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Hello all, I hope you all enjoyed the special edition of the focus magazine last month, I would like to start by saying a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the focus magazine so far this year, the magazine is nothing without you all having your say, so again thank you and keep the stories coming! In my last piece I mentioned that the warehouse is slowly getting back on track, this again has improved a great deal and I can now say we are on the straight and narrow. Keep up the good work all. I would like to announce some exciting news for Wurth UK, we have just purchased the building behind the head office in Erith called Cremeaze, the building will be open in April 2011 and will be used for administration, training facilities and as another warehouse to store stock. This exciting opportunity will help us to strive forward to our 2015 vision which I have added in below, I am looking forward to the future and exciting prospects that lay ahead.

Many Thanks Wayne Moss


Marketing News

Already Christmas is only just around the corner and the Marketing team are very busy working on our strategy for 2011. We have been constantly on the back foot during 2010 and this will change, no longer will we be reacting to what every other competitor is already doing, but we will be very active in being back to what we do best, bringing out quality products that are new to the market place.

2011 is going to be the year that Wurth really lands in the UK and we are putting lots of focuses and strategies together to not only give you what you need but also to combat any competition that is in the way of our key focuses and removing as much of their market share as we can. We want to give you all the tools that you need to help you grow next year, Mr Wurth will be expecting growth and a return on his investment and we are all sure that now is the time when we can return it.


November and December will see a major focus on our tools, we have managed to obtain some great products at great prices and we hope that this brochure will really help you secure some extra turnover in the last couple of months of the year. We in the marketing department are striving to continually improve and I am sure that you will all see some fantastic results during 2011.

New Faces

Name: Brenda Downs Position: Fleet administrator Contact Number: 0208 319 6498 Interesting fact: Previously worked for news international which are publishers of the Sun, News of the world and The Times.

Name: Carly Dacey Position: Customers Service Advisor Contact Number: 0208 319 6000 Interesting fact: I love to shop

Name: Mark Miles Position: credit control Contact Number: 0208 319 6487 Interesting fact: sleep walks quite often

Name: James Thorn Position: Customers Service Advisor Contact Number: 0208 319 6011 Interesting fact: loves cheese and jam in a sandwich...weird!


Team Photo

November Class of 2010


Sharing Sucess

WAKE UP AND SELL THE COFFEE Not many of us will forget 2010 in a hurry… • 40 minutes plus to get through to CSC, 20th in the queue… • Orders getting lost in the system, taking a week to be processed. • Customers on the phone every few minutes complaining because they haven’t received their order. • A-lines on back order, lost in the warehouse. • Picking errors, my favourite was 10 steering wheel cover handles ordered, one double glazing window handle supplied. • Try again, 10 steering barrwheel cover handles being re-ordered, ten window handles supplied! And so on and so on, I’m sure you could all provide similar examples. Area Managers, Regional Managers, Divisional Managers, internal office staff even the Managing Director donning a hi-viz vest and a pair of safety shoes giving up their own time to help dig the company out of the situation it found itself in. From my own personal perspective, slap bang in the middle of all this turmoil I finally made the promotion I was after (at the third time of trying, don’t give up!). within weeks of stepping into the breach a consultant handed his notice in, perfect, just what I need, so that’s 2 vacant areas to cover ( I inherited one!), to interview for, along with all the other stuff to learn.

orders, well picked, on time, and you can get through to CSC. The other managers in the team rallied round and helped me to cover the vacant areas, making over ten thousand pounds turnover in 2 days. As I write this, the team, RW04, are sitting top in the region; I thank you gentlemen for your efforts.


firmly believe that the troubles and excuses are behind us, by working hard, doing what we say we’re going to do, being open to new ideas and challenges, by working as a team and not being afraid to ask for the order we can turn the company around and head firmly toward success. I challenge you all to do your bit, learn a new product to demonstrate and then another and another, open your catalogue and challenge yourself to sell something new in every call. Start brewing up now for success in 2011. Don’t be an old has bean, filter out all your bad habits, grind down the opposition be a star and earn big bucks, success can come in an instant. Go out on time tomorrow morning, wake up and sell the coffee!

