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Oh What A Lovely War Those talented Performing Arts students from Peterborough Regional College return to the Key Theatre in March with another great show. This time it is in the Key Theatre Studio with a brilliant version of the World War One satire Oh What A Lovely War. Over 90 years on from the Armistice, Oh What A Lovely War remains a classic of the modern theatre, and stands as a powerful reminder of the atrocities of a war that cost 20 million lives. Told through the songs and documents of the period, it’s a satirical attack on the military incompetence and inconceivable disregard for human life that the First World War has come to represent.

The fact that men were sent to die in their thousands in the mud, blood and chaotic horror of the trenches gave rise to the saying that the ordinary soldiers, at the command of incompetent generals (under the battle cry “Your Country Needs You!”), were “lions led by donkeys.” At times satirical, funny and deeply moving, Oh What A Lovely War has a style all of its own, combining music, dance, songs and sketches to create a vivid picture.

Tuesday 27 to Thursday 29 March, nightly at 7.30pm and Thursday matinee at 2.30pm. Tickets £8.50 (students £6)

Friday, 30 March

Key Theatre

The Barron Knights The Barron Knights were the jokers in the pack when British music dominated the pop scene in the Swinging Sixties. They were without doubt, the most entertaining group to put many a chortle into the charts with their send-ups of the groups and stars of the period. So successful were The Barron Knights’ satirical hits that many pop star egos were bruised if they were not chosen to be sent up. It became like a badge of honour to have been included in one of their mickey-takes. Of course, it didn’t end there, and The Barron Knights are still hugely popular all over Europe. Their musicianship, their harmonies, and, of course, their

humour has led to their peers calling them The Guvnors. Seeing one of their shows is certainly better than any tonic you’ll get on the NHS! Their career highlights have included 300 shows at the London Palladium, a performance at Buckingham Palace, and the Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman admitting they inspired him, to buy his first guitar in 1961. So, Call Up The Groups, enjoy their parody of Killer Queen, their galloping William Tell Overture and other treats as you rock with laughter.

Friday, 30 March, at 7.30pm Tickets £16.50

To book, call the box office on 01733 207239, visit the Destination Centre, A £1.50 booking fee applies to in Bridge Street, or book online at all cheque and card transactions. 43


27 – 29 March

Key Theatre Studio

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