also getting over a decade of experience in online marketing, content marketing, and more. All this hard-earned education and experience is naturally distilled into your writing. It’s practically effortless for me – and makes a world of difference to your bottom line.



Ultimately, it all boils down to one thing: selling

You’re not going anywhere fast without a writer

your products and services. Unless you

who doesn’t know how to write search-engine

specifically say otherwise, that’s what I write.

friendly articles that humans love too



Isn’t it time you started trying to sell sand to the

Copywriting can solve a lot of problems. Need

Arabs? If Australia can manage it today, I’m

more sales? Done. Need to engage more? Done.

sure we can pull it off, too!

Need to make a problem go away? Done!

Your Opportunity

WORK WITH THE #1 WRITER ON FIVERR Sure, there are a lot of great writers on Fiverr, and some of them are undoubtedly more modest than this brochure. But wouldn’t you rather go with the very best? I’m not just here to write you a nice little article and get paid. I’m here to help your business grow and to get your target audience throwing all their money at you. Hell, even their underwear if you’re into that sort of thing. I won’t judge.

Writing with Global Reach I’ve written for businesses all over the world, including world-famous brands. Now, it’s your turn.

Investing in copywriting, or even just plain old content writing is one of the smartest things you can do for your business today. Just look at this roll-call of stats from Digital and notice how fast online business is growing – and how big your slice of pie could be if you get started right now. Of course, you could let someone else steal all the glory…


Generate Huge Business Growth 60% of small businesses don’t do any online content marketing whatsoever. Time to skip right ahead of them, wouldn’t you say?

It’s Time to Start #winning

Get Better Ranking on Google

People love wellwritten, authoritative and interesting content. So, give it to them!

It’s not just people who love awesome content – Google does too. That means more traffic, which means more sales.

Plot Your Successful Future

IT’S EASY, AFFORDABLE, & POWERFUL. Choose one of my great services

Order and tell me what you really, really, want

…I take care of the rest and you fall in love!

SERVICE DESCRIPTIONS I’ll be honest, I have a lot of services. Even I get bored looking at them sometimes (that’s why I made those fun cartoons!). Most times, you’ll

STANDARD Package Prices vary, but here is a rough ballpark of what to expect per 500 words: General copywriting


Copy editing (PRO)


Blogging (PRO)


Press release writing


Sales page writing


you would like to order. Think of it as a pick ‘n’ mix!

Email writing


Lead magnets (PRO)


I can also set you up with a custom order if you have

Website content (PRO)


find all the information you need in the gig description. If not… there’s always me! Each of my gigs also offers multiple extras, which you can access as soon as you decide on which package

specialized needs – once again, just contact me! More information is available on gig description pages.



The brief is super important as it helps me to

Questions or queries? Just drop me a line over in my inbox, which is most likely where we first talked. I try to get back within 24 hours or less.

understand exactly what you’re looking for. I do have a questionnaire which I will send if you request it to make things easier. Otherwise: •

• •

Please include a description of your needs, goals, and ideas in detail and in plain English – nobody likes jargon! If you have a website, please also include that so I can look around your business It’s also good to let me know your budget and timeframe – it helps me to tailor something to fit around both

Just click the image below to go straight to my profile, from where you can send me a message in seconds.

Raving Testimonals

Sure, it could go wrong.

But the odds look pretty good from where I’m sitting.


Do you have any questions about my services, my work process or how to get started? Here are some of the more frequent questions people ask me. Can’t find the answer you want? Just inbox me over on Fiverr!

I Don’t Really Know What I Want – Can You Help? I can help you with a consultation session, but I do urge you to have a clear idea of what you want to do, and what you want to achieve with the end result first. I’m many things, but not a mind reader!

How Do Revisions Work? If I make a mistake, I will fix it right away, whether it’s an oversight, or a pesky typo. Many of my gigs come with revisions included for modifications and changes coming from the client side – please check the appropriate gig for more information.

How Do You Deliver the Copy?

Do I Get Full Copyright?

Straight through Fiverr’s handy system. Sometimes, I may

Absolutely. Once delivered and accepted, you will

use a third-party service like dropbox, Google Drive or

retain the copyright for all completed work. This will

OneDrive if the system is wobbly, but I always deliver

allow you to use the copy wherever and whenever

through a safe and secure channel.

you see fit. I may ask for the right to use a portion of

Can I get a discount?

your copy in my work portfolio for advertising.

I do offer discounts, but only with clients I have worked with for a long time. For new clients, I do not: I offer a very high standard of work and I believe that my prices on Fiverr are already steeply discounted from what you would expect to see “in the real world.”

Where I Can Use the Copy? Anywhere you like! Some clients like to reuse my copy offline in marketing materials such as brochures and flyers., or even to create newsletters. There’s a lot you can do with my words!

Thank you for reading! ! Emmaki

Emmaki Fiverr Copywriting Services  

You have just 30 seconds to capture your audience. But are you? I'm Emma, Top Rated Seller and certified Fiverr Pro living in Greece, and I...

Emmaki Fiverr Copywriting Services  

You have just 30 seconds to capture your audience. But are you? I'm Emma, Top Rated Seller and certified Fiverr Pro living in Greece, and I...