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Serre Chevalier Airport Bus As much as we love Serre Chevalier – it does have a problem, it has always been a bit of a nightmare getting here on public transport from either Grenoble or Turin airports and up until now there has not been such a thing as a Serre Chevalier Airport Bus. Funnily it’s actually slightly easier to leave on public transport. Taxis were ridiculously expensive as they had a strangle hold on the route and car hire from Grenoble means dealing with the Lautaret Pass, which is intimidating to say the least, all switch-backs and oblivion if you get it wrong – not the least stressful start to a holiday (Turin is a much easier drive). However there is now a solution to the Serre Chevalier airport busproblem. This season the company is running scheduled Saturday airport bus services at a cost of 45€ a head, and run thusly: Serre Chevalier to Grenoble GNB  16:00 Grenoble GNB to Serre Chevalier 22:30 Serre Chevalier to Turin Caselle TRN   06:00 Turin Caselle TRN to Serre Chevalier 11:15 Serre Chevalier to Turin Caselle TRN   17:00 Turin Caselle TRN to Serre Chevalier 20:40 To find out more about this service, contact Jackson Collins at The Alpine Transfer Company on +33 679 280 413 or +33 685 687 131, but do mention this web site when you call, to get the best rate! or use this form:  Serre Chevalier Airport Bus.

Serre Chevalier Airport Bus