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Feltonfleet School Cobham, Surrey

Where Individuals Really Matter

Feltonfleet has a deserved reputation as being in the very front rank of prep schools. Here ‘individuals really matter’ and we pride ourselves on developing confident and happy children with a zest for life and a love of learning. We are a co-educational school because we have every confidence in the benefit that boys and girls reap from learning, playing and working alongside each other. Our firm belief is that co-education prepares young people to build successful relationships and better equips them for a life spent at work. As Headmaster, I love the vibrancy of our School and its family feel. We offer a breadth of experience here,delivered through a challenging curriculum and an impressive extra-curricular programme.We have a team of high-calibre, dedicated teachers, committed to offering excellent pastoral care that focuses on supporting and nurturing the individual. Our top-notch facilities allow pupils to learn new skills and develop existing ones to the best of their ability. The School is located on a beautiful 25 acre site of landscaped play areas, pine woodland and games fields. Calvi House is our dedicated pre-Prep department offering all that is special about Feltonfleet to 80 children aged 3-7. Our Prep School is a larger family of 310 pupils offering the option of weekly or flexi boarding as well as a popular breakfast and after school club, to support working parents. As a father to three young girls myself, I know that choosing the right schooling for one’s children is the most important decision parents will make. The years 3-13 are critical for developing in young people confidence, skills and a love of learning. In entrusting your children to Feltonfleet, you are ensuring all of this and so very much more. This prospectus will give you a flavour of our School and will, I hope, help you make the right decision for your child. In the meantime, I welcome you, indeed encourage you, to visit us, ask questions and see our School community at work to help you decide.

Alastair G Morrison

Firm foundations The philosophy is simple: school should be as enjoyable as it is enriching, and every child in our care deserves the best possible start in life. Our role is to discover all our children’s natural talents, and to develop to the utmost their abilities, and from Early Years onwards we aim to provide the ideal foundation for a great education.

‘Pupils’ personal development is excellent, strongly nurtured by the school’s open, welcoming ethos.’ Independent Schools Inspectorate Report

Family feel, love of life atmosphere… Pupils are a happy, active and lively bunch.’ The Good Schools Guide

‘Through their genuine caring approach, teachers gain respect from pupils, fostering their interest and independence’. Independent Schools Inspectorate Report

Room to grow For learning, for exploring, for sport, for play, children need plenty of space to grow. At Feltonfleet we have 20 acres of landscaped grounds, every inch of which is designed with children in mind. It feels remarkably rural, not a car or non-school building in sight. Our children love it, and it helps make Feltonfleet a very special place to call school.

‘The academic standards are impressively high…with no hothousing – just plenty of fresh air’ Tatler Schools Guide

Learning for life Inspirational teaching makes for lifelong learning, and at Feltonfleet we aim for every child to feel motivated and inspired in the classroom. By Year 5 every subject is being taught by a specialist teacher. Children are encouraged to dig deeply into their subjects, but also to link up their knowledge and explore the connections between their areas of study, to develop a properly rounded understanding of the world around them.

‘Pupils benefit from a wide-ranging and balanced curriculum.’ Independent Schools Inspectorate Report

Beyond the classroom Younger children exploring materials outdoors, older children discovering the importance of team skills on a school trip – learning need not be confined to the classroom, and in a healthy school it will be happening everywhere. We believe strongly in such active learning. A wide range of subjects make regular use of the teaching opportunities provided by our outdoor environment, and regular school trips help children relate their classroom learning to the wider world beyond the school community.

‘Both the indoor and outdoor locations provide challenging and varied experiences and activities across every area of learning’ Independent Schools Inspectorate Report

Independent learners Children have an innate sense of curiosity, an inbuilt drive to question the how and why of the world in which they find themselves. At Feltonfleet we value this spirit of curiosity, and through our extended curriculum and range of teaching styles we encourage all our pupils to develop the ability to question, to consider, to think for themselves. We are preparing children for the future demands of a rapidly changing world, and thinking skills and independence of mind will be invaluable tools in life.

‘They are highly efficient learners and have exemplary attitudes to learning.’ Independent Schools Inspectorate Report

The boarding option Cosy, informal and very much a home from home, the boarding house adds a very distinctive extra dimension to the school. Whether for the full Monday-Thursday week or with a flexi-boarding combination of nights, boarders benefit greatly from the independence, camaraderie and opportunity for extra study or activities that the boarding experience offers. We also offer a range of Day boarding options that allow our day pupils to join in with any combination of meals and activities such as breakfast or supper followed by a study period. Flexibility and choice are definitely the watchwords here.

