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Endless Summer Lookbook 2014

All about denim In this issue, our main focus was denim, wether it was styles or recycling. Whatever festival you are going to or wanting to go to, we have created a list of UK festivals and when they are happening. we have put together some images that will help you when deciding what to wear at a festival. Included in this issue is a section on DIY Denim, to show you how you can change your old denim shorts to make them look brand new. We will be holding a Denim Swap Shop in Oxford Street in July so make sure you come along. Lastly we included some of our Instagram images that relate to denim and feature styles, recycling and vintage denim.

UK Festivals This Summer

Isle of Wight Festival - June 12-15 Download Festival - June 13-15 Glastonbury Festival - June 25-29 Wireless Festival - July 4-6 T in the Park - July 11-13 Latitude Festival - July 17-20 Global Gathering - July 25-26 V Festival - August 16-17 Creamfields - August 22-24 Reading and Leeds Festival - August 22-24 Bestival - September 4-7

Festival Styles Festival season is underway! we know that many of you will be frantically shopping for last minute clothing and essentials. Wether you are going to a festival for the first time or a regular festival goer we can put your mind at ease. We have come up with some style pages to help you to decide what to wear, we have also made a DIY Denim spread so you can re-design your old shorts instead of buying new ones!

UO Festival Shop

DIY Denim Recreating your old shorts will make them look brand new and save you money. Simply by re-dying, ripping, bleaching or adding studs. Adding rips is easy, is get a nail file gently rub it on an till you get white the left

all you need to do or sand paper and area of the shorts threaded rip like image.

You can add studs to your shorts by buying the desired studs you want and attaching them in the places you want them to go, this can take a while depending on how many you want.

If you don’t want to add studss or rips to your shorts then what about making them look completely different? this can be done by re-dying or bleaching them. all you need to do is, use a sink or bucket and fill it with dye or bleach, using the instructions provided. then you can just put your shorts in it or put the top or bottom in to create a dip dye effect.

UOEurope Instagram

Images by: Urban Outfitters Background, FLyer and DIY Images by: Emma Beckford

Denim +  

Lookbook for Urban Outfitters

Denim +  

Lookbook for Urban Outfitters