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White Hat 1. Do some physical work before the hot bath 2. Is your room sound/noise proof? 3. When you lay down on the bed look at the movement of ceiling fan you will feel some drowsiness

4. Umm, just sleep, will ya! 5. If it is summer and you are in subcontinent your sleep will depend on the availability of electricity so grab the opportunity

6. Foot massage...!!!??? 7. Recite some “tasbih” or start counting 8. Put a slice of cucumber on your closed eyes 9. Head massage, anyone? 10. A warm bath before bedtime, works almost always! 11. Change the bed sheet! Soft pillow; comforter or sheets 12. Don’t have desktop in your room in exam days because a family member can come in your room to use it, which can divert your attention

13. Switch on television and watch any political talk show where a government official is claiming success of its government. After 15 minutes you would love to have some rest

14. If it's cold, wear warm socks! 15. Always consider that you are better than 50% of your classmates it will boost your morale while preparing for exams. You will feel more accomplished

16. See half a movie. Go to sleep to dream the other half.

Yellow Hat 17. Do some charity to have God on your side 18. Fed up with long session of study go outside of your room for some time, give food to your pet and spend few moments with it

19. If you have good singing voice you can sing some tunes with closed eyes

20. Talk to small kids for some time their cuteness will work as mode elevator. You will feel free for sleep

21. In exams Don’t think of any family problem you are facing, it will create an effect on your studies and sleep

22. If you understand Urdu you must watch some clips either of Sahir Lodhi or of Sunny Deol in both occasions you would realize the importance of the time of sleep

23. Okay, just one last call to this friend to ease the curiosity of something...;)

24. Close your eyes and think that you have done your paper well and you are flying in the sky.

25. Study with FRIENDS: it works wonders! And a stress buster - so sleep will come

26. Don’t be afraid to switch off the light keep in mind you will wake up in time now close your eyes

27. OK OK watch your favorite movie but in fast forward mode and only for 30 minutes to keep your mind relaxed

28. Have some NOSTALGIC feeling to remember the best part of your past it will bring positive attitude for sure

29. Got fed up with long study session listen some soft music with low volume and with closed eyes as well

30. Remember, after every exam, there is another one, so you can always gear up and do good the next time

31. Feel for the success in exams rather having disappointment for lack of preparation

32. If you are absolutely not prepared you must sleep with the hope for the kind mood of two persons 1: The Invigilator 2: Your Friend who will ready to help you out during exam

33. Keep stuff that you like by the bedside. Promise yourself you'll eat it when you wake up.

Green Hat 34. Request that the exam system be changed because it is not fair to hold everyone to the same standards

35. When you lay down take a soft ball and throw in the air and catch it do it again and again

36. Have someone put you under a sleeping spell 37. Train your Mind: To grade is to "D"-grade; my sanity is seriously much more important. I WILL SLEEP!!!

38. Did you take that study break today and did something fun? No? Do that tomorrow so you can get some sleep!

39. Just consider tomorrow is your last exam 40. Try any unusual place to sleep, though we're not quite sure if you'll sleep. Take this advice at your own risk!

41. Read a kid a story and let him/her ask questions' you'll surely wanna sleep soon!!!

42. Remember some annoying advises you ever got 43. If you only understand English watch clips of those world leaders who claim the success of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan oh I am sleeping…………. Or actually dreaming

44. Go out for a drive! 45. You can have a glass of LASSI (a drink made of yogurt), in my childhood my classmates use to have that drink in there breakfasts OH MY GOD, it worked as sleeping pill for them in school

46. (re-)count the pocket money stashed in the lucky sock under your bed, being rich helps in sleeping!

47. Take classes where assignments are a substitute to exams

48. If your friend has EXOMNIA problem ask him to lend some money to you hopefully he would have a sound sleep

49. Impotent Goals and Creative Misconceive-tion: stay focused; exams are inevitable so face them; they cannot take you down so win them over!

50. 51. 52. 53.

Read a boring and dull book Age old - count sheep Warm glass of milk with a little bit of mustard powder in it!

