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what has the reaction been to your project? It varies. There’s so many people that despise it and have even made violent threats towards me, but I do get a lot of positive reviews and vibes from people. That’s what really matters anyway and I am so grateful for that. Also, with the queens that I cosplay as, they’ll comment and they all seem to really like and be appreciative of my homage to all of them. That makes my heart really happy.

it’s uncommon to see women using exaggerated makeup and portraying themselves as queens through faux drag, do you t hink your project will give it more of a platform and make it more popular? would you like to see more girls do what you do? Sure! It’s really amazing seeing not only drag queens express themselves, but everyone expressing themselves. I hope that by doing what I do will shinea light onto who I am where people may see that there are so many ways that I could dress, and that there are so many people I could be, but not matter what I always remain myself. I hope that inspires others in some way.


what is faux drag? Drag is just for men right? Wrong. Of course there are drag king’s (girls impersonating men) but what we want to talk about is the art of faux drag, when a biological female adopts the style typical of a male drag queen. Whether you call them faux queens, bio queens or just a drag queen trapped in a woman’s body, these female performance artists are still out to educate and entertain by playing with traditional gender norms. For some it is a way of redefining postmodern feminism. After all faux queen Ms. Lucia Love once said, “Drag queens would be nowhere without women.” But it’s not all fun and games for faux queens. They often face extreme scrutiny from those who believe that it’s not really drag. But come on, would you call extreme contouring, over the top eye shadow and wigs nearly reaching the height of heaven NOT DRAG? We certainly wouldn’t.

Every month at Tucked we choose our favourite queen of the moment to take centre stage on our centre page. This month it’s the turn of cosmic queen Miss Fame! Self-proclaimed alien supermodel Miss Fame has been one of the fastest rising stars over the last few years and now she’s qualified for the Olympics of drag, Drag Race of course!

Queen of the month

Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen was once just a little boy whose most prized posessions were his hundreds of chicken he helped raise on a California farm. Now his most prized possession is his drag. Already having made a mark on the male model industry, Miss Fame was born in the city that never sleeps following the advice of renowned photographer Mike Ruiz. Since creating ‘The Super Model Drag Queen’ she has worked with too many photographers to count and has even walked the catwalk during NYC Fashion Week! What a way to cement her position as one of the most poised queens around. Her immaculate look comes from her admiration of Linda Evangelista, who she labels as the most profound supermodel of all time and we would even go as far to say that she’s the most aesthetically polished queen to ever appear on Drag Race. “If you’ve got it, flaunt it,” is her motto, and if we were her we’d certainly flaunt it too. Miss Fame is known for her flawless make-up skills and can beat a face like no other but we bet you’re desperate to know how she learnt to paint for the gods. Apparently it’s all down to portrait painting! She told HotSpots Magazine, “I had the ability to paint ever since I was five years old, and my art teachers pushed me. It’s my natural talent, but I didn’t share it that much. I had to find a way to monetise my talent, so I turned it into make-up. I then turned myself into a living painting and became Miss Fame.” We bet you’re wishing you spent less time covering your hands with PVA glue in art lessons now. Fame isn’t a seasoned performer like so many of the queens that she has found herself pitted against. Her image is everything. And with beauty comes pain. Obsessive pain. She’s had everything from blisters in unfortunate places, to ribcage lacerations from wearing outlandish steel corsets. But this cosmic queen suffers in silence and we love her for it!

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Tucked is a new magazine covering all things drag! Created for my Final Major Project at university. All words and layout by me.


Tucked is a new magazine covering all things drag! Created for my Final Major Project at university. All words and layout by me.