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code analysis minimum number of exits building conditions and codes

My building requires 2 exits because it has a 1-500 occupant load per story

minimum width requirement for egress doors

egress and fire rating

The minimum width is 32”. No part of an egress door can be more than 4’

minimum distance allowed between two exits Half diagonal rule-this rule requires that the distance between two exits be at least 1/2 of the longest diagonal distance within the building or the building area the exits are serving.

minimum stairway width “Stairways must be at least 44” wide, except when serving an occupant load of less than 50, they may be 36” wide.”

places of refuge The 2006 IBC code requires all buildings to have an accessible means of egress that usually includes an area of refuge. Commonly the requirement is one space for every 200 occupants.

enclosed stairs Two encolosed stairs are required for this project.

maximum rise / run Rise min. 4”- max. 7”/ Run: 11” (154).


handrail height for stairs Handrails are to between 34” and 38” (157). “Any single flight of stairs may not exceed 12’ in vertical rise between floors or landings (155)”

ramp rise to run ratio 1:12”

landings “Stairways must have landings at the top and bottom, and at changes in direction.” “Landings are to have a width no less than that of the stairway they s (155)

head height clearance for stairs 80”


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