Use mind maps to connect ideas and concepts; learning and preparing for exams in a fun and smart way will help you feel confident and also allow you to sleep

54. Feel some severe punishments of your school days, specially of winter season Ohhhhh..... You would surely thank to God and get a cozy sleep

Blue Hat 55. Have someone to share your fears about exams you need motivation and confidence

56. If you have some addictive habits try to minimize it in exam days, specially smoking

57. Still no sleep you must write down everything on the paper which is currently running in your mind

58. Study in advance which will eliminate any anxiety 59. If tomorrow’s exam is your least prepared, you must study in patches and make it logical with 2:1 ratio e.g. 4 hours study = 2 hours sleep, it will work for you

60. Train your body to expect sleep at a certain time 61. You must have candles or rechargeable lights in room during electricity shortage

62. Resist the temptation to watch TV or movies during exams, especially at nighttime, they stress you out

63. Prepare for bed as if it's a ritual or a rite of passage: start wrapping and winding up things

64. Do your next day preparation 2 hours before sleeping. 65. Set Alarm clock time when you lay down on the bed, even if you don’t have the intention to sleep

66. Never ever skip dinner!!! Empty stomach does not let you sleep! 67. Take 2 almonds with that glass of milk 68. Nap for Half Hour once at most during day time, it builds on sleep need at nighttime

69. Study SMART: so you will be relaxed and sleep good!

70. Keep your cell phone in silent mode to avoid disturbance in studies as well as while sleeping

71. 72. 73. 74.

Offer PRAYER to have soothing effect in your mind Use flashcards to revise and leave the rest to get that rest! Sleep! Start reading course handouts.

Benchmark study approach of your intelligent classmates and observe how they handle the pressure of exams. Its all about temperament.

75. Strategies your next exam workload, make a priority list of topics on the basis of importance, knowledge and time required for preparation

76. What does staying awake give you? Sleep and wake up early so that some more study time can be found.

Red Hat 77. If there is no one to share with you can drop a tear when you are alone it can take of your burden

78. Deep breathing! 79. Lullabies! Rock a bye baby... 80. If you are in another city do call your father or brother and ask him to double your pocket money the reply would be enough for you to get sleep

81. Cuddle time! Cuddle up with your significant other, baby, sibling, mum or dad if you're sleepless, it's surprising how soon one dozes off!

82. Remember most embarrassing moments of your life believe me sleep would be round the corner

83. Must ask your mother and family for prayer 84. If you are in relationship don’t call him/her most of the times such calls can take some hours

85. Try to spend maximum time in your room rather than walking in home premises for others to talk to you

86. It’s been hard for many parents to support their kids’ education, so cherish their hardships and appreciate them and pitch in some of your own hard work!

Black Hat 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96.

Don't use any medicine which forcefully keeps you awake Don’t apply any superstitious elements it can divert your attention Watch an online finance lecture Your night suit should be cottony Coffee doesn't help; stick to hot chocolate Is the room cool??? Turn off that night lamp! Sometimes the light does not help... Buzz disturbin'? Where's that mosquito net!!! Sip half a teaspoon more of that cough syrup; it just might work!

Switch off that cell phone! It beeps and tweets too often disturbing sleep!

97. If it is necessary to take tea don’t make it hard with excessive usage of tea it can take off the sleep

98. Don’t keep your pets in your room 99. Avoid social media because tomorrow is only your exam not of your friends and followers


Don’t follow your favorite sport in exam days it will divert your attention and blow away your sleep


Try not to talk about exams with your friends, they might be more prepared it can increase burden in your mind


Never revise before exams especially outside the exam hall, it heightens anxiety


Study Economics in Urdu or any local language apart from English it will check your mental strength


Listen to the worst possible music. Sleep to escape the



Don’t worry about that girlfriend/boyfriend, you'll find another one.


Lack of sleep kills. What's worse? Failing or becoming unwell?


Travel by public transport in exam days so that you drop asleep the moment you get home!

Fareeq's Solutions Exomnia  

Creative Teams, A Crash Course on Creativity by Tina Seelig, Stanford University Assignment Submission by Team Fareeq, December 4, 2012

Fareeq's Solutions Exomnia  

Creative Teams, A Crash Course on Creativity by Tina Seelig, Stanford University Assignment Submission by Team Fareeq, December 4, 2012