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Friday, 23 March

Key Theatre Studio

Private Resistance It may be unthinkable now, but there was a real risk that Britain could have been invaded by the mighty German army in the 1940s. The public thought that the so-called Dad’s Army of volunteers was all that stood between them and the sound of Gestapo jackboots marching along British streets, if our final defences were overwhelmed. For obvious reasons,no one was told that Winston Churchill had a Plan B to save Britain. And that is the basis for the thought-provoking new drama Private Resistance, which was researched and written by Eastern Angles’ Artistic Director, Ivan Cutting.

Private Resistance presents audiences with the ultimate ‘what if?’ scenario of a German invasion. Set in 1940, it’s a thrilling tale of the so-called Auxiliary Units, Churchill’s secret guerilla army primed to go underground and fight behind the lines. Set in rural Essex, it’s a story of secrecy and sabotage, and of the bonds created and destroyed by war. It will be directed by Naomi Jones who received praise for previous Eastern Angles’ hits Return to Akenfield and The Long Way Home.

Friday, 23 March at 7.30pm. Tickets £8.50 Key I.P: £7.50

26 - 28 March

Key Theatre

Murder Mistaken Written by television and stagewriter Janet Green, whose credits include several films, Murder Mistaken is a mystery thriller set in 1950s’ England. At the heart of a gripping and twisting tale is Edward Bare whose superficial charm hides his cold, calculating nature. People believe what they see and Edward is so convincing. He has a passion for older women - or, more truthfully, their money. So, when his rich wife threatens to outlive her usefulness, Edward has a decision to make. He can practically smell the money and can’t wait to get his hands on it, so Edward decides

to hasten his wife’s end. But there’s a nasty surprise for Edward in her will. Determined not to make the same mistake again, Edward marries a rich widow, but when another attractive and wealthy lady arrives on the scene, will Edward be tempted to commit another murder? It is a tense psychological thriller that gets inside the mind of a killer. Monday 26 – Wednesday 28 March, nightly at 7.30pm, Wednesday matinee at 2.30pm Tickets £16 (£13 concessions) Wednesday matinee: £12 Key I.P: £9

To book, call the box office on 01733 207239, visit the Destination Centre, A £1.50 booking fee applies to in Bridge Street, or book online at all cheque and card transactions. 42

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