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Saturday, 10 March

Key Theatre

A Moment Of Mishearing Boundary-pushing musician, writer and novelist Amit Chaudhuri will present a night to remember at the Key Theatre.

He is also an accomplished and acclaimed composer who trained in the Hindustani classical tradition, and is a songwriter and singer to boot.

With his own band, Amit will introduce A Moment of Mishearing, his all-new eclectic, multi-media musical production exploring his literary and musical ideas.

Amit reveals: “As I was practising raga Todi, (I heard) the riff to Clapton’s Layla in a handful of notes I was singing. Those moments of mishearing contained within them my past and a moment in the history of Bombay converging with the present.”

Amit Chaudhuri is one of India’s leading novelists with five novels under his talented belt, not to mention three works of non-fiction, a volume of poetry, and duties as editor of the Picador Book of Modern Indian Literature. He has won literary awards in his home country, the UK and America.

A Moment of Mishearing will be a show about memory, chance, music and a city. Saturday 10 March at 7.30pm. Tickets £10 (£8.50 concessions) Key I.P: £7.50

Monday, 12 March

Key Theatre Studio

Brett Goldstein Grew Up In A Strip Club Brett Goldstein is an actor and writer who turned to stand-up in 2006, and just a year later was selected for a “best of new comedy”showcase at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. One thing’s for sure, Brett didn’t have to scratch around for material - not with the life he’s led! In 2001, Brett’s father had a spectacular mid-life crisis and instead of buying a sports car, he bought a strip club in Marbella! What followed was surprising, frightening and oddly emotional, and Brett was on the frontline for the whole thing. He waited 10 years to tell this story - mainly because it has taken so long to process it all, and for the laws to change enough so that

he could tell it in public. LAUGH at the antics of the Mafia! CRY at the loss of a young man’s innocence! MARVEL at the strippers and their magic ways! GASP at the backstage secrets. And CLAP politely at the end when you realise you’ve just sat through someone else’s therapy. The Times said it was “A good story, brilliantly told”, while WhatsOnStage said: “Goldstein is an excellent comedian and a talented storyteller. This is top class.” Monday, 12 March at 7.30pm Tickets £8.50 (£5 students) Key I.P: £7

To book, call the box office on 01733 207239, visit the Destination Centre, A £1.50 booking fee applies to in Bridge Street, or book online at all cheque and card transactions. 34

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