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trend forecasting For this particular brief I took on the role of a trend forecaster to discover an upcoming trend which would later be applied to Mac Cosmetics. Using various methods, I took primary and secondary research and created a research file, discovering similarities within various industries. Once I found similarities I began to create an evidence wall and discover what the innovators, drivers, impact, consequences and futures of the trend would be. Using this trend we were then asked to create a trend book for Mac Cosmetics explaining how the discovered trend would affect the brand in terms of drivers, consumers, packaging and future possibilities. The trend book was created in groups of three, with each giving one trend each. Project contributors: Emma Kelly, Jessica Ruddlesdin, Sarah Storey and Jenny Mills (Photographer).

(Photography By Jenny Mills)

Emma Kelly Portfolio: Fashion Communication and Promotion  

This is my portfolio featuring work and experience gathered from my fashion communication and promotions BA Hons Degree at Huddersfield Univ...

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