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Look book In the second year of the course we were asked to complete a module based around production of a Look book for a new brand. Working in groups of five, we were given a second year designers garment to work with and inspire us when creating a concept. My group and myself decided on creating the brand ‘Kate Smith’. Kate Smith, named after the garment designer, is a women’s fashion brand, which focuses on the brand values of minimalistic, timeless, and classic pieces. As a team we produced a presentation, brand handbook, communications plan and Look Book. My responsibilities included designing the brand image, including logo, creating the layout for the brand hand book and sourcing the model, photographer and make up artist for the shoot. Alongside this I assisted in styling of the model as well as contributing written work to each document. Project contributors: Emma Kelly, Emily Watmough, Elizabeth Fisher, Andreea Bondor and Madeline Farris (Photographer)

Emma Kelly Portfolio: Fashion Communication and Promotion  

This is my portfolio featuring work and experience gathered from my fashion communication and promotions BA Hons Degree at Huddersfield Univ...

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