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Tuesday, 13 March

Key Theatre

The Trial More than 40 years after its first performance, Steven Berkoff’s brilliant adaptation of Franz Kafka’s masterpiece has become a classic work of 20th Century theatre. The Trial tells the story of Joseph K, an estranged and rootless citizen who is the victim of anonymous governing forces. Deceived by an authoritarian power he is relentlessly hunted down for a crime that remains nameless. When he’s arrested and awaiting trial, K sinks deeper and deeper as he tries to escape through twists and turns that are at once shocking, thrilling and funny. Kafka’s universal parable about the human condition is retold

in Berkoff’s startlingly original, fresh and endlessly surprising play, which is brought to the Key Theatre by Blackeyed Theatre. Kafka’s nightmare vision, Berkoff’s crackling script and the company’s trademark ensemble-style physical theatre combine to create an inspiring and unforgettable piece of drama, ideal for lovers of pure theatre. It is suitable for age 14+ The Stage called Blackeyed Theatre: “One of the most innovative, audacious companies working in contemporary English theatre.”

Tuesday, 13 March at 7.30pm Tickets £12 (£8.50 students) Key I.P: £8.50

15 & 16 March

Key Theatre Studio

Journey to X A group of friends have formed a new band. Now all they have to do is raise the money to get to London to audition for the world’s biggest talent contest. Costumes, songs and fundraising techniques may divide opinion but one girl has a far more important choice to make. Their journey in search of fame and fortune is really a journey for something far less glamorous. Something their country doesn’t approve of, something their parents wouldn’t condone. In a culture of instant fame and talent show headlines, the importance of life and friendships come to the fore. Journey To X is also a story of

the risks teenagers take when plunged into an adult world. Following their massive success with Too Fast last year, the Key Youth Theatre company will stage this fantastic new play as part of the National Theatre’s Connections programme for 2012, for which 10 plays by British and international writers have been commissioned to inspire young theatre companies. Don’t miss seeing this vibrant, exciting company of young actors meet the challenge of this entertaining new drama. Thursday, 15 and Friday, 16 March, at 7.30pm nightly Tickets £8.50 (£7.50 students)

To book, call the box office on 01733 207239, visit the Destination Centre, A £1.50 booking fee applies to in Bridge Street, or book online at all cheque and card transactions. 36

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