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final major project The aim of the final major project was to follow a self initiated brief focusing on a chosen promotional and marketing plan for a chosen brand or concept. I chose to focus my project on online fashion retailer Boohoo and set myself the challenge of creating a full digital campaign within the time scale given. The project idea stemmed from research showing Boohoo’s sales figures being less than expected in the year of 2014. The sales figures we said to be down due to a failing campaign, so after further research into the current market and the brand I came up with the campaign ‘Digital Youth’.

Digital Youth is a campaign created specifically to improve Boohoo’s digital presence and customer interaction. The campaign contains various tactics with the focus being on the launch of a digital application with elements of PR to support. With a digital app, new website design, event plan and celebrity collaborations the plan aims to attract and maintain interest from the Boohoo target consumer.

Emma Kelly Portfolio: Fashion Communication and Promotion  

This is my portfolio featuring work and experience gathered from my fashion communication and promotions BA Hons Degree at Huddersfield Univ...