Robin Barnett ASM I’ll be honest, there was a point where I thought per- (Rob Wilkins Region). haps this isn’t such a good idea, and then…..The warehouse improved, our customers are getting their FOCUS 6


Sharing Success


ONESUPPLIER The Würth Group are the world’s number tential from after sales activities. one supplier to the automotive repair Health and Safety: MSDS and work directions for use with and refinishing industry. stockedWürthproductsarealwaysavailableonrequestto The company was founded in 1945 by Mr. Adolf Würth andnowboastsaportfolioof370companiesoperatingin 83countrieswithitsheadquartersinKünzelsau,Germany. Würth UK Ltd commenced trading in 1973 and the UK headquarters now carries a stock of 13,500 lines which are normally available for next day delivery.

customersinaccordancewiththeapplicableEnglishlaws. AfullrangeofPersonalProtectionEquipmentisincludedin the Würth UK range.

Training:Trainingprogrammeswillbeprovided,whereappropriate, by a team of specialists with the purchase of Products in the Würth range are manufactured to DIN special tools and repair systems. standards and OEM specification where applicable. Würth UK Ltd also has ISO9002 accreditation for our customer’s peace of mind; product and public liability cover exceeds £30m.


Toensureourcustomersreceivethebestserviceweemploy a direct sales force of over 600 Sales Consultants who are equippedwithpalmtopcomputersnetworkedtoWürthUK For further information about Würth UK Ltd, Ltd headquarters in Erith, Kent. the products and services offered, please The Sales Team are backed up by the Customer Service contact Neil Jenner ( Centre; this has been created to provide a single point of or telephone 07876 138 140 / 0208 319 6402 contact for customers so that any queries or requests can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Würth UK Ltd are able to provide a whole range of specialist products and services. These include: ORSY: an Organised Modular Storage System, for the safe-keeping of workshop and bodyshop consumable items, now including lockable chemical cupboards, this system is offered on a “free on loan” basis. ORSY is often usedinconjunctionwithastockcontrolsystemtoofferan extremelyefficientsolutiontotheageoldissueofconsumable control. ProfitCentreProgrammes:WürthUKLtdwilloffertoadvise andsupportcustomersintheirquesttomaximiseprofitpoFOCUS 7

Hello everyone, My name is Brenda Hutley and I am the new FLEET ADMINISTRATOR. I have over 25 years experience in dealing with the FleetatNewsInternationalinLondon.Iam heretohelpansweranyquestionsregarding your company vehicle and to ensure that you are kept on the road so that you don’tmissanyofyoursalesopportunities. Although I am your point of contact at Head Office for the fleet, you should already have all the contact numbers and documents in your car that tell you how to deal with any problems you encounter. Please read these before ringing me as theywilltellyousuchthingsasthenameof thecompanythatthevehicleisleasedfrom and contact numbers for maintenance, servicing,breakdowns,tyres,windscreens, accidents, damage and foreign travel. If you still feel that you need any further assistance or there is a problem with your mobile phone, parking fines or motoring contraventions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My phone number 020 8319 6498. Whilst I have your attention and as winter

is fast approaching can I remind you that car and pedestrian accidents peak in winter, coinciding with darker evenings and deteriorating weather conditions.When the clocks go back, many people will be travellinghomeinthedarkforthefirsttime inmanymonths.Beforestartingtheengine, it is a good idea to sit in your car for a few momentstoallowyoureyestobecomeaccustomed to the dark.Watch your speed, and be aware that you are less likely to see vulnerableroaduserssuchaspedestrians, cyclistsandmotorcyclists,andtheyareless likely to be able to react to you. The British winter is unpredictable. Bad weather can strike suddenly so make sure you are prepared for the conditions. Reducedvisibilityandslipperyroadsurfaces make winter driving particularly hazardous.Goodroadobservationisessentialso thatyoucaninterpretconditionsaccurately and adjust your speed accordingly. If you drive too fast on a slippery or wet road surface your tyre grip will be substantially reducedandtheriskofskiddingincreased. Smooth control is another essential elementofsaferwinterdriving.Youshouldalways aim to brake, steer and change gear as smoothly as possible so as not to affect


the grip of your tyre on the road surface. As always, better, safer driving, especially in poor weather, is about good preparation,goodself-maintenance,goodvehicle maintenance,therightknowledgeandthe right attitude. I can be contacted on 020 8319 6498 Safe driving

