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Let the more loving one be me

Contents 4 Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same

7 I liked making him weak

8 He would be my eternal ruining

10 Redemption tasted like him

Whatever our souls are made of,

Whatever our souls are made of, HIS AND MINE ARE THE SAME His lips crashes down upon my own, and I did nothing to stop him. I reveled in the familiar feeling, and the complete feeling of home - but all good things have to end sometime. And so, I pulled away. He looked at me wistfully and pressed his forehead to mine. It was a feeling so complete, that no other form of intimacy or connection, physical or emotional, could ever create it.


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Whatever our souls are made of,

“Was this your plan, to make sure that I had no one else in my life but you, and then you could cheat all you wanted, but you knew I wouldn’t – no couldn’t – leave?”

FAITH My darling does it hurt for you as well?

can feel life swallowing me whole

When you think off all the things we used to be

The world without you was once meek and bleak

And all the thing that we could have been

But now that I am free of you manipulating

No one ever held me the way you did

manifestations and your hypnotic ways

And no one ever will because you ruined that

I will never eat rotten apples and call them candy

whenever I get touched by another


I will compare every prod and look to the way you used to do it, and nothing will compare!

When I am alone I will revel in knowing that you will never be whole without me

I should have known that no one would ever

You took something from me


Something I cherished – my faith!

To the magical fairy tale, we created

My faith oh how I miss you!

We created a mythology just for us

You took that from me and I shall forever be







tempting touches

You said that we would never have to fear life For life was ours for the taking but as we move I

grateful that while you have my faith I will always have your power


I liked making him weak


I liked making him weak in the same way i liked peeling the glass off an old phone screen Every move ruining just a little more His weakness on his knees caused me nothing short of pleasure a pleasure so cruel I never wanted to feel again But also never wanted to be without

The sight of him kneeling before me was a sight so beautiful i wanted to sculpt it Paint it And portray in every possible way No feeling would ever match that of him giving everything to me

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He would be my Sitting there, loking at the life I had built around hum the tears finally started. I wouldn’t have built my life around another person, if I didn’t think it would last the rest of my life,


actually it was stupid to build your life around anyone for any reason, because stuff like this would happen



I could always leave but he was the only thing in

I could leave but where would that leave me

my life i would ever care enough about to leave

Out on the street?

No other person could make me fell as sublime

In another man’s sheets?

And then neglect me the next moment

Or even in the house where I grew up where the

Did you know that a person going through a

empty promises would follow me like the stench

breakup experiences the same withdrawals as an

left from an infection

old cocaine addict? So instead i live here hanging off his every word That was how i felt every time he would turn

and every command

around and focus his attention anywhere but me

Like an old dog long forgotten longing for the

His eyes on mine would bring me to the high of

attention of its oblivious keepers

the next fix

Winning small battles of flirting with oblivious

And I was powerless to stop the adoration running

men that would give me his undivided attention

through my blood

for just a few measly seconds

How I could ever imagine living without that

It was better than the alternative of living without

feeling was beyond me

my fix of him for the rest of my too long life

Redemption tasted

Redemption tasted LIKE HIM

You were the only one I would ever love

My life would be so different if not for your

You might not believe me when I say this, but you


were the love of my life

Instead of nights filled with my best friend and

Forget all the others you might think me interested

laughs while kissing it would be bleak and without


anything to make me stay

You kept me in this world and I am forever

So no matter how jealous you may get always

thankful of that

remember that you were my first love and you will be my last No one will ever measure up when I compare their every touch and every tone to their voice None off them will be you


We talked in the small hotel room for hours; sometimes we yelled at each other, other times he held me as I cried. It reminded me of the nights we used to have, and I dreaded going home.

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Let the more loving one be me  

A collection of fragments and poems about the hardship of love

Let the more loving one be me  

A collection of fragments and poems about the hardship of love