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App Design

USB Design

Product Disassembly

Electronic Device

Branding for BWM

User Research

Paper prototyping

High Fidelity Screen flows From the paper prototyping, my user offered some feedback. From this I improved the design and created the high fidelity screen flows. Here are just 3 of the final screen flows.

The main user research was an interview with one of my target market. Using the insights I found from all the research, I created a persona which I though represented my chosen target market well.


Low Fidelity Wireframes With the research I collected I began to design some concepts, creating some low fidelity wireframes

With the low fidelity wire frames, I conducted some paper prototyping, to test if the flow and features worked well.

“The ridges could also be used as tactile feedback for the user, so they know they are near the top.”

From the disassembly, I learnt that the over shape of the handle had a nice form, so we designed it slightly bigger to improve the ergonomics. I transferred aspects which worked from the original but the features which we weak, we redesigned, such as the interface controls, making it more user friendly.

One new feature in the new design, is that the barrel retracts, so it take up less storage space. I issue pointed out to us during the ‘Observational Analysis’.

“Once the base was removed from the barrel, the five bristles all slid out. making it the easiest part to disassemble.”

“Support and internal ribs in the thinnest part of the model.”

Analysing the internal and external aspects of a Slim brush. Looking at why it is manufactured the way it is and what makes it a successful product.

“Bosses are designed with double insulation, to protect the user from a electrical fault.”

“Ejector Pin marks”

These are some keyshot renders of two of my USB key designs. The design on the right was the finals idea, as it met the specification better.

Brand Extraction

I extracted lines and forms from existing BMW products and applied these to my design work. So that the design would look like something BMW would produce. Also a word cloud showing some keywords which also represent BMW.

You can see from the images of the i Concept Cars, how I have incorporated the style into my design. The ‘U’ shape on the bonnet, is on the front of the oil bottle. I have incorporated the ‘S’ shape onto the side of the oil bottle.

“Four main mouldings. The buttons would be made from a soft touch plastic, Silicon Rubber. The main body would be glossy and plastic which needs to be durable and have a high toughness”.

Initial Concepts and Design Development

“The Screen slots in and is held in place when the two mould halves close”

Model Making

This is a recipe guide for children, durable to survive the cooking process and be able to use. The main need for this was that it allowed the parent’s tablets or smartphones not to get dirty or broken which cooking.

Final screen designs: “Power on screen” “Main Menu” “Select a Recipe” “View the Recipe”

How to use How to use the product: “When viewing the recipe; blowing into the sensor will turn the page. To help if the user has messy or full hands.”

Hello there My name is Emma Flynn, I am an Industrial Design student at Loughborough University, and I am looking for a 12 month industry placement.

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Education Secondary Sacred Heart High School

To reach me...

Sixth Form The London Oratory A Levels AAA University Loughborough University Industrial Design and Technology BA


Work Experience

Deputy Head Girl at Sixth Form Duke of Edinburgh (Gold, Silver and Bronze) Trialled for South of England Hockey Team Runner up in competition (Design Students UK)

September 2013 WRG Qatar, Markets and Events Agency. 2 Weeks as a graphic design intern.

October 2012 Crown bc, Invited back for 1 week.


May 2011 Crown bc, Events and Campagin Agency. 1 week working with the creative department.

Emma Flynn  

Industrial Design Portfolio

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