Weattendedthe37thNationalAssociationofPolice FleetManagersConference&ExhibitioninSeptember, which is now in its 37th Year. This year’s event was held at the East of England showgroundatPeterborough,itisapparentthatthis event just gets bigger every year, hence moving to Peterborough show ground. Thisyearweusedadifferentexhibitiontrailerwhich was larger than we used in past which helped us display the new Wurth brand more effectively. We were lucky to have the use of a Kent Police vehicle,whichwasfittedwiththelatestelectronic&computersoftware,notjustacarwiththePolicegraphics. The was completed the day before the event and attractedalotofattentionduetothehightechsystem inside that had not been seen by a lot of forces before. A big thank you must go to all the staff at Kent Police Transport services for allowing us to use this vehicle. The Kent Police vehicle had been fitted with ORSYmobil and delegates at the exhibition showed a lot of interest and an order was taken on the day for other Police Forces. We also had on show the new ORSYmobil demonstration Vito which had a lot of attentionfromthePoliceFleetmanagementandalso the private sector. Over the 2 days we had 20 enquires for ORSYmobil. This event not only generates new leads into new Police forces, but also helps raise our profile within theBlueLightIndustryandbuildonourexistingrelationshipswithinbuyingaccounts.Wewereverylucky with the weather, just as well as I was working outside and could have got very wet!!! Thanks Gary Hobson


W端rth Sponsors Local Youth project. As part of W端rth UKs Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, we have been sponsoring Archway project, this is for kids in the local Erith area to get off the streets and learn something different. On the 13th October Angela Smith and Glen Aukett presented the members at the Archway project with overalls for all their children to wear when working. We will continue to support the Archway project, so if any of you would like to get involved please contact the Marketing Department. Thanks Claire Hallamore


Getting up at 3:00am the morning of the flight to Monte Carlo was quite a shock to the system but the prospect of 2 days in the sun had us dressed and raring to go. It was with high expectations that we boarded the plane to Nice. A short flight and coach trip later and we were in Monte Carlo enjoying the sun and the beautiful view of the Mediterranean from our hotel suite. From the sandy bottom pool and fine dining in the luxury resort, to the chilled bottle of champagne waiting in our room after dinner, we were made to feel really appreciated. Getting there was achieved through perseverance, working hard and SMART and building good relationships with customers. Meeting other Top Club achievers and sharing our experiences (even though we’d agreed not to talk ‘shop’) confirmed that any sales consultant with dedication and the right attitude can enjoy the rewards. All in all, a fantastic trip and many thanks to the organisers. Steven Brooke (029)



The Auto Skills Centre open evening 22nd September 2010 We were delighted to be invited to join one of our partners Gateshead College to an open evening to launch their new training facility in Gateshead Tyne and Wear. The TM region was there in force to promote theWürth brand and was also joined by Martyn Shaw from the WOW division who was on hand to demonstratediagnosticandcooliusmachines. We have been working with Gateshead College now for over two years and have enjoyed a great relationship with them which has enabled us to be named No.1 supplier for all workshop tools and consumables for their new Auto Skills Centre.

Steve Burr the Centre Manager ‘It’s a great partnership working with a company like Würth who are committed to delivering high quality products and service to the workshop technicians, our main objectives is to deliver industry specific training and ATA accredited courses in vehicle body and paint repairs, MET, vehicle damage assessment, light vehicle and refrigerant handling. Our training programmes are IMI and City & Guilds certified, meet awarding bodies and BSI PAS125 standards and are delivered by highly skilled staff, all with extensive industry relevant experience. Which means we need to set our standards high in all area’s and I’ am confident that we have picked a great partner in Würth to help us deliver this goal’

The evening was a great success with many customers visiting the new centre to see what services they can provide helping them keep up with the latest training and technical information needed in the ever changing motor trade. We also took the opportunity to speak to customers to show them our WOW system and how we can help support there business in the future. Tigger Bell Consultant 145, ‘This was a great opportunity to show our customer base we are more than a supplier and we are interested in helping all our customers grow and develop their business through training programmes with companies like the College’.

Thanks to Claire and the Marketing Department for providing the show stand and promotional information. Thanks also to Neil Jenner, Glen Aukett, and Nigel Dixey who have been working behind the scenes to make this project possible. Also thank you to Tony Martin, Gary Horner, Tigger Bell and Martyn Shaw for there help and support on the night. Believe me there are plenty of training providers out there who would be desperate to work with a company like Würth. Knock on the door and share the strengths of our company with them!!! Good luck in the future. Thanks Richard Ward Area Sales Manager


Congratulations Graham Reader 30 years with Würth UK.

Congratulations Jim O’leary who one the guess the name of the pumpkin competition and i think we can safetly say the name fits the pumpkin nicely well done! Thankyou to everyone who helped to raise £107 for Demelza House.



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