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Here’s a little video I did yesterday to find the price of a Turin Serre Chevalier transfer.  Our local company The Alpine Transfer Company charge 45€/ per person, each way for their scheduled transfers.  The example I gave was a group of 4 people with 2 pairs of skis and an extra bag. The Alpine Transfer Company do not charge extra for skis, snowboards or large bags – it’s just a straight 45€. As you can see in the video I plugged these examples into the site of another well known transfer company ATS and the total came out as $435.99 (why US dollars, when I had selected the UK site?)  – converting this into Euros comes out as 329€ which is considerable 149€ than the 180€ it would have cost with The Alpine Transfer Company.  So this really is a no brainer, for a cheaper Turin Serre Chevalier transfer just use The Alpine Transfer Company. Without wanting to slag off ATS too much, I can say that I did work as an affiliate for ATS some years ago and they were notoriously difficult when it the time came to pay my commission, which always makes me suspicious of a company.  When my wife and I were doing the changeovers for the La Claire Fontaine in Chantemerle we did initially recommend ATS for transfers, mainly because I wanted the commission from the sale 

 – However this stopped when our clients were

complaining that their drivers didn’t know where they were going and quite often only spoke Italian! Oh dear, I seem to have slagged them off, nevermind… So please consider using The Alpine Transfer Company for an easy hassle free Turin Serre Chevalier transfer.

Turin Serre Chevalier transfer  

Here’s a little video I did yesterday to find the price of a Turin Serre Chevalier transfer. Our local company The Alpine Transfer Company c...

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