‘Boarders are extremely happy and thrive within the highly caring and supportive environment’ Independent Schools Inspectorate Report

Great sports Physical activity should be a vital part of life for any child, and we encourage every boy and girl to participate to the maximum in sport at Feltonfleet. Excellent facilities and expert coaching in a wide variety of games mean our children are extremely successful in competition, but they are always encouraged to place the team above the individual, and the importance of good sportsmanship and fair play are equally stressed. Above all sport here is inclusive, with participation at every level paramount, and every child enjoying the widest possible opportunity to competitively represent the school.

‘Sport is an incredibly important part of a Feltonfleet child’s life.’ The Good Schools Guide

Creative spirit Drama and Dance for self-confidence and self-awareness, Music for discipline and creativity, Art for the imaginative exploration of ideas - for the unparalleled benefits they bring, every child has a right to the fullest possible artistic and creative education, and specialist arts teaching for all our pupils has a very high priority at Feltonfleet.

‘Pupils show high levels of skill in the creative and performing arts.’ Independent Schools Inspectorate Report

A caring community A strong and effective pastoral care system, grown-ups the children can talk to, a good rapport between the age groups and excellent home-school communications mean children can feel happy and secure in a strong and caring community. Visitors often remark on how happy and well-mannered our children are, and the importance of courtesy and thoughtfulness towards others are emphasised throughout the school.

‘A caring, nurturing and supportive environment.’ The Good Schools Guide

Achieving potential We have high expectations of our pupils. This means that with the right encouragement and support the more they will achieve. At Feltonfleet we aim for every child to reach her or his maximum potential, their talents identified and developed, and their achievements applauded. The recognition of achievements is a vital part of Feltonfleet life and there is a strong culture of celebration throughout the school.

“Pupils get lots of praise and encouragement from staff… every individual is encouraged and supported to achieve her or his potential.” The Good Schools Guide

Preparation for life Our pupils gain entry - and frequently scholarships - to a wide variety of leading day and boarding senior schools: well balanced, good natured, self-confident and ready for the challenges to come, they are highly thought of in senior school circles. As a prep school our role is to prepare children with the firm foundations on which to build successful and constructive lives, and the continuing affection in which the school is held by our past pupils is a measure of what we have achieved.

‘Each year Feltonfleet pupils arrive at Cranleigh imbued with a mature attitude and a spirit of endeavour and success.’ Guy Waller, Headmaster Cranleigh School

The Headmaster, Alastair Morrison, and his wife Lizzie

Parent of a Year 8 Leaver

When I joined Feltonfleet, I was hiding in a shadow of nerves.This school has really brought me out of my shell. I count myself very lucky to have been here for ten years and to have come so far academically and made so many wonderful friends. I feel well prepared to start senior school and build on all that I’ve learned here. Dan, Year 8 Leaver

Both our children have thrived at Feltonfleet and I cannot imagine any other school providing so much support and so many opportunities for them to enjoy.They have had the best start to their schooling and are well prepared to face the challenges and excitements that lie ahead.We too feel blessed at being part of the Feltonfleet community and are grateful for the friendships we have made and the opportunities we have had to get involved in the life of the school and to celebrate our childrens’ achievements. Parents of a Year 8 Leaver

I only joined Feltonfleet in Year 7 but it has been an amazing and enjoyable experience! I am very sad to be leaving as it feels like I am part of one big family. The wisdom of the teachers and the friendships I have made will hopefully remain with me in years to come.Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement. Ella, Year 8 Leaver

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Our daughter has excelled at Feltonfleet. Hardly a day has gone by without her enthusing about something she has done at school. Amongst all the other attributes that come to mind when thinking about out time at Feltonfleet, ‘happy’ really is the one that stands out and means most to me as a parent. ‘Happy’ a short but so very meaningful word to describe a decade.

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Jamie, Year 8 Leaver

This booklet, which is to be read in conjunction with its sister publication, ‘Feltonfleet School Further Information’, describes the broad principles on which the school is currently run. Although believed correct at the time of printing, the information herein does not constitute an agreement between parents and the school.

During the hardest times of Common Entrance, the teachers encouraged and helped me so much. I have had a fantastic time at Feltonfleet.There is never a dull moment here as there are so many opportunities to try new things and learn new skills.The caring and supportive teachers have also helped me grow in confidence.

Feltonfleet School

Cobham, Surrey KT11 1DR 01932 862264 Fax 01932 860280

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Felton Fleet School Prospectus

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