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A proven track record in cost reduction. We specialise in cost reduction and are confident we can save any new customer at least 10% of their current office supplies cost. In many instances the savings are as much as 25%. We achieve this through the following initiatives... Price reductions

ALWAYS achieved

Product switching

High quality LOWER COST alternatives

Account management

Managing your spend

One-stop shopping

REAL single source savings

Budgetary control

You buy LESS

Reducing transaction costs

Streamlined processes

From small companies to large corporate organisations we have a proven track record in reducing the cost of essential office product procurement. We will work closely with you to identify the true cost of your current supply arrangements and perform an in depth analysis to identify opportunities for product and transactional savings

Significant savings



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Office stationery Computer consumables Office furniture and planning Print services Corporate merchandising Janitorial supplies Catering supplies Presentation equipment Office machines Mail room supplies Warehouse supplies

At UKOS we place an all embracing emphasis on service. Our service culture is supported by an in-depth knowledge of the stationery market and a unique understanding of our customers needs. Delivery of an exceptional service is ensured by our highly capable support team, which has a proven track record supporting customers of all sizes, across many sectors. We offer a nationwide service delivered with a distinctive personality enabling us to stand out from the crowd and become one of the fastest growing businesses in the UK.

Every order comes with it’s very own team



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At UKOS we are deeply committed to meeting and exceeding your demands for green solutions. We offer a full range of environmentally friendly products, along with options for a more sustainable procurement process. These include eco friendly delivery schedules, waste management solutions, online catalogues and carbon offsetting.

Looking after our customers... and the environment



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UKOS is a people based business. We recruit high quality, professional individuals to ensure our account management team is of the highest standard. Our account managers work on a long term, relationship based approach aimed at retaining business. Where a customer has multiple locations, we allocate local account managers to ensure successful implementation and ongoing support.

The right people

Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental to our business strategy and firmly embedded in our culture. We treat all stakeholders including employees, suppliers and customers with respect and integrity. Our accreditations show a clear vision and purpose, supported and understood at all levels, enabling us to provide an industry leading, ethical service to our customers.

Respecting ethical values



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Internet ordering solutions, electronic invoicing options and much more The UKOS internet ordering system is a unique system designed specifically for our customers. It is rich in functionality whilst providing friendly, easy to use solutions which can be tailored at divisional, departmental and individual level. UKOS can tailor the website specific to your company procurement rules and objectives, ensuring best buys, cost and budget control as well as reducing promiscuous buying from multiple suppliers. We have a wide range of electronic invoicing options from simple email solutions right through to full back office integration. We offer a comprehensive range of Management Information Reports both on and off line. In addition we are more than happy to create bespoke reports for individual customers. Reports can be delivered by a range of media, both electronic and paper based, and to a schedule best suited to your specific needs. We have full integration capability with all popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Cutting edge technology



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We are committed to carbon reduction and take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Sustainable business practice is an integral part of our company culture. We take significant steps to reduce carbon emissions and have a strict set of guidelines for reducing our energy usage and waste. We are committed to carbon neutrality.

At UKOS we care about the environment



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We understand no two organisations are the same and needs vary. As such we take time to discuss and deliver a service which is specific to you. Issues such as delivery requirements, product needs; invoicing formats, purchasing procedures, order processing and account management are all considered in the specific context of your organisation. Working closely with you, we will build a clear understanding of your organisation’s critical issues, culture and specific needs. In addition to a dedicated Account Manager, we will allocate a Director to provide senior support as required. With our extensive knowledge of the industry we can become a valuable extension of your procurement team, offering advice on cost reduction opportunities, product specifications and alternatives.

Your office... Your solution



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We take the hassle out of ordering office supplies, which removes stress from the whole process and allows you to concentrate on your core business. We have a deserved reputation for our order processing and delivery accuracy and offer a next day service anywhere in the UK. Our performance statistics speak for themselves. Delivery first time, on time, the right product, in good condition, at the right price is an operational reality……and what’s more we wont just do this on your first order, we’ll do it every time! For those organisations looking for value, capability, depth of support and professionalism UKOS is the organisation that stands out from the crowd.

Removing the hassle

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United Kingdom Office Solutions 7-8 Enterprise Way Maxted Close Hemel Hempstead HP2 7YJ

United Kingdom Office Solutions Haig Road, Parkgate Industrial Estate Knutsford Cheshire WA16 8DX

Tel: 01442 288300 Fax: 01442 288399

Tel: 01565 650231 Fax: 01565 755651



Produced using paper from managed forests

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